Janitors get support in Roxbury

The school board in Roxbury is considering a plan to privatize janitorial services; This is a good idea, given the fact it could save nearly $1 million a year.

Opposition, however, has surfaced. Signs have popped up around town against the proposal, One of them reads: “Outsourcing? Not with our tax money.”  This message is just plain dumb; the idea is to save taxpayers’ money.

Another sign reads  “Strangers? Not in our school.”  That message is equally foolish. All school employees are “strangers” when they’re hired. And when you get down to it, what difference does it make if a janitor is a “stranger” or a “friend.”

A fundraiser for Rodney

We hear that Rep. Rodney P. Frelinghuysen has a fundraiser set for today (Sunday) at his brother’s house and that the governor is the featured speaker. This seems to be a hush-hush affair — even some, relatively speaking, high ranking Republican elected officials were without all the details.

One has to wonder, of couse, why does Rodney need campaign money?

Politics and Old Suckasunny Day

Saturday was Roxbury Township’s annual street festival and as usual, various political elements were represented. Both the local Republicans and Democrats had booths, but of more interest perhaps was a booth for Roxbury TEAM. Team stands for Taxpayer Education Association Member. It was formed to support board member Maureen Castriotta in her fight against a board censure, but is also looking to run candidates in next April’s school election.

A flyer distributed listed a two point platform:
A: Restore fairness to salary and benefits compensation in the next teachers contract.
B: See (that) at least 60 percent of school funding is spent in the classroom, not on administration.

Interestingly, the school district had a booth nearby, but there was no trouble.

Also on hand was a booth by the John Birch Society. I was tempted to run over to them and say, “Hey, there’s a Commie hiding in the bushes across the street,” but that may have alarmed them too much. Their issue of the day was to “Stop Obama-care.”

Guess no one told them health care reform is a done deal. The bill was passed, signed and is already beginning to take effect.

The ''Truthers'' get an ally

Truthers is the name given to the those who think the United States was responsible for bringing down the World Trade Center. You may have seen some of their letters, blog posts, or their comments on various TV shows about the attacks.  This conjecture, in my mind, is sheer nonsense and in some ways is an insult to the 3,000 people who perished that day.

But now, the Truthers have support, It comes from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, who said at the UN the other day that the US may have been behind the attacks.

And why would the US do that? The Truthers are a bit hazy on that, but not the Iranian president. He blamed Israel.

Ah, that explains it all.

Not impressed with Christie's political tour

That would be Rick Merkt, who once ran with Christie for the Assembly in 1995 , and has now morphed into a critic. Merkt also ran for governor in last June’s primary and finished a distant last. In response to the governor’s political trip out west, Merkt sent over the following:

So, Fred, things are so “fixed” in NJ that Hizzoner can take a month off to campaign for a GOP Congress?

Silly me!  I didn’t realize that the pension problem here was solved, the debt problem worked out, and the $60 billion in unfunded health benefits cleaned up.

Now I understand he’s promising tax cuts (as, indeed, he also promised them during his campaign).

Good luck getting that through the Democratic-controlled Legislature!  Oh, but wait, as he lectured me during one campaign event, “It’s called ‘leadership,’ Rick.”

Well, Chris, I’m waiting … (but I’m not holding my breath, ’cause I don’t want to die).



A new Contract with America? But no term limits this time

House Republican candidates will dust off a winning strategy from 1994 today when they unveil what is called a Pledge to America,

Back in 1994, one of the planks was for House members to serve only 12 years or six terms in office.  You can bet that’s not going to be in this year’s pledge. Why not?

Well, some of the House members elected in 1994, including our very one Rodney P. Frelinghuysen, R-Harding, are still in office — some 16 years and eight terms later.

The governor and little green men

I would say that it’s hard for many to think of Roswell, New Mexico and not think of the mythical story (Or is it a cover-up) of the flying saucer that crashed there in 1947. The alien bodies, you know, were recovered and are said to have been preserved by the military.

At any rate, Gov. Chris Christie, who is spending today in Burbank and Hollywood stumping for California  Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, plans to be in Roswell tomorrow to campaign for Susana Martinez. who seeks a similar post in the Land of Enchantment. There’s no word if Christie will put on his old prosecutor’s hat and investigate the UFO mystery.