Crying in their tea

Local Tea Party groups are condemning the tax compromise signed yesterday by the president. All this shows is that they are clueless about how things work.

When two sides have very different ideas on how to proceed, you must compromise. That is what happened here. Both sides gave a bit. That is what good government should be about.

It is ironic. There are times when you hear people complaining that the parties spend too much time fighting each other. Now, when they work together, some complain as well.

No matter, the better it will be for Obama and the Dems moving forward if the Tea Party folk split the Republican party. I’m looking forward to watching that happen.


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

6 Responses to Crying in their tea

  1. P says:

    “Organizations” like the Tea Party have value to the mainstream parties in the lead up to an election, afterward, not so much. The only way that the Tea Party can continue to hold sway is if, during the next Congressional break, then can do to the centrist Republicans what they did to the Centrist Dems – Show up a Town Hall meetings, put them on the spot for their votes in WDC and create viral YouTube moments. Otherwise, they will just faaaaaadddddddeeeee away.

  2. Ted Doty says:

    The Tea Party has helped the GOP regain some power but seem to be following the road that took down Newt Gingrich, an inability to govern.

    I’ll always remember the advice the late Sonny Bono, recording artist/44th district representative gave to Gingrich “After the hit record, you can’t be the same rock star you were before that record”…you need to change.

    I’m kinda glad Newt didn’t heed the advice and hope the Tea Party doesn’t either.

  3. Edward S France says:

    Who is the speaker for the TEA PARTY? I was not aware of any one person who leader. Whoever it is needs to come out and tell us. Otherwise it just does not matter. Coffe or tea, we need to work together.

  4. seekntruth says:

    “When two sides have very different ideas on how to proceed, you must compromise. That is what happened here. Both sides gave a bit. That is what good government should be about” – Fred Snowflack

    Unless it’s something where one side clearly knows better than the other, like healthcare. Right Fred?

    As far as splitting, your side may be in more danger there. Look at the House vote: Dems – 139 yea/112 nay ; Reps – 138 yea/36 nay.

    And you are reading that correctly… more Democrats voted to endorse the Bush tax policy than Republicans.

  5. Dan Grant says:

    The statement that the Tea Party is clueless could have ended your post Fred. You didn’t need to go any further. Sure they did damage. It is easy to sell hate at election time and it is a way for people that don’t really want to understand issues to avoid having to learn anything. It is easy for a group to get press notice when they are out “to get” people and they don’t give a darn about facts.

  6. Ayathollah says:

    P thinks the Tea Party will fade away. Ha!

    Not likely.

    It was the Tea Party —and the Tea Party only — that stopped Harry Reid’s one trillion dollar-plus lame duck pork bill.

    And sorry Fred, but the the Tea Party in this early example solidified the GOP to serve the public good by preventing the Dem’s wasteful spending, not split it.

    Sit back and enjoy 2011. The fun is just starting

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