Tea Party line up a little thin

Yep, the Morristown Tea Party meets again this Saturday on the Morristown Green. 
The event runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Here is the list of speakers:
Charles Payne – Chief Executive Officer and Principle Analyst of Wall Street
Strategies; Tom Adkins – executive publisher of www.CommonConservative.com;

Michael Cutler – Retired INS Agent;

Nick Rago – The Morristown Tea Party Small Groups coordinator;

Robert Bonelli – NJ Tea Parties blogger;

William Lyon;

Manly Rash – Blogger at


Sherwood V. Marlowe – Citizen speaker; and Deacon Alfredo – who will be

giving the invocation.

Unlike past times, the list of speakers includes not one elected official. But it does include a nom-de-plume. That would be Manly Rash, a character I met during last year’s Steve Lonegan campaign. That is not his real name. .Manly generally dresses up like a Revolutionary War soldier from New Jersey, complete with sword.


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

2 Responses to Tea Party line up a little thin

  1. Lisa Piernot says:

    Considering they are being sued by The Morristown Tea Party in Civil Court and people that were not in the Tea Parties were also sued, I don’t blame people for not coming.
    Beware, you go you may end up sued by The Morristown Tea party! They are not done putting people on the John Doe’s yet. The list gets more people added. Read the lawsuit.

  2. Ken Bank says:

    I see the Colonel is dusting off his uniform, polishing his sword, shining his boots and cleaning his musket to rally his troops on the Morristown Green.

    I gather from his posts on another blog that he’s upset at Christie and the Republicans for passing the budget. They better “lock & load” and keep their powder dry.

    I’m just glad they’re not closing Greystone.

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