DeFilippis chair of ELEC

Ron DeFilippis of Roxbury has been named chairman of the state Election Law Enforcement Commission or ELEC.

ELEC’s main job is enforcing campaign finance law in New Jersey. DeFilippis was named to the agency earlier this year; he was named chair by Gov. Chris Christie late last week


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Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

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  1. Ted Doty says:

    Ron DeFilippis is the guy who wowed Morris County with inappropriate per pupil cost comparisons when Roxbury’s school budget failed last April.

    He’s a retired CPA who seems to have forgotten intermediate accounting. Fixed costs such as buildings will vary per pupil; only variable cost comparisons such as books & supplies are valid. So comparing total per pupil cost (both fixed and variable) draws inaccurate conclusions.

    But the Roxbury Town Council bought the cockamamie analysis and severely cut the school budget. It worked so well that his method is being used in the current outsourcing flap.

    A familiar phrase comes to mind; if you can’t dazzle with brilliance, baffle them with bull****. And although I believe Christie is aware of DeFilippis flaw, Machiavellian theories took precedence.

  2. GovernmentWaste says:

    Hey everyone, it’s America’s favorite greeter at your local Lowes Home Improvement Store, Ted Doty! We’ve missed you Ted as it is hard to find all the places you in which you lurk wherein no one gives a damn about your socialist rants.

    I guess what we all should have done to find you would be to look at all the articles where people are actually accomplishing things and making a positive impact in the community, state and country and I am sure we would have found your bitter, pathetic self showing your envy by your inane posts.

    Last April you showed yourself to not have a clue about anything accounting related as you claimed to be able to audit future numbers, which anyone knows cannot be done. You also claimed to have met the volunteer accountants who reviewed the bloated joke of a budged in Roxbury and then admitted you lied in that none of them had ever had the displeasure of speaking to you.

    Now, one of those volunteers, who saved the taxpayers over a million dollars in pure government waste, is being appointed to a state commission and moving UP in the world… all while you sit on Daily seeking to preserve waste as you continue your spiral DOWN in the world. In addition, a simple google search would seem to indicate that Mr. DeFilippis is not retired but working full time as the senior partner in his CPA firm. But that pales in comparison to your ability to get us all a deal on a 2X4.

    You are a pathetic pitiful man Ted Doty. Lowes: Let’s Build Something Together!

  3. Ted Doty says:

    Go ahead Pbrain II try to defend the half baked theories of DeFilipis

  4. Tea Party voter says:

    Anyone who writes a comment like Governmentwaste adding nothing except expressing animosity about another poster who he/she obviously knows should disclose his real identity or Fred should not allow the posting. I ddo not know Ted.How pathetic.Welcome to internet bullying

  5. GovernmentWaste says:

    I’ll address the first part of my post to Ted Doty, who I have noticed now has taken a liking to the term “Pbrain” as you can see on the right side of the page, it has become his word of choice. Apparently I am now “Pbrain II”. I actually prefer “Pbrain Resurrected” or “Pbrain-the Second Coming” or “Pbrain – I don’t sit by an automatic door for a living while fancying myself a champion of government mismanagement”.

    I have already addressed every single absurd point you have made about the bloated budged that was reviewed and voted the hell down. You lost – you are insignificant. I know that’s hard for you to accept, $1million in waste completely tossed out, but no amount of posting on Daily will get that waste back for you.

    You also really have an odd obsession with Mr. DeFilippis. That being said, maybe setting the record for pointless posts on Daily is not the best use of your time. Maybe the best way you can combat the likes of Mr. DeFilippis, CPA would be to figure out a way to increase the per student cost while not improving the education. Maybe you can figure out a way to pay twice as much per student. Then you could present that case to the voters and see where you end up……… bet is on… you will end up a greeter at Lowe’s. It’s the very reason that Mr. DeFilippis is now the chairman of a state commission and you are spending your days trying not to accidentally cause the automatic door to open.

    I will address the second part to “Tea Party voter” who has chosen the biggest misnomer screen name ever by coming in here to defend a joke of a man who has devoted his life to big government and a McGovern like agenda all while taking his mean spirited invective into any forum that will allow him to spew it. Also, news flash, I have also never had the displeasure of meeting Ted Doty, NOT A CPA. I simply ran into this idiot in a forum spewing invective about volunteers saving my town tax dollars and I called him out on his lies, accounting ignorance, and cowardice. So that pretty much kills your whole “holier than thou” theory about internet bullying, blah blah blah. You are not a tea party voter – I suspect that 1) your last name is Doty or 2) you also have several theories about how government can pay more for the same service.

  6. Tea Party voter says:

    OK BULLY, what is your name?

  7. Ted Doty says:

    Pbrain II,

    I agree that the Roxbury school budget was bloated. My problem is with the half-baked analysis from which the Roxbury Town Council made their decision. A per pupil cost comparison that includes both fixed and variable elements is dangerous. Janitorial outsourcing is a perfect example.

    Simply put, janitor services are necessary as long as children occupy a building and for whatever reason, District A may have a larger building than District B. Obviously The cost to keep “A’s” building clean will be greater than “B’s” regardless of census. Therefore, comparing A & B’s per pupil janitorial costs is misleading. Pbrain II, The ends shouldn’t justify the means. Do the right thing for the right reason.

    Roxbury had an audited surplus balance as of 6/30/09. Do you have any idea pf that balance? In doubt it. Governor Christie withheld a state aid payment in February 2010 and reduced aide for 2010-2011 in March. Do you have any idea how much? Do you know how much Surplus remained? Was it more or less than the million that town council took from the schools? Frankly Pbrain II. RTC’s cut was a Scientific Wild A** Guess SWAG.

    And Pbrain II, I do what I’m physically and legally able to do to help support my family and am not ashamed of it. DeFilippis on the other hand knew better than to argue a foolish analysis. But he went for the Machiavellian approach and got a state job. He should be ashamed. Ted Doty MBA is proud.

  8. GovernmentWaste says:

    Tea Party – tell me yours first and also leave your address and phone number – seriously, is your goal to make yourself look like a bigger idiot than Doty to make him feel good?…. OHHH the big mean bully is picking on poor disturbed Teddy… get a life!

    Ted Doty – First of all, get it right, I prefer to be called “Pbrain – I don’t sit by an automatic door for a living while fancying myself a champion of government mismanagement.”

    Second of all, your analysis might be correct, if we were comparing Newark and Roxbury. Instead, two nearly identical districts were compared using the numbers provided by each district on a per student basis. Perfectly logical. You could make up all your ridiculous stories about a building being bigger or a toilet having a slightly stronger flush, but your points are laughable. Randolph does and has done more with less, bottom line.

    Paragraph two… not sure if you know what Machiavellian means. If you admit the budget is bloated and then the budget is cut, that is hardly a Machiavellian concept. Even if you disagree “why” it was cut, it is not an ends justifies the means issue.

    I know your new thing to waste more of your useless time on is the janitor deal. I haven’t paid much attention, but I can see on the right that you post about every fifteen minutes in there which makes sense for someone eating a steady diet of government cheese in his parents’ basement hoping someone gives three dumps about his opinions.

    With respect to your last paragraph, that’s really special. Your reputation precedes you. Make your entire existence about cutting people down with your mean spirited invective and when someone throws it back at your pitiful self, hide behind what you are “able or not able to do”.

    Since you have not a shred of credibility, I ask again, when did you discuss the Roxbury budget with the volunteer CPA’s? Was it the first, second or third meeting? Or never. The shame in this situation is that you scour these forums for people to try to cut down because your decrepit and pointless existence is weighing on you. Weighing you down all while the person you obsessively criticize continues to volunteer, serve the public good and rise up. Another 2,000 posts in this forum will never change that.

  9. GovernmentWaste says:

    Just posted a long response that apparently did not get up there. Ted you are a joke and you are insignificant and you always will be

  10. UnionH8er says:

    Tea Party – how may tea partie rallies have you attended? What a sham you have shown yourself to be!

    Doty – I feel very ashamed that I share a town with such a bitter twisted man. You apparently have all the answers but you sit on forums blasting people you obviously know nothing about. You claim to have met and spoken to people and then admit that you lied. You claim to have all these credentials but you work at Lowe’s. Give it up already.

  11. Ted Doty says:

    Dear Pbrain II,

    Per pupil comparisons only raise questions, they never provide answers. Not even between similar districts. At best, an analyst can ask WHY district “A” spends more per pupil but from that question you can’t draw a conclusion.

    I’ve already explained the fixed cost issue and the impact of census variations on PP costs. Even similar sized districts will differ in census and book value of assets. You must look into the age differences as well as community mind set towards education. And you most certainly can’t expect any district studied to instantaneously change its fixed cost structure. Pbrain II get real!

    Instead of barking as loud as you can, try recommending viable solutions to draw down fixed cost per pupil. Hint: reducing excess capacity is a possible solution but that might mean beefing up certain programs to entice tuition students. Of course you’re not allowed to turn a profit but increased census will decrease excess capacity and per pupil costs.

    Long term, you might develop a plan for selling off excess capacity. But unless there are empty buildings, you have to make the town agree to a student per class level that would make assets available for sale…. And BTW good luck doing that.

    In common language usage, Machiavellian is defined as “the ends justify the means”. A simple translation of that might be “Do something, even if it’s wrong” (and that you did) What was done in Roxbury is by definition an end trying to justify its means and that’s a dangerous strategy, Pbrain II.. It’s resulted in the use of flawed analysis to force change to a cost element highly dependent on fixed assets. If you want a deeper academic discussion of Machiavellian philosophy, you’ll need to enroll in a class or buy me a beer.

    Now if you’ve not paid attention to the current Roxbury issue, you’re here to rattle me and attack my credibility. Judging from you posts and reaction to them, you ain’t getting it done small fry.

  12. UnionH8er says:

    Ted Ted Ted Ted,

    What in the blue hell are you talking about? Just because you throw a bunch of words and phrases at a blog doesn’t mean that what you just barfed up there makes any sense. You do an awful lot to confuse a very simple issue. What’s even scarier is that you admit to there being waste in the Roxbury budget but spend countless hours defending it. You are really a shameless man aren’t you?

    Most of us are aware of what Machiavellian means and I figured that GW’s post would be over your head. Once you admit that the budget should have been cut, and then it was, it is no longer a Machiavellian concept, butthead. OOOOOOHHH the danger in cutting a bloated budget… OOOOHHHHHH it’s scary… it’s almost as scary as the creepy old geezer that sits in his parent’s basement posting all kinds of nonsense on local paper websites.

    I would also assume that it is hard to rattle you as it appears your life cannot flush any further down the proverbial toilet. I am just here, and apparently several others agree from other blogs I have seen, to openly reject your nonsense and discredit you as the liar and propagandist that you are.

  13. P says:

    Ted has constructed a very elaborate fantasy world and made himself King. And now he has his own Blog, and he Tweets to boot. Just happy that the world of technology could provide a harmless way for him to vent.

  14. Ted Doty says:

    If you are able to provide a clear explanation, do so. And In can’t admit to waste in Roxbury because no one has done an analysis. I have a theory but theories must be proven and misguided data included in an expensive consultant report proves nothing.

    What I have done here is shown why Edvocate’s data is in no way information from which conclusions can be drawn. DeFillipis scammed Roxbury TC with bad data and was rewarded, with a cushy government job. Let’s not send another incompetent to Trenton at the expense of taxpayers.

  15. P says:

    I think Ted’s fantasies are crashing together. The post about the RBOE’s Janitors is here –

  16. GovernmentWaste says:

    Wow, you’ve outdone yourself with this last post. Again, Ted, the danger of blogs is that your idiotic and incoherent words are preserved. Let’s play “who said these two things”

    “I agree that the Roxbury school budget was bloated”
    “And In can’t admit to waste in Roxbury because no one has done an analysis”

    Ted “I excel at wasting this existence” Doty

    But that is merely the tip of the iceberg.

    It is scary that you have all the time in the world (aside from your hours stating “Welcome To Lowe’s, We have some great deals on law furniture this week”) and you cannot get your facts straight.

    Statement by Doty

    “I have a theory but theories must be proven and misguided data included in an expensive consultant report proves nothing.”


    The consultants that reported to the Town Council did so for FREE. The report was FREE and cost the taxpayer nothing – but instead saved the taxpayer bloated government waste with its sharp, relevant and reasoned analysis.

    And you go on here and pontificate about an “expensive report”. You are a shameful, gutless man trying to spread misinformation to bring others down to your pathetic level and I’m going to call you on it every time.

    Statement by Doty

    “DeFillipis scammed Roxbury TC with bad data and was rewarded, with a cushy government job. Let’s not send another incompetent to Trenton at the expense of taxpayers.”

    Based upon facts and figures I acquired from Trenton, this “cushy government job” pays less than $3000 per year. How cushy! I guarantee our government spends more than $3000 sustaining your pitiful existence every quarter. Oh yeah, and Teddy Boy, that cushy government job, is on the side – Mr. DeFilippis, CPA, who you told us is retired, continues to practice as the senior partner of his accounting firm while you make people’s purchasing of nuts and bolts a little more pleasant.

    How does it feel Ted? You have been shown over and over again as a complete liar and ignoramous. Not sure why I even ask that question, people like you can’t be shamed.

  17. TeaParty voter says:

    Okay, I take it back… this Doty guy really is nuts.

  18. Ted Doty says:

    The level of compensation does not define cushy jobs, it’s the pay relative to the task performed. Three thousand/yr for a useless job is by definition cushy. ELEC is generally known as a commission with no teeth. For example, between 2 and 3 candidates per school district run each April. Those elected oversee the most expensive single use governmental agency in the state yet ELEC doesn’t know their names, monitor whether proper reports are filed or know the source and use of campaign funds. I’ve inquired and suggest you do the same, you might learn something.

    The DeFilippis scam was not about extorting money from RTC, it was about getting the ELEC appointment and $3000. Ron wowed the council with bad data and council took a wild guess at a cut. Was it too much? Was it enough? The Roxbury Town Council has no idea…they just did something out of anger.

    What if the cut was too large? Well, the district does have contractual obligations. If too much was taken, bargaining units will sue costing millions. If too little was cut, there’s still waste.

    DeFilippis took care of himself and left the citizens of Roxbury hanging

  19. P says:

    ELEC doesn’t write the laws, they just enforce them. If you have a problem with the election laws, you should take it up with your legislators. I’m sure they’d “love” to sponsor legislation that would require a more expensive and intrusive government agency.

    Actually, cushy is also defined by the effective hourly pay, regardless how meaningless it is. I’m sure when all is said and done, the public service provided is at a rate much lower that DeFillipis would earn if he was performing work for his clients.

    P.S. You keep complaining about the action the council took, we it, in your humble opinion, too big, too small, or just right?

    P.P.S. Bargaining Units cannot sue the Township or BOE because of the budget presented or approved. That may be the wackiest thing you’ve ever said.

  20. P says:


    P.S. You keep complaining about the action the council took, was it, in your “humble” opinion, too big, too small, or just right?

  21. Ted Doty says:

    Pbrain, you’re in over your head…and you can’t read. My point is that ELEC does NOT enforce the law, it’s a commission with no teeth.

    And hopfully on last time. Until a study is done, NO ONE can decide whether the cut was too much or too little….We all have opinions, just no facts.

  22. P says:

    So it’s a prefect place to park a guy you hate! And I doubt $3K (less taxes) is going to make an ounce of difference in his life. Just more sour grapes from a bitter man.

    Oh, and where’s your explanation about Bargaining Units suing the BOE???

  23. Ted Doty says:

    If you need an explanation of contract law and remedies for breaching a contract, there’s no hope for you.

    Annd I don’t know anyone who’d turn down $3,000 or a patronage job

  24. P says:

    Nice try. But just because a budget is cut, contracts aren’t breached. So why not explain to all what you meant so we can all benefit from your “wisdom”, or upon further reflection, did you realize you were just spreading more DotyDust in hopes of confusing the issue?

    Explain how “If too much was taken, bargaining units will sue costing millions,” equals a lawsuit that a bargaining unit would win. This should be good for a laugh or two.

  25. P says:

    P.S. A position on a board that pays $3,000 and has no benefits isn’t a “job,” must less a patronage one.

  26. GovernmentWaste says:

    Ted, you just delve further and further and further into your little cess pool of slime don’t you? You did not address one lie you were just caught in… how pathetic… since you cannot be shamed and $3K is a cushy job to you, let me open your eyes to some other cushy jobs that someone like you might be interested in:

    1. Urinal mint changer at your local Lowe’s
    2. Pixie dust spreader on the Tilt-A-Whirl at Seaside
    3. Barking for the Yak-lady at Coney Island
    4. Pooper scooper for any local parade utilizing the services of horses

    Also, it is hilarious that you criticize a person in conjunction with a commission based upon your assessment of the commission before the person is appointed. That is hilarious logic. It’s like criticizing our next Secretary of State for what is happening now… you are such a putz.

    Also, I have heard a lot of conspiracy theories: but let’s ferret out Ted’s last one. 1) Mr. DeFilippis builds up a great business and personal reputation in a town for over 30 years just so that 2) he can be approached by the council to review the budget in 2010 for free so that 3) he can put together a panel of several well respected CPA’s (test was too hard right Ted?) so that 4) he could spend hours of his free time putting together and presenting a coherent and clear FACTUAL report to the Council so that 5) he would be recognized by the State Department of Education for serving his community so that 6) he would be appointed to a state commissioner’s position which pays $3000 for monthly meetings in Trenton and untold hours each month all while 7) running his own successful CPA firm.


  27. Wanda says:

    Is this the same Ted Doty from Rockaway? This guy is the worst… the only places he brings good things to are the ones he’s leaving.

  28. Lucious says:

    Man, that is some crap you throw out there Doty! I think you got some big time issues.

  29. Ted Doty says:

    Pbrain. You gotta read. If a budget is cut so much that contractual obligations can’t be met, lawsuits ensue. Try to focus Pbrain….And if $3,000 means nothing to you I’ll give you my PayPal account so you can throw money my way.

    And Pbrain II, So far the Governor has not changed anything a ELEC other than its chairman. Are you suggesting that Ron DeFilippis is going to expand candidate tracking and investigations for $3,000/yr…. what planet do you live on?

    I’m glad you keep saying that DeFilippis prepared his report for free and let me emphasize, Town Council got what it paid for…measuring fixed costs on a per pupil basis ROFLMAO. Ron DeFilippis may be a CPA but I’d like to know what he was doing instead of attending Intermediate and Cost Accounting class.

  30. P says:

    Ted, you keep parroting the same line. No district has ever been successfully sued (and I doubt that any were ever sued) because of a budget cut. If you have proof of any that have, put up, or shut up.

    I realize that you revel in being the King of FUD, and there are plenty of people who don’t know better that might actually believe you, but as the old line goes, “you can’t fool all of the people all of the time!”

    As for “your” $3K, when you provide a valuable public service, I’ll consider it. Based on your actions to date, you owe us money.

  31. Ted Doty says:

    READ Pbrain, READ. A lawsuit isn’t generated by a budget cut. As I clearly stated loaw suits will ensue if a cut prevents a district from fulfilling itscontractual obligations.

    Defilippis didn’t perform any service. Nor is obliged to do so in the future but Christie awarded him $3,000 anyway. You indicate $3k is an insignificant amount, why can’t you throw some my way?

  32. Ted Doty says:

    I received a certified letter today, 10/23/10 from Hassing & DeFilippis, Attorneys at Law who represent the interests of Ron DeFilippis. In brief, the letter threatens what is known as a slap suit; i.e. we “have deep pockets so stop talking or we’ll sue”. The letter It warns that knowing communication of false statements in disregard of truth is actionable in a court of law.

    Well, I’m sure false statements are actionable but so far, I’ve only expressed solid accounting principles regarding the Ron DeFilippis cost study of Roxbury Schools and delivered opinion on Ron DeFilippis as a public official.

    The only one defamed in this blog has been me and the persons against whom I have actions against remain anonymous.

  33. P says:

    Based on what you write here and on “,” I’d have to say they may have a cause for action.

    You still refuse to identify ONE lawsuit that a bargaining unit filed because of budget cuts. And given the huge number of budgets that were sliced and diced this year, if this was even a remote possibility, this would have been the year for them. So we’ll call that Lie #1.

    And on “,” you just noted that “State arbitrators are summoned when municipalities and school boards are unable to reach agreement with collective bargaining units (such as the teacher’s union). Under the current system, arbitrators usually award increases that coincide with what neighboring towns get. Typically, that has been around 4 percent regardless of economic conditions. The bill proposed Thursday would change that.”

    Unfortunately, that statement is only partially true. Arbitrators can be involved with contract disputes between towns and uniformed services (police and fire), but not the balance of their workforce, and most definitely not school district employees. Again, I challenge you to identify one district where an Arbitrator decided a contract. So this is Lie #2.

    Since Fred’s Blog contains a panoply of your half-truths, misstatements, and basic FUD, I’m sure they’ll be subpoenaing his DB next. Hope you have a good attorney lined up.

  34. GovernmentWaste says:

    Teddy Teddy Teddy,

    You pathetic excuse for a Lowe’s greeter. You lie, lie, lie and lie some more and then indicate that “all you have done is express solid accounting principles”. I can just see your sad decrepit self sitting there saying “who me?”.

    Yes you Ted. I’ve counted several outright lies on this blog that encapsulates your entire putrid existence on this earth. You know, the ones you pretend don’t exist when I call you out?

    1. You stated you spoke to DeFilippis and the panel of CPA’s – YOU NEVER DID

  35. GovernmentWaste says:

    Teddy Teddy Teddy,

    You pathetic excuse for a Lowe’s greeter. You lie, lie, lie and lie some more and then indicate that “all you have done is express solid accounting principles”. I can just see your sad decrepit self sitting there saying “who me?”.

    Yes you Ted. I’ve counted several outright lies on this blog that encapsulates your entire putrid existence on this earth. You know, the ones you pretend don’t exist when I call you out?

    1. You stated you spoke to DeFilippis and the panel of CPA’s – YOU NEVER DID
    3. You stated that the report the panel submitted was expensive – IT WAS FREE TO THE TOWN FOR COUNTLESS HOURS OF WORK
    5. You stated that ELEC does not enforce laws – THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE COMMISSION DOES

    You are a pathetic LIAR and I ask again, besides pushing beer farts into your parent’s sofa, what do you to for the betterment of society? Nothing, you sit on blogs all day and whine like the drag on society that you are.

    You want me to waste money from your paypal account? The way I see it, I gave that money to you in the first place with the government acting as the conduit. You sit on the blog whining for months about $1million being cut from a bloated budget all while you complain about a $3,000 commission job.

    The panel had 6 CPAs but you continue to defame one of them. It is really odd, sad, pathetic and pitiful.

  36. Wanda says:

    Looks like all your running your mouth is getting you into trouble there, Teddy boy. See it’s fine to come on here an blabber about “intermediate accounting principles” but once you start to lie about people and about circumstances it’s a different deal altogether. You’re doing a huge disservice to your community.

  37. Lucious says:

    This cat has a blog? Can only imagine the crazy stuff this guy writes about on that!

  38. Ted Doty says:

    Pbrain; READ the words and comprehend.

    GW; I have never said I’ve met with DeFilippis. You’ll have to be more specific.. Yes, I did believe he was retired. That’s an error not a lie.

    If you read Pbrain II, you’ll see that the expensive report to which I refer is that of Edvocate not DeFilippis. GW, that’s your mistake not a lie on my part

    I believe Ron DeFilippis is now chairman of ELEC.

    ELEC is commissioned to enforce the law, it does not in all cases.

    Whether or not I contribute to society is a matter of opinion. But since you are asking for examples, I guess you’re in the undecided column

  39. P says:

    What would you like me to read? I read your website, I read the law, you are completely WRONG about arbitration for school district staff.

    As for “lawsuits,” you’ve yet to provide one example for us to review, or even a rational scenario where it “could” happen.

    Just typing “READ” isn’t an answer, except if you don’t really have one. And that’s the REAL TRUTH.

  40. GovernmentWaste says:

    Look what the cat dragged in… it’s TED DOTY… the liar, the myth, the legendary moron.

    You said you met with the volunteer CPAs and that they didn’t know “basic accounting principles” on this very blog back when the whole Roxbury matter started. LIAR.

    Expensive Edvocate report? This is a town you don’t even reside in! Please tell me… just how far is your hideously ugly mug protruding into your decrepit colon? Now let us all stay tuned for the next installment of the Doty report which will begin with something like

    “Pbrain READ” or
    “Pbrain II, you lack knowledge of basic accounting principles” or
    “Cutting the budget is dangerous and scary” or
    “I have 3 teeth”

  41. Ted Doty says:

    Pbrain, arbiters are in fact used in teacher contract disputes. Try again, lightweight.

    Pbrain II, cite the post where I allegedly said I met wit DeFilippis. I hold a copy of the Edvocate report. Are you now saying it was free?

  42. Ted Doty says:

    Pbrain, Christie proposed a return to “last best offer” negotiations for teachers but apparently there’s been no news on that front

  43. GovernmentWaste says:

    The problem with shamless scum like you is that you lie so much you are unaware of how often you do it. I have a job and a family and a life and a purpose of being on this earth other than being an antagonistic jerk, I am not going through the Daily Record archives back to when the report was submitted. Hopefully, some other people who are aware of your shenanigans might.

    But you did say you met with the “panel of CPAs” and spoke with them and that they did not “get it” because you are the only clown who knows cost accounting principles or some crap like that. I then called you out on it as did several others. You then proceeded to say you never said it. So a few people on here… myself included… copied and pasted your two conflicting quotes and you changed the subject. Sound familiar? Simply pathetic.

  44. Hernandez says:

    I definitely remember that blog and you are one hundred percent accurate GW. He posted it and then said he never said it and then changed the subject. Hard to cover lies when you post them on a blog and then try to act like you never wrote it.

  45. P says:

    Ted, Ted, Ted . . next time just man up and admit you made a mistake. Arbitration is for police and fire impasses. When a school district, or the NJEA local decide that they have reached an impasse in contract negotiations they bring in a Mediator. If they can’t make progress at that stage they bring in a Fact Finder. If all else fails they go to Superconcillation.

    At no point does it go to Arbitration, not can any of the three mediators impose a settlement.

    But you know this because you REMOVED the post from your lame-o website and replaced it with an “update.”

    Good thing I copied down your words and posted them here so everyone could see what a shameless LIAR/FRAUD you really are.

    Oh, and where’s the example of a lawsuit filed over a budget cut by a bargaining unit. I guess you realized you were busted on that one too.

    P.S. Maybe if you read through the legislation before commenting you’d see what it does and doesn’t cover –

  46. Ted Doty says:

    GW and Hernandez; I never said that I met with the panel of CPAs. And there’s no need to search archives. The entire DeFilippis thread is above.

    No, Pbrain. You are flat out wrong about arbitration. But thanks for visiting my blog.

  47. Hernandez says:

    Ted Doty – you are a moron – it was a different thread – one opened 3 months ago – and yes you did say it…. cause you’re an obsessive little pathetic liar.

  48. P says:

    Ted – Provide us with one (1) link to a story that proves your point. Just one. Betcha can’t. And why did you remove your post??

    P.S. I’m still waiting for your lawsuit link.


    Just admit that you LIED to everyone.

  49. Ted Doty says:

    Oh, then the direct quote shouldn’t be too hard to find. Why speculate? Identify the thread and direct quote.

    You and GW are losing credibility and looking like fools.

  50. Ted Doty says:

    Pbrain, once again you’re off point and off base.

    The lawsuit argument is as foolish as you. Ad if you want to discuss my blog, do so on my site

  51. P says:

    Sorry, once I saw that you’d manipulate your posts to erase your mistakes, there’s no way I’ll post anything there.

    Still waiting for your links to info backing your assertions (request #2,368), it should be easy to prove . .


    Just admit that you were WRONG. You’ll feel so much better.

  52. GovernmentWaste says:

    Wow, what a shameful pile of slop. There’s lots of people who seem to recall you saying it Teddy. It’s funny because it was the subject of about 15-20 posts and you answered every one trying to scurry around what you had said… and you have no recollection. Maybe sitting on your brain all those hours at Lowe’s finally took it’s toll.

  53. Wanda says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I distinctly remember the thread that GW and H are referring to and they are exactly right. He said he spoke to the panel and that they were clueless and then he was called out on it and he said he never said it. Fools? I’d say it’s the guy siphoning off the government throwing out lies he can’t weasel his way out of.

  54. Lucious says:

    Damn, Doty… you are one crazy SOB… why don’t you volunteer at a soup kitchen or something..maybe that way so many people wouldn’t dislike you. You have WAY too much time on your hands man.

  55. Ted Doty says:

    Wanda and GW, If you’re so sure it exists show us. I know you won’t find it cause no such post exists.

  56. P says:

    Speaking of “No Posts,” where are your supporting links for your claims that –

    “State arbitrators are summoned when municipalities and school boards are unable to reach agreement with collective bargaining units (such as the teacher’s union). Under the current system, arbitrators usually award increases that coincide with what neighboring towns get. Typically, that has been around 4 percent regardless of economic conditions. The bill proposed Thursday would change that.”


    “If too much was taken, bargaining units will sue costing millions.”

    Both are patently false statements. And I plan to remind you of that until you admit your LIES. Proof, Teddy, Proof. Where is it?

  57. Ted Doty says:

    Pbrain, arbiters have been summoned to settle contract disputes and if unionized employees don’t receive negotiated payments, they’ll sue.

    Your argument seems to be; “since it hasn’t happened yet, it won’t”..

    Whar planet do you live on, Pbrain? ROFLMAO

  58. P says:

    If they’ve been “summoned” (Past Tense) then it shouldn’t be difficult to provide a specific case where a settlement was imposed by an arbitrator.

    You can roll around on the ground all you want, but you don’t seem to be able to prove your point. Why?

    Did you finally figure out that there’s a difference between a Mediator and an Arbitrator (and their powers), but you’re not “man” enough to admit you LIED??

  59. Ted Doty says:

    No Pbrain, I sat on a board that summoned Arbitors. P brain you lost another one. Why not “man up” and say so …or walk away?

  60. GovernmentWaste says:

    Seems as though lots of people remember it the same way, Slime Ball… when you post in every possible place in the state of NJ and you infest every site and you have your own little fancy pointless blog, it’s improssible to cover all of your lies….or remember all of them…. we can all accept that you did say it and have simply tried to lie ever since… you’re a pathetic sloth of a man, Doty.

  61. P says:

    And when you “summoned” the “arbitors” did they “award” increases or other contract terms?? Or did they just Mediate?

    P.S. Did you actually read the law you were referencing (link posted above)? Can you tell us where it talks about school districts or teachers??

  62. Ted Doty says:

    First of all, we don’t know if “lots of people remember the same way”. “Lots of people” could easily be just you. Beyond that, if memories are so clear, find the thread where I allegedly said that I met DeFilippis

    Your apology for calling me names will come soon after a few Google or Bing searches.

  63. GovernmentWaste says:

    Keep denying slappy. Your apology for being a waste of life will come soon enough.

  64. Ted Doty says:

    Pbrain, the AWARD was for better than 4%. BTW your link doesn’t specifically say that teachers are, always were and never will be subject to arbitration.

    Pbrain you need to move beyond your myopic view of the world, admit defeat and move on with your life.

  65. Ted Doty says:

    GW, don’t hold your breath…or maybe you should…nah.I won’t lower myself to your level

  66. P says:

    The settlement may have been for more than 4%, but it was the BOE’s decision to accept it, not an “arbitor” AWARD.

    Here’s the relevant PERC doc – Tell us where it says that BOE’s are/were subjected to BINDING ARBITRATION for Contract negotiations?

    As for “never,” I’m not aware of any law the prohibits something from becoming law, however unlikely it may seem today. Could you give us an example of how that could be done?

    As for the link above, it covered the law that you were touting as impacting BOE/teacher negotiations. As I noted, it has NOTHING to do with them, it only covers police and fireman. Please explain why you thought otherwise.

    P.S. You also haven’t explained why you took down your original post. In a court of law, that action would be prima facie evidence that you were conceding the point.

    P.P.S. I find it more than ironic that in the same thread where you are demanding that other post a link to prove their point, that you refuse to do the same. I believe they call that HYPOCRISY.

  67. Ted Doty says:

    Pbrain you have no point and your endless babble is a annoyance. The premise of your questions is off base and apparently you think mindless repetition gives you credibility…I assure you it does not.

    You lost another argument.and need to crawl away before you hurt yourself

  68. P says:

    “Sorry” if I’m annoying you, but until you own up to your LIES, I’ll continue to provide the facts. And this isn’t a minor issue. You continue to pawn yourself off on an unsuspecting public as the BOE “expect” just because you spent one miserable term in office. Your ignorance on all matters BOE related is becoming LEGENDARY.

    I’ve posted the law and asked you to provide one example to back up your statements that 1.) BOE’s are subject to arbitrators imposing (Awarding) settlements during contract negotiations, and, 2.) the bargaining units have a cause to sue just because a BOE’s budget is cut.

    Why not post real world (not DotyLand) examples and shut me up? ed. note – question is rhetorical because Doty is LYING and has no hope of proving his point

    P.S. Still no answer as to why you removed your post. I don’t see Fred expunging the record, why did you?

  69. Ted Doty says:

    The Law you’ve posted does not cover what was written. There have been no lies on my part. You refuse to stay on topic and when in a corner you get into a “yeah but” rant that you argue in circles hoping to wear out your opponent. Pbrain you’re an annoyance but a lite weight whose easily handled

    GW et al are desperately trying to find cause for legal action but there is none.

  70. P says:

    I’ve provided all the info for an intelligent person to make an informed decision, and come to the same conclusion that I have – You Are a Hopeless, Clueless Liar.

  71. Ted Doty says:

    No Pbrain you provide the spin that you think will give you an upper hand. You have no point your “yeah but” rants are a ridiculous distraction from the point of every thread.

    Qgain, if you want to discuss topics introduced on my blog, do so

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