Who would have thunk it?

General Motors, once the symbol of America’s corporate might, reduced to struggling to survive.

Got a letter from Ed Ramirez — it will be in the paper later this week — suggesting that the Obama Administration was declaring war on corporate America.  The reference was to the replacing of the CEO of GM. I did not see his logic; If a company seeks and gets billions from the feds, the feds certainly have a right to pass judgment on how the company is run.


At least he's getting in shape

Assemblyman Richard Merkt, R-Mendham Twp., isn’t getting much traction in his race for governor.

But his practice of jogging around the state to meet voters is still paying dividends for him.

Saw Rick today and he was noticeably trimmer — says he’s lost 16 pounds.

Jets on the go

The news that the New York Jets will likely hold their summer training camp in upstate New York rather than in Florham Park is disappaointing news for local fans.

And it can’t be good news for Atlantic Health Systems, which paid presumably millions to secure naming rights to a complex the public will not be coming to. (Regular season practices are closed).

Will they ask for their money back?


Get this, Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie is against the state’s high unemployment rate.

He seized on the news that the state’s 8.2 percent unemployment rate now exceeds the federal rate of 8.1 percent by blaming Gov. Jon Corzine. Really.

Here is part of what he said:

Corzine and McGreevey’s 103 tax increases and anti-business policies have driven business from our state and caused our state’s business climate to be ranked dead last in the country. 

Here's a great quote for you

And we must credit the Star Ledger for it; a spokesperson for the New Jersey Education Association said the follolwing:

“Tenure is not a job for life. Tenure is a fair job dismissal process that requires just cause.”

Really, try asking any school board official how it is nearly impossible to dismiss a tenured teacher … I have known teachers who joke upon working three years and securing tenure that now, “I can do just about anything this side of killing someone and I’ll still have a job.”

If the union wants to defend tenure, fine, but admit what it is … a job for life in just about every case.

In response to Lonegan's charge

John Inglesino, who was criticized by Steve Lonegan for making campaign contributions (see below post) to Chris Christie is not bothered by the criticism.

“I’ve made publicly reported donations, legal donations, to Chris Christie,” Inglesino said.

He said he will continue to support Christie as the best man to lead New Jersey and that he will not be affected by “petty issues,” or “non-issues.”

Lonegan fires away

Steve Lonegan is complaining about a too cozy relationship between Chris Christie and the law firm of Stern and Kilcullen.

Members of that firm and their spouses have contributed $20,400 to Christie’s campaign.

The previous connection is that while U.S. Attorney, Christie named the firm to monitor operations at the scandal-marred University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

He absolutely should give the money back,” Lonegan says.

One of the contributors to the Christie campaign was firm partner John Inglesino, a former Morris County freeholder.

There was no immediate reaction from the Christie camp.