New ad for Corzine

Gov. Jon Corzine has a new TV ad taking aim at Christie for his failure to report a $46,000 loan to a subordinate … The ad, which shows Christie walking and getting into a car, suggests that the former U.S. Attorney has one set of rules for himself and a set of rules for others …

Maybe we’ll see shots of Christie driving in the next set of ads

A debate over debate

Chris Christie wants to debate Gov. Jon S. Corzine and Chris Daggett on Oct. 1. The governor apparently wants a debate three weeks later _ on Oct. 21.

Let’s hold a debate as soon as possible …

Biking in the rain

Mayoral candidate Tim Dougherty suggested that things do not get better than this ….


Dougherty was taking part in a bike ride in the rain tonight around Morristown … He was joined by about three dozen people, including some from the other side of the aisle … That would be Republican town council candidate Rich Babcock and Morris Township Mayor Scott Rosenbush.

Dougherty said the bike ride was a way to get exercise and to meet the community … As the bikers departed from the town hall parking lot, they got to Elm Street and turned right on South Street. As they clustered on the street, traffic slowed _ it had no other choice _ but no one seemed preturbed.

Rosenbush said the idea also was to show people there is an alternative to driving a car … Yes, but the rain didn’t help matters.

More on health care …

Got a mailing the other day that was paid for by Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America and Families USA … It complimented Sen. Menendez for “working to pass consensus bipartisan health care reform that will make sure people can get quality health care today and in the future.”

It’s good to see proponents of reform pressing their case.

Money and health care reform

A wire story today points out that a key group of opponents of health care reform — namely the public option — have gotten $1.1 million in campaign contributions, most of it from the pharmaceutical, health care provider and insurance industries. These would be the so-called Blue Dog Democrats.

It is ironic how some of those who shriek in horror at the term, “public option,” are unaware that they are doing the bidding of those who like the status quo … that would be those making big bucks on health care.

Christie has a sense of humor

On the heels of reports he was ticketed for speeding in 2005, the Christie campaign came clean today and admitted via YouTube video that their man was recently guilty of petty, or was it, penny, theft. See for yourself:

Christie's traffic adventure

The fact that then-U.S. Attorney Chris Christie was stopped for speeding in Lambertville in 2005 is no big deal. After all, who does not speed.

But why in the world was he driving an unregistered, uninsured vehicle? 

This ain’t much of an issue, but an explanation is needed.