Back to the freeholders' meeting room

Gov.-elect Chris Christie will be in Morristown next Wednesday night to swear in three recently re-elected freeholders _ Bill Chegwidden, Gene Feyl and John Murphy.

Wonder if Christie will remind Chegwidden that he (Christie) is against dual office holding. Chegwidden is also mayor of Wharton…

That aside, it should be a fun time for Christie to return to see the board on which he got his political start 15 years ago.

Christie on patrol

The governor-elect is expected to take to the streets of Newark tonight and join Mayor Cory Booker and an assortment of volunteers in “patrolling the wards of Newark.”

At least. that is how Christie’s press office put it. It added that, “The goal of Community Caravan Night Patrols is to disrupt normal crime patterns and to get the local community engaged in the crime prevention process.”

The patrol musters up at 7:30 p.m. at the Central Ward Firehouse at 191 Orange Street.

A yes on health care …

Cheers to the Senate for passing health care reform today …

In listening to the Republicans’ rhetoric about how this will destroy the republic, I am at a loss to find any specifics. I mean, do the critics oppose stopping insurance companies from denying coverage to people because of pre-existing conditions? Do they oppose stopping insurance companies from dropping people if they get “too sick?”

And, I would love to hear someone try to explain why it is a bad thing for more people to be covered by health insurance.

For years, conservatives have been complaining about waste in government programs… and now, here is a plan to cut hundreds of billions of waste from Medicare. And now they complain about that.
How disingenuous can my friends on the right be?

Health care moves along

Snowstorms come and go, but agreement among Senate Democrats to pass a health care reform bill may have far more ramifications than a blizzard.

When completed, this will be a milestone in the history of the United States. The bill is not perfect, but after reconciliation with the bill that passed the House, it will provide just about all Americans with access to health insurance and medical care, a goal that dates back to FDR. And that is long overdue.

Toys for Tots a success

The Morris County Republican Committee held its annual Toys for Tots breakfast today and as usual, it was a splendid event. Politics is forgotten about (mostly) as guests bring a toy to be donated to charity. Monetary donations are also made.

Among the charities receiving donations this year were the Morristown Neighborhood House, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, the Interfaith Food Pantry, which is in the midst of building a new facility, and the Jersey Battered Women’s Shelter.

Secrecy at the Chamber of Commerce

Jeffrey Chiesa, the Executive Director of Governor—Elect Chris Christie’s Transition Team, spoke this morning at a breakfast meeting of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce.

What did he say? Well, we do not know, because our reporter was not allowed in.

Why the secrecy?

Don’t know yet if the closed door affair was the doings of the chamber, or the governor-elect. Either way, it’s a disservice to the public. When the head of the governor’s transition team speaks to a group that includes, as this one did, public officials, it should be open to the public..

A Democrat for state AG

Paula Dow, the Essex County Prosecutor, was named today by Chris Christie to be state Attorney General.

Christie’s selection of a Democrat shows a refreshing commitment away from partisan politics, but you have got to figure that some Republicans are miffed. Attorney General is a key position.

Jay Webber, the state party chair, in fact, was prompted to release a statement applauding the move. It said:

“I applaud Governor-elect Christie’s decision to nominate a public servant who shares his vision for New Jersey and record of success. The Governor-elect continues to demonstrate that he will surround himself with strong, qualified people with a commitment to making our state a better place to live. Paula Dow will be a fine Attorney General for New Jersey, and I urge her swift confirmation by the Senate.”