No need to worry

That’s the word from the Christie camp in the wake of today’s FDU poll that showed the race a dead heat …

Here is a statement from campaign manager Bill Septien:

“Poll after poll has found that over half of New Jerseyans are sick and tired of Jon Corzine’s high taxes, irresponsible spending and job killing policies. While Jon Corzine has out spent us by millions with his own Wall Street money with nasty, negative advertising for months, he has little to show for it because no amount of mudslinging will erase the fact that struggling families pay the highest taxes, not to mention highest property taxes in the country. New Jerseyans know Jon Corzine will keep raising taxes which is why they know its time for a change.”

Meanwhile, the Dems are circulating a video that suggests Christie is afraid to appear on the Joe Scarborough show.

“We’ve asked him, and we’ll ask you again Christie. My god, if you can’t handle us… you sure as hell can’t handle the state of New Jersey.” So says Scarborough


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

12 Responses to No need to worry

  1. Ted says:

    Regardless of opinions about either candidate, it’s clear who runs a better campaign. Christie banked on dissatisfaction with Corzine. And apparently still is.

    Corzine first attacked his opponent’s ethical standards, switched to highlighting his own record then moved into questioning Christie’s vision. Christie doesn’t even know what hit him. I’d call him a light weight but….

  2. P says:

    Another guy making fun of the horizontally challenged.

    Corzine’s record is a joke. If he didn’t have tens of millions of dollars to spend on trashing Chrisite for months, the race would be over by now.

    And even with all the money he’s spent, Corzine’s only hope (and it seems to be paying off), is that Daggett scoops up enough of the 55 – 60% of the voting population that won’t vote for Corzine.

    It’s amazing, but on November 4th, a lot of people are going to wake up and wonder how the guy they all voted against is going to be their governor for another four years!

  3. patsy from 23rd street says:

    P, can you come out and play ?

  4. Telling the Truth says:

    He does seem to be running a “non campaign”. I understand the criticisms of Gov. Corzine. But there does not appear to be any substance to Mr. Christie.

  5. P says:

    Corzine’s “lead” was fleeting. Rasmussen has a poll out today that gives Christie a three point “lead.” And Daggett is at 6%. Doesn’t look like the first debate helped him all that much. Even the FDU poll noted that when the substituted a different third party candidate for Daggett, he got about the same result, so people are not identifying with him, just the fact that he isn’t Corzine or Christie.

    This story is a pretty good summary of the race so far –

    Pundit says Corzine can’t spend enough to make voters like him, but can spend enough to make them not like Christie
    By Matt Friedman, Reporter

    Gov. Jon Corzine is outspending his Republican opponent by a 3-1 margin in his bid for re-election to a second term, but he’s still spending less than he did when he ran four years ago.

    Maurice Carroll, who runs the Quinnipiac University poll, doesn’t read much into that.

    “Whatever they tell him he’ll have to spend, he’ll spend. Which I guess is good for the economy. It pays for a lot of consultants, television stations are getting rich,” he said.

    Corzine has raised and spend $16.8 million so far – a bit down from the $20.1 million he raised and $18.6 million he spent as of the same point in his last campaign.

    That’s complicated by one key difference. In a late September, 2005 Quinnipiac poll, Corzine led Douglas Forrester by four points. Now, in the latest Quinnipiac poll, he trails Republican Christopher Christie by four.


  6. Hi P:
    The news is that the race is now basically tied … a one or three-point lead is likely in the margin of error

  7. P says:


    But Corzine faced an opponent with more cash in Forrester, a wealthy businessman who opted not to take part in the public financing program and ultimately spent almost $20 million of his own money in the general election. By contrast, Christie’s spending is capped at $10.9 million because he’s taking part in the public financing program.

    Carroll’s polls show Corzine succeeding in tarnishing Christie’s image, but Corzine’s approval and favorability ratings have remained mired in the 38%-42% range. He doesn’t think that Corzine is concerned with boosting those numbers.

    “It’s just like with all you reporters. The only number he’s really interested in is the basic head to head. And in that, Corzine’s doing better than he has in quite a while,” Carroll said.

    Washington, DC-based political analyst Stuart Rothenberg said he was surprised that Corzine was not spending more than he did in previous races, since he’s been behind in 44 out of the last 45 polls independent public opinion polls.

    “Given all the numbers we were throwing around about how much Corzine would spend, having spent less than four years ago is something of a surprise,” he said.

    A July New York Times story said that Corzine, facing a “steep decline” in his net worth from $400 million to possibly $150 million, planned to spend less of his own money on this race – perhaps raising as much as $15 million from donors and spending $25 million of his own. That has not happened. Of the $16.8 million, $15.6 is from his own pocket, according to the Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC).

    Rothenberg doubted that Corzine could boost his favorable or approval ratings even if he tried. Instead, he said, Corzine’s plan is to bring down Christie’s favorables and, with the unintentional help of independent Christopher Daggett pulling votes from Christie, squeak by in a three man race.

    “I’m only being half sarcastic when I say maybe Corzine ought to spend money on behalf of Daggett,” he said.

    The Corzine camp, for its part, said that Corzine “will have more than enough resources to get his message out for Election Day.”


  8. SolomonDrek says:

    Three points. One is that Corzine has unlimited funds he can use to go negative on Christie.

    Second is that Daggett splits the anti-incumbent vote. Corzine’s negative campaign against Christie will work because it drives moderate independents to vote for Daggett.

    Third is unlimited street money. Corzine can afford to hire limousines and offer free “beverage” to get his voters out to the polls. Christie will not be able to do an “Ed Rollins” voter suppression campaign this time around.

  9. Ted says:

    Pbrain, At first you touted Christie’s insurmountable lead in the polls. Now you try to redirect the conversation to how terrible Corzine’s money is and that his success is really due to Daggett.

    Hopefully you’ve learned elections are about numbers and strategy. The amount spent is immaterial. Political races are almost always about swaying independents. It doesn’t matter if voters jumped to Daggett or Corzine as long as they abandon Christie. And that was done with strategy. Corzine made voters begin questioning Christie’s ethics and vision. Then Corzine talked about his record. Either voters bought it or were fed up with negative campaigns. Again, the bottom line is they abandon Christie. Money just made it easier.

  10. P says:

    “Insurmountable” . . don’t believe anyone will find that word in any of the millions of words I’ve posted to date.

    “The money spent is immaterial.” and “Money just made it easier.” So if Corzine had Daggett’s money, and vice versa, he would be where in the polls right now – My guess, third place. Do people even read what they write BEFORE they press “Submit?”

    When you have a record like Corzine’s to run on, you always make the race about the other guy, especially if you have millions to spend trashing him.

    The final poll in November, the one that counts, will force Daggett’s supporters to decide if they really want to give Corzine four more years to destroy NJ by voting for a guy who has no chance of winning.

    If history serves as any indicator, only 5% of voters will ultimately pull the lever for Daggett, and that will finish Corzine who will only have support from 40 – 42% of the voters.

    So it is written, so it shall be done.

  11. Ted says:

    Pbrain, You miss the point again. strategy is the key. The amount spent is immaterial. I can’t stress that enough. A good strategy wins regardless of the amount spent. There are many ways to execute a strategy, some low cost, some expensive. Money just makes it easier.

    Now you’re making the foolish assumption that the sizeable group of voters who jumped to Daggett will jump back to Christie at the last moment. That’s two more mistakes Pbrain. If those who jumped didn’t have questions about Christie, they wouldn’t have jumped. Oh Christie will win a few back but the rest will split between Daggett and Corzine. Either way that’s a pick up for Corzine.

    You’re second mistake is sticking with Christie’s failed strategy. That is, Corzine’s negatives mean a Christie victory. Corzine keeps moving forward and is now advertising his accomplishments as well as continuing to point out Christie’s bad points. Corzine continues to work that middle 20%.

  12. P says:

    No one in this universe believes that the money differential between Corzine and Christie or Daggett is immaterial. Anyone who has the wherewithal to define his opponent, while at the same time have the knowledge that they have insufficient funds to do the same to him/her, is at a great advantage. Anyone who’s worked in, or followed politics, will tell you that they learned that lesson on Day 1.

    Additionally, for all the hand wringing that editorial writers and good-government types do over negative advertising, one thing that is also true in politics is that they work.

    So the fact that Corzine has twice as much money as his opponents combined makes whatever strategy he had doable. Without his stash of cash, by now he would be roadkill.

    As for voters leaving third party candidates on election day, that’s just a historical fact. Unless a candidate gets within striking distance (5 – 10% of the leader), when people get to the polls on November 3rd, they’ll have to choose between re-electing Corzine, or electing Chrisite. By then, Daggett will be an afterthought. Given that 55 – 60% of the people in this state do not want JonBoy back for another four years, in all likelihood, Chrisite will defeat Corzine by at least 5%. On November 4th I expect to read your mea culpa.

    P.S. Corzine’s only “accomplishments” are – driving more upper middle class entrepreneurs out of state, virtually eliminating what little property tax relief suburban voters received from property tax rebates, strengthening the public sector unions, increasing our already heavy debt load, allowing the rampant corruption that epitomizes NJ to continue unabated as he failed to get any meaningful ethics reformed passed . .

    Should I go on?

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