Took a hike yesterday …

To John McCain’s house … No, not really. It was in Ventana Canyon outside Tucson.

Anywho, interesting story here about an Indian tribe that purchased land on which to build a casino; The local authorities are unhappy with that and are pushing a bill to allow the town, Glendale, to annex the land.

Oh well, it would not be the first time, I suppose, that the “authorities” stole land from the Indians.

Politics in Arizona

Sarah Palin was here the other day campaigning for John McCain. She said, “Fidel Castro likes health care reform, what does that tell you?”

How’s that for penetrating analysis?

Also, Arizona may join other states in suing over health care reform; however at the same time. the state is looking for money from the feds for their children’s health insurance program. How’s that for talking out of both sides of your mouth?

Out in Arizona

I’m taking a breather; jogging, hiking and watching some exhibition baseball ..
But I will be following the news; Here for two days and I love listening to the agita coming from the right wing over health care reform

Adler votes with the GOP

He’s not one of our reps, but Rep. John Adler, D-Camden, is from New Jersey. He was the only Democrat from New Jersey to vote against health care reform bill.

Adler faces a seemingly tough reelection battle with Jon Runyan, a former offensive tackle with the Philadelphia Eagles. That likely guided his “no” vote.

The feeling here is that why should loyal Dems in his south Jersey district rally around Adler if he is going to vote like a Republican?

A sleepless congressman

The House of Representatives was in session over health care reform to nearly midnight last night, but Rodney Frelinghuysen was in Morris Plains at 10 am today to announce his reelection plans.

Well, they do have planes these days.

That’s true, but the congressman did not take a plane, or a train, or, for that matter, Greyhound. He said he drove home alone, fortified by soda and candy bars.

“There was a traffic jam outside Baltimore,” he said.

Still, he said he made it back to Morris County around 4 a.m.

Health care reform – Yes

Guess what _ It’s going to happen.

I’m watching Chris Smith wailing about the fact the bill would allow federal funds to be used for abortion. But his argument falls apart when you realize right to lifers in the Democratic party support the bill. More importantly,this bill is about something far more important than federal support for abortion.

The U.S. will _ finally _ guarantee that just about all of its citizens have access to health care insurance, and that insurance companies will no longer be able to deny coverage for pre-existing condition or terminate coverage if a patient’s medical needs become too expensive.

That’s the important thing! A milestone moment in American history is upon us indeed.

The lovable far right

You read the story about Marcelas Owens, age, 11, whose mother died after losing her health insurance. Sure, proponents of health care reform are using the incident to press their case. But that’s no reason to attack the child as those on the right are doing.

Here’s what Rush Limbaugh had to say, The mom “still would have died,” because all aspects of health reform would take awhile to kick in. Say hello to Mr. Sensitivity.

The right is in a real tizzy if it has to attaack a child.