Guess what, it's not 1994

In arguing against health care reform, the state Republican Committee today trotted out a series of quotes from 1994 _ the year of the GOP takeover of Congress.

Someone should remind the Garden State GOPers that the Dems problem in 1994 was not passing anything. This time around, something will be passed.

The two years are not comprable


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

9 Responses to Guess what, it's not 1994

  1. seekntruth says:

    nope, watching this travesty go down it’s more like ‘1984’

  2. Ed Ramirez says:


    You are right this is not like 1994 it is worse by far more than anyone could have imagined. I never dreamed that the Republicans would be in a position to regain control of congress in two years but now it is almost a certainty. This time the Republicans will not blow it as they did before.

  3. Do not think so,Ed
    . The Dems;’ problem in 1994 was not doing anything; This year, they are going to do something. After health care reform, hopefully, we will have immigration reform.

  4. Edward France says:

    Many people voted for “the change we need” in November of 2008. A majority put barock Obama in power because they wanted change. Well guess what? They are going to get it! Mr. Obama does not like to listen to both sides like bill Clinton did. Clinton knew how to play both sides and the middle. That is how he recieved two terms. Health care in the USA is very good. But no everyone have the best plan where theyveork. Many new jobs do not offervany plan. This is not good for anyone. This is almost like rationing health care. There should be tort reform to lower malpractice bills for doctors. But mr. Obama is a law professor so………….! The health care bill will pass on Sunday. Who can predict what the bill really be like when it is up and running in a few years . As usual greed caused pain for the rest of us. Just like enron , etc. Yes we have a free market but it gets manipulated, which leads to big brother oversite. Greed has not been good for the taxpayers.

  5. Kevin Nedd says:


    Your postings should inspire any adult without a high school diploma or a GED to go back and get one.

  6. Edward France says:

    Kevin, I am not sure what you mean. I can only tell you that I have worked with many young people over the years. I have helped a few finish high school, get into college, become policemen, the military, and get full time jobs. Not sure what you have done but I have at least tried to do something other then blog. I ran for town council in the 2nd ward on three occasions. 85% of the population there was minority. I tried to help many of the children who were living in broken homes. Many had quit the public schools that had failed them. I have eyes and ears. I see what goes on. So I am not sure of where you are coming from. The world in not perect. It never will be. But we must at least try. The educational system needs more then money and tenure for life. But the people on the left seem to think otherwise.

  7. Kevin Nedd says:


    I was referring to post number four, which according to MS Word, contained no less than nine grammatical errors.

    As for what I have done to serve others, on my 18th birthday, I raised my right hand and enlisted in the armed forces. I served as a committeeman in my township and currently serve on numerous boards and commissions focused on education and human relations.

  8. seekntruth says:

    Kevin, thank you for your service in the military. Judging by your posts, human relations may not be the best commission for you to serve upon.

    On a ‘people in glass houses’ note, I’ve got you down for at least 2 punctuation errors in post #7.

  9. Kevin Nedd says:


    That’s your opinion and you know what they say about opinions?

    My fellow commissioners seem to think otherwise.

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