About me ….

I started this blog when I was editorial page editor of the Daily Record. Since being laid off in 2011, I have moved around. I briefly worked for Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno doing PR before getting a job as editorial writer for the Bergen Record.

Things were fine until Gannett bought the place; Since that fateful day in the summer of 2016, there have been more than 200 layoffs and I was one of them.

I found work as public information officer with the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, but that was not for me. The prosecutor simply was not interested in releasing much information to the public. So I left to try free-lance writing.

I am writing for the website, Insidernj and also for a few weekly newspapers outside of the county.

Meanwhile, I am trying to start up this blog again; we’ll see how it goes.



Trouble in the parks?

There seems to be some friction these days between the freeholders and the park commission over a development plan near Mennen Arena. Freeholders back the plan, but the commission is balking over allowing the new development to use the Mennen Arena driveway. One casualty has been Park Commission member Lou Valori who has not been reappointed.
Stay tuned

Rodney still under fire

It must be difficult being Rodney Frelinghuysen these days — assuming, of course, things actually can be difficult if you were born into a political family with tons of money. Rodney is about I am sure to vote for a tax bill that’s going to hurt his 11th District. This, of course, will make his reelection bid more fun than usual to watch.

This is a Test!

Is anybody out there? If so, kindly let me know


Freeholder mayhem?

Well maybe. I hear that the board’s recent caucus produced a split vote in regard to next year’s freeholder director.
Tom Mastrangelo got the nod in a 4-3 vote. He was supported by Hank Lyon, and incoming freehoders John Krickus and David Scapicchio.
Those in the negative were Anne Grossi, John Cesaro and Doug Cabana.
The political intrigue was that Grossi was expected to get the director;’s job, but that the two incoming freeholders swung to Mastrangelo.
It will be interesting to see what happens when the board reorganizes in early January.
Will the formal vote naming Mastrangelo be split, or will eveyone “make nice” and produce a unanimous vote?

Trying to get back in the swing — again

Yeah, here is a new blog post. Maybe, just maybe, we can get it going again.
Went to the Morris County Crimestoppers party last night A fun time as usual. Spotted Fred Knapp, the prosecutor to-be, or is it acting prosecutor in the audience. But no Bob Bianchi.

Quinnipiac has good news for the Dems

A Quinnipiac poll today shows President Obama and Bob Menendez with relatively safe leads over Mitt Romney and John Kyrillos respectively.

That is not a surprise; NJ has been pretty blue for the last 20 years with the notable exception, of course, of the 2009 gubernatorial election.

Both Obama and Menendez had leads of about a dozen points.