Unions like Olimpio

Morris County Sheriff’s candidate Steve Olimpio is president of the PBA Local in Paterson. So, it probably is not a shock that Olimpio has been endorsed by the two PBA unions that represent officers in the jail (298) and the courthouse (151).

Here is what he had to say:
“”I am thankful for all of the support that I have received from the residents of the community and the employees of the Sheriff’s Office in my journey to become the next Sheriff of Morris County. Who knows the Sheriff better than his own employees, that is why it speaks volumes to me when they came out and unanimously endorsed my candidacy for Sheriff even with the threats of retaliation from my opponent were overwhelming. If elected I will make sure that I create a work place environment that encourages employees to work hard to provide an outstanding level of services to the residents of our community.”

Rochford denied that there is any political retaliation and suggested that Olimpio is making promises to officers in regard to money and assignments that he can not possibly keep in these troubled economic times.


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

8 Responses to Unions like Olimpio

  1. P says:

    Oh good, another reason not to vote for this guy – His future employees (i.e., the Union) endorse him! Game-Set-Match.

    Is he ever going to provide proof of this supposed “intimidation?”

  2. Edward France says:

    Well this is very interesting indeed.
    The unions unanimously support a candidate. Sounds like a re-run of people like John Corzine and Jim McGreavy! How well did they do did for the taxpayers? Hold on to your check book.
    The union members are good people. They work hard and they do a good job. But….times are hard right now. Small business loans are hard to get….high paying jobs can be hard to come by…….some residents are stll being laid off……and property taxes in some places are going up.
    We all want more but these times demand that maybe less is more! If anyone is employed with a secure job with benifits, they need to thank God and the stars above for the good fortune.
    In the end the taxpayers will determine the results.Not the unions. I am happy with the police protection we have here in Morris County. Sadly there are too many Counties in New Jersey that one fears even walking around in. We have a great County. There are issues but we have it pretty good. Thank you all who keep us safe.
    I believe Ed Rochford will get another chance to run in November. His record is very good. He does more then show up. He has been good for Morris County.

  3. Morris Optimist says:

    I see Olimpio’s signs popping up like mushrooms all over the county. Most have been placed in the rights-of-way, which proves nothing, since it’s okay to place signs there. I haven’t seen a single sign on anyone’s front lawn. As far as placing signs by businesses, most people are nice and don’t want to say no to anyone. If the best he can do for endorsements is getting the PBA to support him, that is a big reason for taxpayers to avoid him like the plague. The sheriff’s job is to run things efficiently, not to be a buddy to those who work for him.

  4. Ed Ramirez says:


    Is a Union guy and that is fine but as the administrator of the Sheriff’s office he will have to negotiate with the Unions and the last thing Morris County needs is someone that will be too cozy with the Union bosses. The biggest reason to vote for Ed is that there is no need to change. Remember that last politician that promised us change, he to was a Democrat leftist running as a moderate. How’s that hope and change working out for you.

  5. Ed Ramirez says:

    Of all the people that have contributed to Olimpo’s campaign only a hand full are from Morris County. Most are Unions or PBA’s and most are from Passaic. In Passaic more that 25 percent of the property taxes goes to the County and a large portion to the Sheriffs department. We do not need Passaic politicians running Morris County especially the Sheriff’s office. No need to change Rochford is the man.

  6. SethT says:

    Olimpio’s campaign is like a Seinfeld show — a campaign about nothing!

    A union guy running for office, supported by other union guys, because union guys working for Rochford think the jail and courthouse should be country clubs and not serious places of business. And Olimpio is the George character in a police uniform.


  7. James O'Brien says:

    Every police officer belongs to a union. Even the current sheriff. The question that people should be asking is, why would both unions in the sheriff’s office support the challenger and not their current boss? If the current sheriff were any good, his men would support him regardless of who the challenger was. They don’t. As for the reasons why, the current sheriff put policies in place that prevent us from talking about or writting about whats wrong with our department. But after the election, when Steve Olimipio wins, all bets are off. And incidently, I have an Olimpio sign on my lawn and can’t keep up with the requests from other homeowners who want signs for their lawns.

  8. P says:

    The Sheriff isn’t in a union. No publicly elected official is in a union by dint of his office.

    I’m sure if you called Fred and told him you would provide him information on deep background he’d research your accusations. I’m sure you won’t because you’re just another Olimpio (not sure who Olimipio is) operative trying to spread lies and innuendo.

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