You want to be a freeholder?

Morris County Democrats have scheduled a meeting for next Wednesday to come up with a new freeholder candidate.

Dan Grant was supposed to run, but he’s opted to run for the township committee in Montville instead. So, the Dems need to replace him on the ballot.

The Republican incumbent is Margaret Nordstrom

Is it decision time for Christie?

It certainly seems like it should be.

Democratic congressman Frank Pallone of Middlesex County suggests that U.S. Attorney Chris Christie is violating federal regulations by serving as both a federal law enforcement official and a defacto candidate for governor.

According to a published report, “Pallone cited press reports that allies of U.S. Attorney Chris Christie, including his brother, the state Republican Party chairman, and members of the Legislature, were aggressively building support for Christie as a potential candidate this week at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota.”

Pallone wants the U.S. Attorney General to investigate. That will probably go no where, but the longer Christie waits before declaring his gubernatorial intentions, the more of this type of stuff we will see.

Alaska and Russia

After a while following politics, you become immune to reading a lot of stupid comments. But then there are times when you are still jarred by complete idiocy.

I have read more than once defenders of Sarah Palin say she has foreign policy experience because Alaska is the closest state to Russia. That it is true, of course, but that means nothing in terms of experience. Let’s see, are we really under a threat of being attacked via the Bering Sea? People making that argument are likely still smoking the pot they smoked during the Cold War.

But let’s run with that thought. Using that same logic, a president or VP should come from south Florida because that territory is so close to Cuba.