Gov. going to Indiana

Chris Christie will travel to Indianapolis tomorrow and see the Jets play the Colts in Sunday’s AFC champtionship game….

Wonder if he will show up to Saturday’s send-off rally at the Jets’ practice facility in Florham Park?

A cigar bar with no cigars

The “side bar,” which had served as a cigar bar in the Famished Frog, a popular Morristown bar and restaurant, now bans smoking.

A sign on the door of the side bar went up Thursday, attributing the smoking ban to a ventilation problem.

More to come on this …

Rescued by the sheriff

I owe a big thank you to Morris County Sheriff Ed Rochford. I needed to call in some information to the newsroom at the Christie inaugural bash last night and for some reason, my cell phone lost service …. So, I looked around, saw the sheriff, and he graciously allowed me to use his phone. He even dialed the number for me.

I offered to buy him a few shots of tequila as payment, but he declined.

Thanks for your help, sheriff.

First, but already the best?

You have got to love the bravado of winning politicians …

State Sen. Joe Kyrillos, R-Monmouth, introduced lieutenant governor Kim Guadagno last night and proclaimed that she will be the best lieutenant governor the state has ever had.

Of course, she is the only lieutenant governor the state has had.

No Adams, but there was a Lincoln

Chris Christie often mentioned John Adams in his gubernatorial campaign. But when it was time for his inaugural address today. Christie moved up history’s time line a bit and quoted Abraham Lincoln.

You can never go wrong doing that.

The view from an old foe

Chris Christie beat Steve Lonegan last June to win the Republican primary for governor.

Lonegan, who got about 42 percent of the vote, attended this morning’s inaugural Mass in Newark.

“No regrets,” he said about his primary campaign. Lonegan, who is with a conservative group called Americans for Prosperity, said he plans to stay involved in state politics.

The view from an old friend

John O’Keeffe watched Chris Christie’s inauguration on television from his home in Denville. So did many people, but O’Keeffe’s view had to be different.

Back during Christie’s stint on the Morris County freeholder board, O’Keeffe, at times, was his only political ally.

“It was almost surreal,” O’Keeffe said of seeing Christie become governor.

Christie has not forgotten about O’Keeffe. In fact, O’Keeffe said that Christie called him just a few days ago. O’Keeffe’s advice to the new governor _ “I told him to keep his head up.”