A Lt. governor all the time

You may have seen a little dustup last week involving Kim Guadagno, the lieutenant governor, and state Sen. Paul Sarlo, D-Bergen.

It seems as if Guadagno was testifying before Sarlo’s committee as secretary of state (another job she holds) when the senator asked a general question about the state budget. She said she was NOT testifying as lieutenant governor,only as secretary of state. Sigh.
One realizes that we are in a new world here when it comes to lieutenant governors. Still, one can not be the lieutenant governor only when you want to be. You hold that position 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I am reminded of an incident years ago when a sitting state senator was representing a client before a town planning board. He tried to say that he was not representing him as state senator. Maybe not, but the man WAS a state senator, and you can not pretend that title does not exist.

Same principle here: Guadagno should have answered a general question on the budget.


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

8 Responses to A Lt. governor all the time

  1. hfa says:

    Respectfully disagree with your resoning Fred. The Senator was in his role as a lawyer and not as a Senator. That was obvious. Now the LT Gov. was being baited, like what a surprise. There is a time and place for that question.

  2. Ken Bank says:

    “Guadagno should have answered a general question on the budget.”

    Maybe she couldn’t. It’s not like Christie picked her for being good at science and math.

  3. P says:

    Wrong. It was a cheap trick by Sen Sarlo, who was told in advance that the Lt. Governor would not testify in front of the legislature, the same way that the President (or VP) doesn’t get called before Congress. It’s a little thing called separation of power. She was there to discuss the budget for her other office, the Secretary of State.

  4. P says:

    Maybe you should have read your colleague’s column before posting this embarrassing bit of drivel – http://www.dailyrecord.com/article/B3/20100425/OPINION05/4250324/1093/OPINION/Guadagno+can+stand+up+to+the+bully+boys

  5. Hey P … I did read Bob Ingle’s column. I disagreed with it; and it was that column that prompted me to blog about it

    And HFA, you are thinking like a politician. A state senator is ALWAYS on duty and always a state senator, He can;t stop being a state senator when it’s not convenient to be one

  6. P says:

    You should have mentioned that. We need a little internecine warfare at Gannett.

    As for Sarlo, the man is a slug. He is a major cog in the corrupt Ferriero/Bergen Dem machine, and was probably just paying back Chrisite for putting his boy Joe in the stockade.

    As for his “public service,” he’s down to just double-dipping (mayor & state senator) having relinquished his appointment as the borough engineer in Carlstadt.

    You analogy to a state senator “always being on duty” made no sense. The Lt. Governor wasn’t saying no to testifying on the budget because she wasn’t “on duty.” She was saying she wouldn’t testify because she was “on duty,” and the Governor (and now the Lt. Governor), as the elected executive branch members, NEVER testify, they send their people.

    In the future, stick to what you know – “Morris Politics.”

  7. P– It makes no difference what you think of Sarlo; she could have answered his questions, She weaseled-out,

  8. P says:

    Weasels – That’s Nedd’s word for the week – http://wtpolitics.blogspot.com/

    The only weasel in the room that day was the “honorable” state senator from Ferriero (oops, Bergen) county.

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