Weeks makes a point

Diane Weeks, the Democratic candidate for county clerk, has this to say today?:

The trouble with ‘truth in politics’ is that it stings. My opponent for County Clerk and others in Morris County government cannot dodge the simple fact that voting by provisional ballot is not voting in secret in the voting machines.

It means that one’s vote is not counted on Election Day and the voter must overcome hurdles and obstacles to proving days later what is demonstrably true—that the 1570 voters were properly registered by Election Day. Morris County—unlike Essex County—never bothered to make supplemental poll books to ensure that all voters could vote and have their votes counted on Election Day. My opponent fails to grasp that simple fact. My opponent also claims that she does not have any responsibility to deliver a list of all registered voters to the municipal clerks because, in her view, Morris County is not a first class County. I differ with her on this matter of law as well. If Morris County is not a first class County, then my opponent has responsibility for all voter registration in a second class County. Therefore, she bears full responsibility for the inability of Morris County to safeguard the rights of over 36,000 new registrants since the Presidential Primary to vote in the machines in secret on Election Day. She has failed, therefore, to discharge that sacred duty.

Competing rallies

If you like political rallies, you are advised to drop by Morristown on Sunday.

Republicans plan a rally in front of their headquarters on Schuyler Place at 2 p.m. and Democrats plan one for 4 p.m on the Green.

Don’t they know that the Jets and Giants have important football games on Sunday?

Election in Randolph

Randolph Democrats are convinced that the Republican council’s support for a pool last year is their ticket to victory. Voters rejected the pool last year in a referendum; one that the township tried to stop.

At  a debate Monday, the Dems frequently brought up the Republicans’ support for a pool and opposition to the referendum.

We will see how that turms out.

No report for the Morris Dems?

The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission has no record of the Morris County Democratic Committee filing a financial disclosure report for the last four quarters, which is, of course, a year.

Lew Candura, the chair of the  Democratic Committee, said today that he’ll have to talk to his treasurer about the problem.  

The committee should rectify this problem as soon as possible

Fireworks at the end …

A congressional debate in Livingston last night between Rodney Frelinghuysen and Tom Wyka didn’t get really exciting until the end.

That’s when Patti Page, a Republican from Chatham,  said Wyka was “despicable” for charging that Frelinghuysen is more interested in photo opps with children than he is in supporting legislation that benefits children.  Page confronted Wyka on stage as the debate ended.

Wyka told Page to “check the voting record.”

No one will confuse ….

Governor Jon Corzine with a comedian. but for some reason, the governor is scheduled to be on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show tomorrow at 11 p.m. 

Maybe the connection is the similar spelling of their first names

All quiet in Long Valley?

The township committee race in Washington Twp. has been quiet so far — to outsiders, that is — . Things may change at a Thursday night debate. One tidbit is that Republican Walt Cullen, a one-time committeeman, is among those backing Democrat Kevin Nedd.