Tea Party on the move

 You have got to laugh at the exaggerated rhetoric emanating from Tea Party groups.

Under the banner, “The Revolution Continues,”  a meeting of the Morristown Tea Party has been set for Jan. 12  6:30 p.m. at the Masonic Hall in Morristown.
Here is what the notice says:

Fellow Patriots:

Join us as we begin the next phase in our battle to restore America.

What is the “next phase?”
I get it? Government is always bad, that’s it.



About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

20 Responses to Tea Party on the move

  1. seekntruth says:

    Fred, if nothing else you’ve got moxie. It takes a special kind of courage to write your post about the “benefits” of health care reform and then call this exaggerated rhetoric.

  2. Edward France says:

    The tea party: a group of people who may feel they have no voice in large or smaller government. Maybe they just want to heard?

  3. Hey seekntrurth, kindly explain why you think the benefits of health care reform that I listed are wrong,. I mean, you think kids with horrible diseases should NOT be guaranteed health insurance coverage? Please explain

  4. Bob Grant says:

    Ed, you really have to sift through all the nonsense, resentment and hate of the Tea Baggers to get to anything approaching solutions. Just look at the first words of their flyer, “Fellow Patriots.” They consistantly say that they are patroits and the rest of us are not.

    The central core of the TP coda is “White People are Victims.” It is nonsense and deserves to be treated as such.

  5. P says:

    Once again, the Race Card is played. Rather than address the issues that the TP raises – The Road to Financial Ruin that our governments (federal, state and local) are taking us down, it’s all about “White Supremacy.”

    You should be ashamed Mr. Grant.

    P.S. This country was founded by people who “resented” & “hated” the way the British government was treating them. The parallels to today, albeit with a government of our own “representatives,” is stunning.

  6. Ted Doty says:

    The Tea Party claims a desire to “take back America”. I appears they want to start with Health Care reform

    The thing is,that even if it’s repealed in the House, repeal has no chance in the Senate and would be vetoed by Obama if a bill ever reached his desk.

    The Tea party is making the same mistake that Gingrich did. Once elected you have to lead not continue to be a group of rabble rousers.

  7. P says:

    Everyone might want to check their dictionaries for the word “SYMBOLIC”. You might want to also research how many bills the Dems presented just for the sake of getting people “on the record.”

    It’s all part of politics . . . so let’s not go all Captain Renault!

    P.S. It will also be interesting to see how many Democrats vote for repeal. i doubt it will be as many as voted against Minority Leader Pelosi, but it will be another public rebuke for the Dems “leadership.” And that can’t be all bad.

  8. P says:

    Fred – Only saw this on WSJ.com – Any confirmation from the Gannett reporters in Trenton?

    New Jersey Road Plan Relies on Borrowing
    By Lisa Fleisher

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is set to propose paying for $8 billion in transportation repairs over the next five years by using money from a scuttled Hudson River tunnel project, handing off projects to the Port Authority and borrowing $4.4 billion, administration officials said Thursday.

    The plan calls for some $1.8 billion in projects to be taken on by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, including the aging Pulaski Skyway, and squeezing more out of the state budget, officials said. The plan also avoids raising the gas tax, which is one of the lowest in the nation.

    The transportation proposal sets the stage for the first test of the working relationship between two of the nation’s most watched governors, New York’s Andrew Cuomo and Mr. Christie. The two share power over the Port Authority, though Mr. Christie has for months asserted New Jersey’s claim to $3 billion in authority funds that had been scheduled for the canceled Access to the Region’s Core train tunnel project.

    The state had to come up with a replacement plan to pay for projects through the practically bankrupt Transportation Trust Fund, which is used to finance road projects. By the middle of this year, all of the money dedicated by the legislature from gas and sales taxes and other fees — $895 million — would have all gone directly toward debt, leaving no money for work.

    Overall, the Christie administration’s goal is to borrow less than previous New Jersey governors while performing the same amount of work. New Jersey would pay $1.8 billion in cash over the five-year period outlined in the proposal. The state currently spends about $1.6 billion annually through the trust fund on road maintenance.

    But this new proposal faces some challenges. Mr. Christie needs various legislative approvals for parts of the plan, as well as cooperation from the Port Authority. Christie administration officials said they do not need voter approval for the new borrowing because it would use gas, sales and petroleum products taxes that are already constitutionally dedicated.

    Ever since Mr. Christie stopped work on the ARC tunnel in September, Democratic lawmakers in Trenton have accused him of wanting to cancel the project to solve the trust fund conundrum. But Mr. Christie has insisted the two were independent issues and decisions.

    The trust fund was formed in 1984 with the goal of providing a steady source of money for road projects using 10-year bonds. Over the next 25 years, however, governors and lawmakers kept borrowing, extending the terms of bonds and allowing the fund to pay for a wider variety of costs associated with transportation management, including salaries or short-term work.


    If Christie’s only solution is to borrow more money and count on cash from the PA, he’s making a BIG mistake. We could have gotten this from Corzine.

  9. Ted Doty says:

    In this case symbolic means a waste of time and money

    AND moral equivalent argument never work

  10. Dan Grant says:

    Fred you should ban that idiot P for not just posting a link instead of the entire article. Getting back to the topic at hand any group that starts a statement with “Fellow Patriots” is suspect to begin with. They aren’t fighting the British, they are disagreeing with their fellow citizens.
    P. You can’t play the race card if it isn’t in the deck to begin with. The only thing this group has lost is a white President and it is clear that is the thing that upsets them the most.

  11. seekntruth says:

    1. Dan, are you really going back to the race thing about the tea party? It seems the Tea Party focused on beating a lot of white politicians (Mike Castle, Rick Lazio, the Lt. Gov of SC, etc) and helped several African-Americans get elected to Congress (Allen West, Tim Scott). And they’re not disagreeing with citizens, they exercising their right to petition the government, a government many believe is acting irresponsibly (both D’s and R’s).

    2. Fred, just to make sure my original point isn’t lost. I’m not saying that the Tea Party doesn’t engage in rhetoric but to call that flyer ‘exaggerated rhetoric’ an hour and a half after posting about the benefits of HCR without acknowledging the costs strikes me as disingenous.

    3. Fred, I think every American should have access to quality healthcare. I think this law was written with an end-goal in mind of having the government control all healthcare services. There are much better ways of achieving what you list as the benefits of this law that would be more efficient and have a better end result for both patients and the country.

  12. P says:

    Fred – You should ban an idiot like Dan for not knowing the the WSJ has a paid firewall behind which most of their content sits. Instead of thanking me profusely for providing a story about which all NJsians should care immensely, he berates me for trying to enlighten the great unwashed of MP.

    Note – As of 7:08p there’s nothing about this on the DR’s home page, but if you switch to the News page and look really closelyunder Breaking News, they posted this (no timestamp) – http://www.dailyrecord.com/article/20110106/UPDATES01/110106081/1005/NEWS01/Christie+announces+transportation+fund+fix

    And getting back to the topic, anyone who refers to himself as a “Saint,” has enough hubris to fill the Capitol dome. What A Joke.

    As for the Race Card, you played it, and you continue to play it. The Tea Party probably has as much love for John McCain as they do for Obama. It isn’t about the color of his skin, it’s about his policies and priorities. And those aren’t a reflection of his race, but rather his political beliefs – Uber-Liberalism.

  13. Dan Grant says:

    1. Look at the candidates that beat those people. A Lunitic who e-mails racial jokes and a woman who is not a witch. BTW the several African-Americans were 2. West is certifiable if you really listen to him (Of course I thank him for his service.)

    2. CBO scores the HCR as reducing debt.

    3. You think any American (what about non-citizens) should have healthcare as long as the profit stays in it. This has worked so well in the past.

  14. seekntruth says:

    Did you just criticize Allen West? You must be a racist.

    The CBO scores the numbers they are given. Their scoring doesn’t take into account the probable behavior of business’s calculating that it will be less expensive to dump their insurance plans and pay the fines. More people will end up in the government exchanges and the program will cost multiple times more than what the current projections are. It also doesn’t take into account the added burden on businesses of reporting every transaction over $600 to the government and the drag that will have on the economy.

    I didn’t state anything like your point #3. But tell us, what would the benefits of a profitless healthcare system be?

  15. Bob Grant says:

    Did someone admit violating the Terms of Service of the Wall Street Journal? He has the soul of a shoplifter.

  16. P says:

    The answer to #3 is our own version of the UKs’ NHS, totally controlled by bureaucrats and politicians in WDC. A Liberal’s wet dream.

  17. Dan Grant says:

    In regard to West, I would point out that the state of his thinking has nothing to do with race and itwas you that pointed to the “several African-Americans) who won Republican seats. You forgot to comment on the other two examples you used.

    The CBO is the best we have in terms of scoring the costs of Bills and used by both parties. Your predictions of future costs are nothig more than talking points with no factual basis. The simple truth is that the Costs of Insurance have risen so dramatically under the profit system that business small and large have either dropped health insurance or increased the amount employees have to contribute but either way it shrinks their take home pay. Conservatives see nothing wrong with wages losing ground as long as profits remain high. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul.” Mathew 16.

  18. P says:

    Grant #1 – I doubt copying and pasting (with attribution) a blog entry from the WSJ violates their terms of service. The fact that you’d prefer to remain ignorant of an important issue speaks volumes.

    Grant #2 – “Lose his soul . . . ” me thinks you’re spreading it on a bit thick. The CBO’s estimate is a joke, and everyone in WDC knows it. Typical GIGO. The Dems know how to write a bill so the score comes out in their favor. The fact that they claimed half-a-trillion dollars in Medicare savings without listing how even a nickle would be cut, or that they took the DocFix out, and then turned around and passed it without following their PayGo rules amkes this little more than a farce.

  19. Dan Grant says:

    P. You should have stopped at your first lie when you posted “me thinks”. You don’t. You read talking points and repeat them and pretend you actually think.

  20. P says:

    Dan, we all repeat someone’s talking points. The fact that Libs like to think they are all original thinkers is the real joke.

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