Crazy stuff the day before the election …

Morris Township Republicans are circulating reports that Democratic candidate Jeff Grayzel is using “gang members” to pass out election flyers. Yep, gang members. A little far-fetched, I’d say.

Then, there is the robo-call fiasco. Some are upset that state Democrats apparently are paying for robocalls urging a vote for Chris Daggett. The belief, of course, is that Daggett helps Corzine by taking votes from Christie. That could be, but no one should get all that excited if the Dems are trying to help Daggett in the hopes of actually helping Corzine.

This is just simple politics.


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

18 Responses to Crazy stuff the day before the election …

  1. P says:

    As you noted, the Dems getting caught paying for Daggett robo-calls is a fiasco because it shows how afraid they are that people are defecting from Daggett to Christie. They know they can’t swing them to Corzine, so they’ll settle for half-a-loaf, a switch from Chrisite back to Daggett.

    This also showed what a liar Joe Cryan is. Yesterday he denied the whole scam. If you can’t trust the Dems and their leader on something as simple and verifiable as who paid for the calls, how can you believe them on the big issues? Over to you Nedd (aka Mr. Truth & Trust).

  2. Ted says:

    Pbrain, Snowflack got it right. It’s pure politics. The object is winning and if voters jump from Christie to Daggett, it helps Corzine. Christie has been an awful candidate, lacking in strategy and vision. He’s counted on Corzine negatives to win, nothing more. Why shouldn’t Corzine take advantage of Christie’s weakness?/p>

  3. morristowncitizen says:


    Regarding the first part of your post… I came across this online today. Not necessarily confirmation but interesting. And very scary if true.

  4. P says:

    Of course it’s all politics. As my kids would say – Duh (i.e., you have a firm grasp of the obvious).

    Although Christie has been far from a stellar candidate, Corzine has been a disaster as a governor. So I’ll gladly take the former over the later.

    P.S. If Corzine gets re-elected, as the economy recovers and he re-starts his Universal Everything theme, we’ll long for the recession that held him in check.

  5. P says:

    MoTown – No need to worry, Obama’s new US Attorney for NJ is planning to focus all his energy on Gangs, as directed by his patron Sen. Menendez (no need to worry about corrupt politicians anymore, NJ is the cleanest place on Earth!).

  6. Ted says:

    Pbrain, the problem is that you ignore the obvious. If the object is to win, a candidate needs to take some action. Christie lacks a strategy and vision. He only counts on Corzine negatives to win. Just remember, it’s about numbers, the guy with the most votes wins….and you gotta do something to win votes.


  7. P says:

    And there you have it, Jon Corzine is the one to vote for because he employs thugs and actively worked to get Christie and Daggett to split the 60% of voters who’d rather poke their eye out than vote for another four years of JonBoy.

    If the Corslime forces win, what’s the plan once they have to govern again? Four more years of what we’ve lived through and the only people living in NJ will be the ones collecting a government check.

    P.S. Corzine makes even CTW look good!

  8. P says:

    TED – I guess Christie did more than enough!

    So much for your brilliant political pontificating & prognosticating.

    In the future, please address me as P the Brain! 😉

  9. Ted says:

    Actually Pbrain, Christie did nothing. He road to victory on a tide of discontent. His plan is to cut taxes, cut spending a bring jobs to NJ but won’t say how he’ll do it.

    We’ve seen that Republicans can win elections by talking tax reduction,fiscally responsible spending and a host of wedge issues but when it comes to governing, they fail. Gingrich, Whitman, Bush 43, even the revered Reagan talked smaller government but spent like a wild man and tripled debt.

    Whitman made us Florio free in 93 but borrowed and spent NJ to the brink of disaster…we couldn’t wait for her to leave. McGreevy, Codey and Corzine began turning the tide but along came Christie. I wish he’d tell us how he plans to balance the budget, reduce taxes and give private sector jobs to all.

  10. P says:

    Ted – Just post your address and I’ll have Governor-elect Christie stop by to give you all the details. 😉

    I’ve noticed now that the election is over, Dems are going in two directions – One is to form a circular firing squad and looking to assign or run from blame. And then there’s your take – DENIAL (it’s not just a river in Egypt).

    It is amazing that you completely discount all of the things that Corzine promised and never delivered – DENIAL.

    Or that you now claim McGreevey as a successful governor who began to “turn the tide.” – DELUSIONAL

    Codey was a cipher, relatively speaking, and it was your guy – Corzine, who made him a lame duck from Day 1 because he decided he wanted the job.

    Your party needs to take a hard look at its two major flaws – Its reliance on corrupt party bosses and its need to constantly provide favors for the public sector unions. Both are costing NJ a fortune, and in this election, the voters in the suburbs rose up in revolt.

    If Christie works on those two issues and makes major progress in the next four years, even though NJ is a Blue state, he will easily win re-election. If not, he’ll have Steve Lonegan in his face in a primary, and he’ll be a one-term governor.

  11. Ted says:

    Pbrain, the issue is the Christie plan. You, a ardent supporter can’t even provide any detail. Saying you’re gonna cut taxes doesn’t say HOW or WHICH taxes will be cut. Saying you’re gonna reduce government spending doesn’t say WHAT will be reduced. Saying you’re gonna create jobs doesn’t doesn’t say WHERE or WHEN the jobs will appear

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Whitman, Gingrich, Bush 43, and Reagan taught us that taught us that

  12. P says:

    TEEEEEEEDDDDDDDD – The election is over.

    Your guy lost.

    Christie Won.

    And all your huffing and puffing won’t put Corzine back together again.

    It’s just time to “Move On.”

    We can argue about Christie’s effectiveness on the job AFTER he’s sworn in.

    If you want to post something about the election, why don’t you tell us why your guy lost, even with all the money he spent, visits from Obama, an overwhelming plurality in voter base, mega-support from all the unions – public & private . . . It has to be KILLING YOU!

  13. Ted says:

    Weren’t you paying attention Pbrain. I wrote about the Christie plan and wodered what it might be. Even you don’t know

  14. P says:

    Rule #1 in Politics – Once the election is over, do a quick lessons learned and then look forward, not backwards. It’s too late to be discussing campaign issues once the last ballot has been counted. The best way to lose the next election is to never get over the last one (e.g., Presidential Elections in 2000 & 2004). So I encourage all my Liberal Democratic friends to keep rehashing the last nine months. It will do wonders for the Republican party in NJ.

  15. Ted says:

    Pbrain, you’re still not paying attention. Looking forward, What’s the Christie plan for cutting property taxes while improving the schools. How does he plan to balance the budget while cutting taxes for businesses. How is he goimg to maintain services while streamlineing goverment

  16. P says:

    Ted – See my answers above. I’m tired of coming up with new ways to say “Get Over It! Your Guy LOST!”

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