Mendham Twp is not in Morristown

Someone should tell that to the occupants or owners of a building on Washington Street in Morristown … Our front is a sign for Phyllis Florek and Peter Staples. Sure, they’re running for the township committee in next Tuesday’s primary ..

But they are running in Mendham Township, not Morristiwn. Someone needs a lesson in geography.


Making something out of nothing

As one can see from some of the letters,we have published lately, the Obama-haters are out in force, thinking it’s news that the president chose to take part in Memorial Day ceremonies in Illinois as opposed to Arlington Cemetery.
I love their attitude _ “”if the president does not go to the ceremony I want him to attend; he’s a bum.”
Seems to me attending a service is the important thing and as some veterans’ groups have pointed out, making what ceremony a president attends a political issue sullies what Memorial Day is all about.
As it turned out, the Illinois ceremony was rained out; Say, that must have been Obama’s fault.

Flag swiped in Ledgewood

Got a call from a Mine Hill resident who reports that an American flag put up outside a Chase bank on Rte 46 in Ledgewood was stolen over night. The rope that held the flag remains.

Frelinghuysen opposes changing policy on gays

I recall a few years ago when Rodney Frelinghuysen was asked at a town meeting about some issue regarding gays. He responded forcefully, “I am against discrimination” of gays.

One wishes the congressman would have responded just as forcefully last night when the House voted to repeal the military’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” policy regarding gays.

Rodney, sadly, voted against the repeal and in favor of continued discrimination.

Here is what he said:

“On President Obama’s direction, the Department of Defense is now conducting a year-long, comprehensive study as to the effects of repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy on the force.   The House vote short-circuits this ongoing Pentagon review, due in December, and denies our men and women in uniform a chance to have their voices heard.

“The four military Service chiefs have expressed concerns in writing about changing the law before they could fully evaluate its impact on military personnel and their families, recruiting and retention and a range of benefits, particularly in the middle of two wars. 

“Unlike the President, I oppose the so-called compromise repeal because it prejudges the issue.  Yesterday’s House action was highly disrespectful of our men and women in uniform

 Good God, if you relied on the military chiefs, nothing would change.  The House got it right. The vote disrespects no one in uniform. What disrespects them is a policy of discrimination.

Frelinghuysen, that far out lefty

Well, that’s the take of Rich Luzzi, the man running against Rep. Rodney P. Frelinghuysen, R-Harding, in the June 8 primary.

Speaking at a candidates’ night Wednesday in Riverdale, Luzzi said of Frelinghuysen, who was not present, “He is not a conservative, he is too far to the left.”

Luzzi suggested that there is a tug of war between the left and the right and that it is counterproductive to be in the middle. which is where he says Frelinghuysen is.

Luzzi condemned Rodney for being part of the Tuesday Morning Club, a group of moderate Republicans.

He also criticized the congressman for among other things, opposing offshore drilling, which Luzzi admitted is a tough argument to make these days.

New poll numbers for Christie

A new poll shows that Christie is supported by 44 percent of those polled and not supported by 42 percent … That’s about what you would expect, don’t you think?

Blaming the kids

Punishing children for the transgressions of their parents is a pretty loathsome thing to do. But some of those who see illegal aliens as a combination of Attila the Hun and Count Dracula rolled into one are doing just that.

Consider the opposition to a proposal that would allow conditional residency for children of parents who entered this country illegally. Keep in mind that these youngsters had no choice but to come here with their parents. Many are in school and looking to go to college. In doing so, they will be on a path to contributing to society. 

There’s no logical reason to stand in their way.