A post for Inglesino

John Inglesino, a former freeholder from Rockaway Township, and a close friend of Chris Christie was nominated today for a seat on the state’s Public Broadcasting Authority. One thing the authority does is oversee NJ Network, which is something Christie wants to stop funding.

Maybe Inglesino will be the guy who gets to pull the plug. 🙂


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

5 Responses to A post for Inglesino

  1. Mark in Rockaway says:

    I predict Ted’s head will explode after hearing this news.

  2. Tea Party voter says:

    how many members on the Authority? Why would you say he could pull the plug? Is John a voting member? I do not understand your point other than John is a friend of the governor.

  3. Tea Party voter:
    We are making a joke; Christie wants to do away with state funding for NJN — obviously, no one is going to literally pull the plug; it’s a joke

  4. Ted says:

    When I ran for RT mayor, I personally commissioned a cartoon, which my campaign ran in a local paper. It depicted Inglesino paying exorbitant fees to the township attorney and receiving significant campaign contributions in return. A thought bubble above John’s head represented his dreams for the statehouse. At a debate, John pulled me aside to tell me the ONLY thing wrong with the cartoon was that his dreams were for the White House…think about that for a moment.

    It took that cartoon, letters from Garland Spinoza (I’m the original, not the current pretender), a few years and an overwhelming defeat in a Republican primary to get him out of elected office. His only way back is political appointment, I guess. The sad thing is, his old classmate and friend Chris Christie would be more appealing if lost Inglesino’s phone number.

  5. hfa says:

    Ted How do you really feel?

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