Away — but not really

Taking some time off up in Canada … will be back the end of the week .. saw a great edit in the Toronto Globe and Mail ridiculing criticism from the “American right wing” of the Canadian health care system .. Say, if I get run over by a moose, maybe I’ll be able to check it out for myself

Newt Gingrich pops up ….

all the time on TV, but  he apparently likes to help Republicans raise money privately.

 The former Speaker of the House is in Montville this evening for a $1,000 to $5,000 per person fundraiser.  The proceeds will benefit the state Republican Committee.

The fundraiser was closed to the press and Gingrich rejected a request for a brief interview prior to the event.

Corzine and Weinberg

Fortunately for him, Gov. Jon Corzine bypassed Randall Pinket and picked an experienced public official to run with his as lieutenant governor …. That would be state Sen. Loretta Weinberg, D-Bergen.

Weinberg is 74 and fiesty; a while back she withstood a challenge to her seat engineered by the party boss in Bergen County.

Corzine is far behind — and probably dipping further back — after yesterday’s arrests of many key Democrats,  but Weinberg will make things interesting ..

The red berets in Roxbury?

Representatives of the Guardian Angels will be at a public meeting in Roxbury tonight to talk about the possibility of organizing a chapter in the township …

If you allow a personal note, as a resident of Roxbury, I find this a bit ridiculous.  Crime is not rampant and police do a fine job. The idea  apparently came about after two recent stabbings. But both of which were domestic disputes; that’s far different than a crime wave.  Councilman Rich Zoschak says he confirmed that point with police.

Zoschak said he and a police representative will be at tonight’s meeting.

No, you can't make it up

Politicians throughout  New Jersey are being rounded up today in a sting of fascinating magnitude … In what appears to be a money laundering case, those arrested include the mayors of Hoboken and Secaucus plus an assemblyman from Ocean County.

This is shaping up as a very bipartisan web of corruption _ the mayors are Dems, but the assemblyman is a Republican …

Since this probe began two years ago during the term of U.S. Attorney Chris Christie, you know that he will use it to his advantage in his campaign for governor ..

More to come

A "gun" fight

Well, not exactly, But definitely, a fight over guns.

The U.S. Senate today rejected an attempt to force gun carrying reciprocity nationwide. If passed, someone with a carrying permit in South Dakota would have been able to carry that gun to New Jersey _ even if he had no right to carry permit in New Jersey, where gun laws are very restrictive.
 During the debate, a proponent of the measure, Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, said Central Park might be a safer place “if a 
person from South Dakota with a carry permit” visited.

Sure … that’s what we need in crowded and congested Central Park — a whole bunch of people packing heat.

Naked in Parsippany

I see that John Burck II, otherwise known as the Naked Cowboy, was in Parsippany the other day apparently meeting with backers in regard to a run for mayor of New York City.

Colleague Rob Jennings made a good observation; he suggested that the cowboy lower his sights and run for mayor of Parsippany. Hmm … can the Naked Cowboy beat Mike Luther and Jamie Barberio? What do you think?