Still throwing mud

A new ad today by Gov. Jon S. Corzine continues to try to link Republican Chris Christie to unsavory activities … It notes that Christie and his brother, Todd, raised thousands in support of President George W. Bush. In return, the ad says, Bush named Chris Christie U.S. Attorney.

Corzine has moved up in the polls a bit, and he may think that throwing mud is the way to go. But this only goes so far. After all, Christie was named U.S. Attorney eight years ago, he no longer has that job, and the governor should start talking about issues impacting New Jersey in 2009.


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

20 Responses to Still throwing mud

  1. SolomonDrek says:

    If Christie wants to run on his 8 years as US Attorney then how he got the job is fair game. Christie didn’t get the job because he was editor of the Harvard Law Review, and anyone who believes the 100s of thousands raised by the Christie brothers had zero impact on Christie getting the job probably also believes Obama is the anti-christ whose birth certificate is on file in some alien space station.

    Corzine needs to stay negative on Christie/Bush to fire up his base. As to independents he just needs to increase Christie’s unfavorables so that instead of voting for Christie independents will vote for Daggett. If Daggett’s poll numbers move into double digits it will hurt Christie more than Corzine.

  2. P says:

    At this point, how he got the job is probably less important than what he did as USA, which was to convict over 100 corrupt NJ officials. In essence, he, and his prosecutors, were the only ones fighting the massive amount of political corruption we have in NJ. Not Corzine or McGreevey’s AGs.

    As far as polling, Daggett’s now polling above 10% and his success appears to be at the expense of both candidates. That’s why Corzine is hovering between 35 – 39%; with Christie between 44 – 47%, but maintaining an 8 – 10% lead –

    Given that Corzine’s campaign has been going negative for over a month with little effect, he might want to think about spending more time convincing voters that he has a real plan to fix the state’s economy, tax problems and its rampant political corruption.

    Right now, he’s leaving everyone with the impression that he believes he’s done a great job and four more years of the same is what everyone should want. It is a losing strategy, for sure.

  3. Aunt Jemima says:

    Corzin’s Attorney General Chorus Line Girl Refuses to Investigate ACORN. WHY

    The Stephens Institute is a real threat to the survival of New Jersey and the Nation, isn’t it? Anne Milgram, the AG who declared New Jersey a Illegal Alien Sanctuary State refuses to investigate ACORN an organization that offers advice on how to break the law, cheat the IRS, and promote child prostitution. ACORN, an organization that may have helped Corzine win his last election. How does the women sleep at night? Does Ms. Milgram even have a coincidence? She will really come down hard on that Global Threat, Stephens. ACORN, has Milgram even ever heard the name ACORN? Does she even know what child prostitution is?

  4. Aunt Jemima says:


    In getting rid of Corzine, we also get rid of Ms. Milgram.

  5. Hey Aunt Jemima … Anne Milgram is Satan, as well … pass it around

  6. Tom Lenox says:

    I think somebody stopped slipping the lithium pills in Auntie’s waffle batter.

  7. SolomonDrek says:

    I think Auntie has been going to too many tea parties where the tea is spiked with kool-aid.

  8. SolomonDrek says:

    I’m also getting tired of hearing about Christie’s 130 convictions. A first year law student could have gotten most of these guys. Sharpe James, Wayne Bryant and Joe Coniglio are not exactly criminal masterminds.

    It’s also interetsing how almost all of Christie’s star prosecutions are Democrats. A person has to be really naive to think that GOP bosses and politicians are somehow innoculated against taking bribes. Van Pelt is just a token they used to avoid the embarrassment of all Christie’s targets being Democrats.

  9. P says:

    SD – Are you calling AG Ann Milgram and her “crack” team of lawyers less-than First Year Law Students? They weren’t able to ferret out any of this stuff. You should just be thankful that Christie decided to make fighting political corruption in NJ a high priority.

    In four to eight years, after Sen Menendez’s hand-picked USAs have finished with the office, you’ll be begging President Palin to re-appoint Chrisite.

    Who says conservatives don’t have a sense of humor. 😉

  10. Ted says:

    Aunt Jemima, If you have a case against Anne Milgram, reveal it and bring it to Corzine’s attention. Your problem seems to be with the AG, not the Governor.

    Pbrain, The average of the six polls cited in your clear politics link is a 7.1 Christie lead. Heck if you throw out the high (+10 Quinnipiac) and the low (+3 Democracy Corp), the remaining four polls average a +7.5 for Christie. Not only are your facts wrong but clearly, Christie’s lead is shrinking.

  11. P says:

    Challenging someone who calls themselves Aunt Jemima is a fools errand.

    Christie leads Corzine by 8, 8 & 9 pts on the three polls from this month. No real slip since July and time is running out. When does Corzine make his big move?! November 4th?

    P.S. Great new ad mocking Cozine’s faux pas on his explanation about why NJ now leads the region in unemployment –

    “Move to North Dakota”

    Now you can see why his handlers don’t want him debating – Every time he opens his mouth he loses votes.

  12. Ted says:

    Pbrain, Your post 2 refers readers to The average of the six polls cited in the link is a 7.1 Christie lead. Even if you throw out the high (+10 Quinnipiac) and the low (+3 Democracy Corps), the remaining four polls average a +7.5 for Christie, not 8 or 9. Are you now saying we shouldn’t trust your referenced links? We should now trust what you post with no reference?

  13. P says:

    Democracy Corps is run by James Carville. Useless Poll.

    I explained my numbers. Someone please explain how/when Corzine starts to move forward, not backwards.

    P.S. Most people would round 7.5 up to 8. Even people with MBAs.

    Anywho, trying to pretend that things are going well for JonBoy when he tells everyone to “go to North Dakota” to avoid the unemployment mess he created in NJ, only means the disappointment on November 3rd will be even more painful. Time for Dems to get used to the sound of Governor Christie.

  14. Ted says:

    Pbrain, I’ve thrown out the Democracy Corp poll as well as the Quinnipiac and ended up with a 7.5 average lead for Christie. But now you’re saying that people should disregard the Democracy Corp poll but include the the Quinnipiac. Are you now saying that one needs to cherry pick poll results to make it appear as though Christie still commands an 8 to 10% lead? Based on facts however, Christie’s lead is shrinking.

  15. P says:

    I didn’t know the election would be decided on the old scoring system for women’s figure skating – You get three of four Soviet Block judges (polls by Dem leaning orgs) to provide low scores, you “throw out the high (US) and low (Bulgaria), and average the rest” . . and voila, you get the result you desire.

    That’s not how real life works. Corzine continues to muddle along, even after all the pollsters started to factor Daggett into their polling in early September (hmm, maybe that’s why P doesn’t waste his time with earlier polls), and the range continues to hold at +8%.

    Bigger issue for Corzine is is positive/negative rating. He’s upside down by 2:1. Be interested to know if anyone has ever been able to get re-elected with such a poor number.

    But keep watching the new Christie video and distribute the link to your friends and family.

  16. Ted says:

    Pbrain, I merely point out that your google skill combined with your biased opinion, misleads rather than informs. That’s dishonest and reflects poorly on the campaign you represent.

    Further Pbrain, polls may or may not reflect the election’s outcome but YOU brought them up to claim a steady lead for Christie. FACTS indicate your claim is not true. That’s dishonest, and reflects poorly on the campaign you represent. Whether you’re a volunteer or a paid campaign worker, you should be fired.

  17. P says:

    So now we can add “Liar” and “Christie Campaign Worker” to the growing list of things I’ve been wrongly accused of. Previously, it was Antisemite, Secret Daily Record Blogger (my favorite), Bigot and Racist.

    Sadly, some people think that if they massage the numbers enough, turn the page on its side and squint realllllly hard, Corzine is closing in on Chrisite.

    I say, just look at the complete list of polls and you be the judge –

    P.S. I noticed that Michael Moore isn’t a big fan of Goldman Sachs and trashes them in his new movie. Does that make him an antisemite also??

    P.P.S. Make sure you keep humping the Corzine/North Dakota YouTube video with your friends and family (link above). It says it all about Governor Clueless.

  18. Ted says:

    Pbrain, this about your massaging of poll numbers, I’m simply reacting to it.

    You would have us believe Christie’s lead in the polls is between 8 and 10 %. Do you ever read the stuff you Google? The very first line of the complete list of polls shows the average to be 7.1%. I was willing to let you get away with a 7.5% lead based on four polls, you should have taken it.

    Either you’re not reading the links you find, or you’re illiterate.

  19. P says:

    Lets’ see if my response to “Better Days . . ” has better luck on this thread –

    Quick, somebody send an ambulance to the Daily Record building. I think Fred just had a heart attack after almost laughing himself to death at The most ridiculous statement ever made by someone who claims he 1.) Knows NJ government/politics and 2.) Has an MBA!

    “. . there is no debt problem . . ”

    Utterly CLUELESS!

    Even Corzine admitted we have a HUGE debt problem. He just couldn’t solve it, so now he pretends like it doesn’t exist (sound like someone we know?).

  20. FYI…..Plaxico Burress The NFL Footbal Player Begins Prison Sentence Today!
    Not that I have anything against the guy but finally these athletes might start to get it….You CAN’T just do anything you want and get away with it. If I get caught with a gun, I would have to do time too.

    Just my 2 cents…..

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