Corzine and Weinberg

Fortunately for him, Gov. Jon Corzine bypassed Randall Pinket and picked an experienced public official to run with his as lieutenant governor …. That would be state Sen. Loretta Weinberg, D-Bergen.

Weinberg is 74 and fiesty; a while back she withstood a challenge to her seat engineered by the party boss in Bergen County.

Corzine is far behind — and probably dipping further back — after yesterday’s arrests of many key Democrats,  but Weinberg will make things interesting ..


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

36 Responses to Corzine and Weinberg

  1. P says:

    Lt. Governor picks can’t help, but they could hurt (see Pinkett, Randal). In this case, neither selection (GOP or Dem) moves the needle for Corzine or Christie.

    Corzine is still toast, and all the arrests yesterday just made the election even a bigger lock. Only hope for Dems is to pull a Torricelli. You should start taking bets as to when the Dems pull the rug on Corzine’s campaign.

  2. Ted Doty says:

    Fact is neither Corzine or anyone else ever produced a short list of potential running mates that included Pinket. So get over it people.

    And it’s irresponsible to link Corzine to the corruption arrests. The closest link to corruption is the appearance of a Christie payoff to David Kelly for not prosecuting Todd Christie.

  3. Ted Doty says:

    And let’s talk about Christies new ad. He talks about all the corruption he stopped. But he doesn’t discuss how his brother got off the hook.

    BTW does Christie have the funds to air the ad? Maybe his pal Inglesino will start another “Morris First” type fund where active developers can donate money. The money laundering scheme allows pay to players to donate to a general fund that Christie can draw from.

    It worked for Inglesino in Rockaway Township. And it’s legal…unethical but legal.

  4. Dan Grant says:

    It is all about the Top of the Ticket and no choice for Lt. Governor is going to change that. Yes they might add a little highlight but this is about two candidates and what the turnout is in Morris County. Corzine loses Morris by more that 50,000 he is in deep trouble. If he loses by 60,000 he is gone.

  5. Chris says:

    The Gov couldn’t see corruption if it was in his shorts. He surrounds himself with people that have “issues”. Fox, Harvey, Doria,etc. I don’t remember Coroslime asking for Sharp or Bryant to resign when they were caught up in their “problems”

  6. P says:

    Ted – First you deny what everyone else will concede – that Randal Pinkett was on Corzine’s short list, and probably would have been selected if Corzine had his way.

    Then, you go off into your typical Ingelsino rant. How about producing some proof. Get over it. He beat you, and now neither of you is relevant in this election. Why not demand that the Governor, in his final days in office, finally produce the real ethics reform he promised four years ago. Before he leaves office he should make sure that all the crooks he allowed to remain in power through his term of office are finally held accountable. Agreed?

  7. Ted Doty says:

    What kindof proof are you looking for?

  8. P says:

    Something that Fred would be willing to publish.

  9. Ted Doty says:

    Morris First is was a political fund that from which county Republicans drew campaign funds. The fund was was a favorite of Inglesino while he was Mayor of RT. Contributors to the fund included active developers from the township. When I detailed proof of the connection – proof I still possess- the Daily Record refused to acknowledge it. Don’t ask me why cause the courts found it acceptable evidence when the developer was sued by a former employee.

    But I guess your standard is what Fred publishes, not the courts. .

  10. P says:

    If the evidence was so powerful that the courts accepted it, why hasn’t AG Milgram sent in her crack team of investigators to build a criminal case? I would think a lackey of Gov Corzine would love a case that implicated Ingelsino. You should take a ride down to Trenton post-haste.

  11. Ted Doty says:

    Ms Milgram has only been in office 17 months or so and the Gerald Smith/John Inglesino designed fund disolved years ago.

  12. Dan Grant says:

    It is funny that a blog about one subject turns into a blog about another but what the heck let me defend Ted. This is probably too long ago to investigate but the fact is that while Mayor of Rockaway Township and more importantly a sitting on the Planning Board Mr. Inglesino received two payments of $10,000 each as contributions from a developer. One came a week before that developer received approval for a major development and one a few weeks after. These are plainly listed in the campaign financing reports at the time. I was running against Mr Inglesino at the time and was given those reports by a prominate Republican. I brought those reports to the Daily Record when they were timely and they decided to do nothing about it but the fact is that what ever motivation Ted may have, he is right.

  13. Ted Doty says:

    Thanks Dan. You brought it to the DR, I brought to the DR, a developer named Sam Yarash used it in his law suit with Mort Sulkind but Snowflack sometimes denies any memory of the ordeal and other times says my evidence was unfounded. So I guess it stands to reason that Fred blogs about Pinket even though the potential of him being chosen was was never established.

  14. Ron Soussa says:

    Don’t feel bad Dan. I brought Fred evidence that you personally benefitted by taxpayers having to pay $625,000 for your family’s Harbeson-Grant properties – over the objections of the Open Space Committee – but the Daily Record didn’t print it either.

  15. Ted Doty says:

    Ron, it seems your beef is with the power that trumped the alleged open space committee objection. Also, keep in mind both parties usually benefit from a real estate transaction. I’m sure if you had any evidence that the public was harmed, you’d have presented it. So apparently there is none.

    More importantly, how does your insinuation absolve Inglesino for his actions and what does any of this have to do with Pinket?

  16. Ron Soussa says:

    Actually my beef is that Dan Grant and his family got paid $625,000, with Open Space money, which was more than the appraised value for the virtually useless property that had nothing to do with open space.

    According to Montville Township’s own priority/ranking system, Grant’s property was the lowest of priorities. MANY other far more important (such as those in the primary aquifer, where Montville gets its drinking water) had much higher ranking values. They remain unprotected. Grant somehow went to the top of the list.

    Grant was one of 5 Township Committee members at the time. The other 4 voted to waste taxpayer money to help out one of their own. All of them, including one who had to plead the 5th Amendment in a Morris County Prosecutor’s investigation, are no longer in office.

  17. P says:

    As my mom used to say guys (Ted & Dan) – It takes one to know one.

  18. Ted Doty says:

    Ron, experts frequently disagree on property values. The true value is the price on which buyer and seller agree. And what makes you an expert on a property’s usefulness?.

    But you guy’s are geting off track again. .

  19. Dan Grant says:

    Ted, don’t get sucked into a dialogue with this guy. He has been stalking me for years because he thinks 4 Republicans and the Morris Land Conservancy conspired to make me money.

  20. P says:

    Ted – Go back and read post #3 (yours). You are the one who tries to convert every piece about Corzine & the election into a slam of Ingelsino.

    I know you can’t help yourself, but don’t insult our intelligence by pretending anyone but you started this conversation.

  21. Ron Soussa says:

    Dan Grant’s $625,000 “Harbeson-Grant” windfall was not an arm’s length transaction between a willing seller and buyer. It was 4 pals (all longtime Township Committee members) who knew each other for decades overspending taxpayer money to bail out a fifth one of their group – Grant – who needed the money badly.

    The Harbeson-Grant property is virtually unbuildable. The appraisal said it could fit only one development lot, even if someone was crazy enough to want to have to cross a live, grade-level railroad track to get there. And if they could get approvals with wetlands, steep slopes, underground gas lines, overhead power lines, and having to improve a sub-standard, single lane road for access.

    The Morris Land Conservancy did as they were directed to by that Township Committee, who paid their fees. And they were so disgusted that they quit afterwards.

    You don’t have to be an expert to see that Dan Grant got handed a taxpayer funded gift. You just have to open your eyes.

  22. Ted says:

    Well P, tSnowflack started this blog theorizing what MIGHT have been if Corzine had chosen Pinket ( a pointless discussion because he didn’t AND it was never established that Pinket was in contention). But if Fred can speculate so can I. At least my speculation is grounded if fact.

  23. P says:

    Ted – You really need to read more than Fred’s column. All the newspapers and websites that cover NJ had the Pinkett story, and the guy even held his own press conference lobbying for the job. I know Dems are embarrassed that the guy was even considered, but they finally got Corzine to move off of that wacky pick.

    Regarding pointless, that would summarize your constant wailing about Ingelsino at every turn.

  24. Ted says:

    BUT it was NEVER confirmed. More important MANY entertainers, without Pinket’s resume became effective public servants. Ronald Regan, Sonny Bono, Shirley Temple Black, Fred Thompson, Jesse Ventura, Fred Grandy, Gavin Macleod, Al Franken…to name a few.

    Wake up and argue merits NOT insignificant wedge issues.

  25. Ted says:

    As to Inglesino, there is no doubt that Inglesino still has political ambitionsand would love to have been asked to join C

  26. P says:

    So you THEORIZE what’s in Ingelsino’s mind, but rant about others who print factual info. And no, JonBoy is never going to come out and OFFICIALLY confirm for Ted Doty that Pinkett was on his short list, but I’ll take the word of all the people who actually talk to the people in-the-know – Corzine wanted him!

    P.S. Pinkett spells his name with two Ts. Maybe that’s the issue – You thought we were talking about Randal Pinket, not Randal Pinkett. And of course, Corzine never wanted Randal Pinket. From now on we’ll just refer to you as My Cousin Vinny.

  27. Ted says:

    If you can theorize about what Corzine might have done, shouldn’t we theorize about what Christie might have done?

    Neither you or Snowflack have detailed specific problems with Pinket (the spelling used in the original blog) and nobay’s remarked on the many ex-entertainers that have become public servants.

  28. Ted says:

    So there I was in my driveway enjoying the sun and plinking away on my laptop. A car pulled up and asked my wife if her name was ????. telling us she was brought up in our house. I reckoned the guy was refering to the previous owner’s daughter. Long story short we cleared the misunderstanding.

    Then the guy turned to me and asked what kind of noise I was making; he obviously knew who I was. Quickly he launched into a rant about taxes. ” The town blames it on the schools but the mayor has gotta control spending”.

    I explained that a signifcant taxpayer recently lowered it’s tax assesment through litagation and it would cost the average homeowner about eight dollars. Although the current mayor didn’t specify, I was sure the Mall was involved. As he got back in his car he grumbled something about the Mall. Then speaking loud and clear he proclaimed ” I hope they send John Inglesino to jail soon.” I’m not sure how it all relates but I expressed agreement with his parting comment

  29. P says:

    Re:#27 – I don’t mind if you want to theorize about both, just be consistent.

    Re:#28 – So you’ve found a fellow traveler. Glad to see you’re making some friends.

    P.S. Why are you working on your laptop in your driveway?!
    P.S.S. What kind of noise were you making??!!
    P.S.S.S. On second thought, scratch my two questions. I don’t want to know the answers.
    P.S.S.S.S. Just because Fred spells the guy’s name incorrectly doesn’t mean that you have to also.

  30. Ted says:

    Try to identify an inconsistency.

    PS It was a sunny day
    PPS, not PSS I was solving a Daily Record sudoko
    PPPS it’s not PSSS. If you’re going to throw stones, make sure your glass house is protected

  31. YoungInsurgent says:

    I attended Pinkett’s press conference. A few points. First, he confirmed at the press conference that he was on the shortlist and Corzine released a statement the next day also confirming it. Second, he was not lobbying for the job and in fact, did not express interest in the job at the press conference. It appeared that Corzine’s team was, at some point, lobbying him for the job, not the only way around.

  32. YoungInsurgent says:

    …not the *other* way around.

  33. P says:

    Ted, I stand corrected (on PSS only). On the other hand, did you mean “Sudoku”?!

    As far as inconsistency, you insist on being pure about Corzine (i.e., notarized proof of his overture to Pinkett), yet you have no problem putting forth your theories about what was in someone else’s mind, which you have absolutely no clue, much less proof, about.

    you are at best, inconsistent, at worst, a hypocrite.

  34. Ted says:

    No I’m being conistent. If tou can speculate about a choice that Corzine didn’t make or even acknowledged as a possibility, why can’t I speculate about Christie might have done?

    A shout out to Sam Yaroush. Welcome back to the good fight! I’ll never forget the few times he sat at my dining room table and we shared dreams of Inglesino in a perp walk with a raincoat covering his face.

  35. P says:

    Ted – Just keep living off of the hate. I’m sure it keeps you warm at night.

  36. Ted says:

    P, it’s not hate on my part. I just know the crooked ways of Inglesino. I can’t speak for Yaroush but Inglesino cost Sam millions. might use the word “hate”

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