Out in Arizona

I’m taking a breather; jogging, hiking and watching some exhibition baseball ..
But I will be following the news; Here for two days and I love listening to the agita coming from the right wing over health care reform


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

14 Responses to Out in Arizona

  1. Entitlement socialism has, until now, been limited to the service of the poor and the indigent. All others were expected to provide for themselves, to rely upon their own means, labor and familial support systems. It has been this way for many generations in this country, until we turned a corner in the 1930s and set ourselves on an unsustainable path that has now become apparent to all but the most partisan among us.

    This healthcare law, combined with other extraordinary actions by the government, passed via bribes and threats and procedural tricks, in opposition to will of half the country etc. is the tipping point in which our government directly controls the majority of the gross domestic product. This healthcare law is the tipping point that releases socialism from its former limited role and removes all boundaries to its expansion and infringement upon our liberties. The President said it himself at the signing: “This [healthcare bill] will mark a new season for America.”

    When last have you seen states joining together to petition for redress of grievances on behalf of the people, to challenge the very powers that Congress presumes to take that the Constitution does not grant? When last have you seen dozens of states put into motion 10th amendment legislation to block this healthcare law? This “agita” is unprecedented. It is not to be dismissed so easily.

    If this offense can not be settled peacefully – beginning in November – then yes, it will mark a new season in America in which the division widens and the “agita” grows until the entire country is at war with itself.

    To borrow from Lincoln:

    “A House divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure; permanently half socialist and half free.

    I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other.

    Either the opponents of socialism and statism, will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction; or its advocates will push it forward, till it shall become alike lawful in all the States, old as well as new — North as well as South.”

    This is not just about healthcare. We are at a crossroad in America. We will all, together, either turn toward European style socialism and statism, or we all, together, will return to our roots and reclaim the spirit that made this country “a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.” The division can not stand.

  2. Patsy from 23rd Street says:

    did you hike up the cliffs and jog around the reservoir ?

  3. David, As you say, the crossroads was really in the 1930s and Thank God for that ..

  4. P says:

    Fred, whilst you’re on the ground in Arizona maybe you can check out this problem that’s giving the nice people in Arizona some “agita” courtesy of the new HCR Bill – http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/27/health/policy/27impact.html?hp

    P.S. This is just the tip of the Ice Berg. The Medicaid changes included in HCR will be placing a giant new unfunded mandate on the states. More gifts from the “Change you CAN Believe in” that just keeps on giving.

  5. ChubbyPaul says:

    Why don’t you just stay in Arizona? We will come get you if we need you to come back

  6. Actually, Fred, we took the off-ramp in the 1930s and set ourselves on an unsustainable path of creeping socialism. We have now reached a cross-roads, in the minds of many, whether we should continue toward European style socialism and bankruptcy, or whether we find the on-ramp back to our original destination.

  7. Fred,

    In the interest of full disclosure, here is what you are dealing with when it comes to David X. Johnson:


    Having served my country as a proud member of the armed forces, I find David’s association with this anti-government group offensive and thus have banned his propaganda from my website.

  8. Ken Bank says:

    “We will all, together, either turn toward European style socialism and statism, or we all, together, will return to our roots and reclaim the spirit that made this country “a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.”

    Does “freedom-loving people” include undocumented immigrants?

  9. P says:

    Nedd – Good idea, wouldn’t want HIS propaganda diluting YOURS.

    P.S. Please stop pretending that serving in the CG makes your POV somehow more important/special/privileged than any other American. The US Constitution neither promotes or demotes one’s free speech based on military service, government service, etc (or lack thereof) your protestations notwithstanding.

  10. Kevin, you were selectively censoring my comments on your blog long before. It’s your blog and your prerogative, so I never complained. I can only guess you just needed an excuse to “ban” rational, respectful, well-thought-out opinion because it always trumps partisan rhetoric. Many in town warned me it would only be a matter of time before you turned on me and started with the personal attacks. I actually defended you. Wow, what a fool I was.

    In the interest of disclosure, here’s a subversive post for ya and another one … really anti-American, downright radical. Oh, in this post I actually advocate using the Constitution to reassert states rights and counter the excessive power of the Federal Government. If that’s un-American, then I’m in good company. A lot of this is repeat of my own blog anyway. There are also posts on ResistNet in which I rip on birthers, and truthers. Every group has its fringe.

    In the “interest of disclosure”, I also attend meetings with these people. That’s the real reason I was banned. They’re a bunch of ordinary, peaceful and patriotic people, by the way, and they really like Chris Christie as do I (read their front page). I suppose that makes the Govenor anti-American and everyone who voted for him too. Ridiculous.

    Your hero surrounds himself with some shady characters. I won’t judge you personally for that … and thank you for your service to this country. Yes, it is something to be proud of.

  11. Ken, once undocumented immigrants are here, we can’t very well deny them access to basic social services. Some would advocate we do, but I think most people are decent and wouldn’t turn away someone in need. Nevertheless, so long as the people of this country wish to have some degree of social services, we can’t open the door to everyone on the planet. The system collapses otherwise or we all have poor and rationed services.

    Even if we had zero social services, I think most people want to know that we are not letting dangerous people into the country. If they enter the country legally, I say welcome, learn the language and assimilate like every other wave of immigrants before you.

    By the way, The Govenator cut spending to health services in CA. This caused the medical costs to Insurance companies to go up dramatically because the cost of treating the uninsured in CA was passed through to the insured. This was used as a political talking point as to why the Insurance companies were evil for raising rates sharply. The truth be told, the costs were the same before and after the rate hike … it was just hidden because it came out of the tax dollars. It’s left pocket, right pocket.

    Governor Christie recently cut health services too. Expect premiums to go up in our state for the same reason.

  12. Patsy from 23rd Street says:

    hey Chubby Paul, why are you so rude and uncivil to fred. if you have nothing nice to say then STFU.

  13. Mark in Rockaway says:

    “hey Chubby Paul, why are you so rude and uncivil to fred. if you have nothing nice to say then STFU.”

    Nice mouth Patsy….you might want to take your own advice.

  14. ChubbyPaul says:

    Ok. Sorry about that.

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