Where was Bob Grant?

Bob was to be the featured speaker at Monday’s Tea Party in Morristown, but lo and behind, he never showed.

And there was no explanation for his absence…


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

10 Responses to Where was Bob Grant?

  1. P says:

    He saw Dan Grant’s Kennedy sign and thought he had been transported back to 1980, so he went looking for a Reagan Rally.

  2. m says:

    Supposedly there were threats made against him. That’s what this review said at this address:

  3. I read the post … but Bob Grant never struck me as a guy who would be intimidated by threats

  4. SolomonDrek says:

    I don’t believe the part about “threats”. I read the link to someone who was there and it’s all hearsay about protestors threatening Bob. The only protestors there were Dan Grant and a few others, hardly the sort who would intimidate Bob Grant. There was also something about Bob’s wife not wanting him to go because of the threats. I didn’t know Bob was remarried. He was divorced a long time ago, he had a girlfriend (the Lady Josephine) and was always cynical about the subject of family values in general and marriage in particular.

    I have noticed on Bob’s website that he hasn’t done a show since August 19 and he would return after Labor Day. He is 80 years old so it’s more likely he just didn’t feel up to it, or maybe he got stuck in traffic since he lives in Monmouth County and spends his vacations on Long Beach Island.

  5. m says:

    I know he didn’t get stuck in traffic, because Bob’s name was taken down from the Morristown teaparty website the night before, and I decided not to go. Threats can still have been made without there being lots of protestors.

  6. P says:

    Or maybe he saw this story last week and was afraid to lose a digit or two –


    Health reform supporter bites off fingertip of passerby at rally, authorities say
    The incident occurred Wednesday at a Thousand Oaks event sponsored by MoveOn.org for supporters of President Obama’s healthcare plan. The suspect is being sought.

    By Ruben Vives

    September 4, 2009

    Authorities are searching for a health care reform supporter who they said bit off the fingertip of a 65-year-old man during a fight at a MoveOn.org rally in Thousand Oaks.

    The incident occurred about 7 p.m. Wednesday at a “We Can’t Afford to Wait” vigil organized by affiliates of the activist group MoveOn.org, which drew supporters of President Obama’s healthcare plan, said Senior Deputy Eric Buschow of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department. The rally also attracted several counter-protesters, he said.

    During the rally at Lynn Road and Hillcrest Drive, the suspect and William James Rice got into an argument and began fighting. Rice, of Newbury Park, punched the suspect after the man called him an “idiot,” Buschow said.

    At that point, the suspect bit off part of Rice’s left pinkie, Buschow said.

    Rice then drove himself to Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center about a mile away, he said. A witness picked up the detached portion of the finger after the suspect spit it out. The witness took the fingertip to the hospital, Buschow said.

    A medical center spokeswoman said Rice chose not to have his finger reattached because of the high risk of infection and because the injury was not on his dominant hand.

    Rice told deputies he was not actually protesting. He said he stopped to inquire about the demonstration and then was approached by the suspect.

    Ilyse Hogue, director of political advocacy and communications for MoveOn.org, called the incident “a regrettable act of violence” in a statement released Thursday morning.

    “While we do not have any more facts about what happened than what we saw in press accounts, MoveOn condemns violence in all forms,” Hogue said. “We support the Ventura County sheriff’s investigation into the situation. It is our firm hope that this event does not detract from the tens of thousands who were out peacefully making their voices heard for health care reform and a public option.”

    Authorities said they were looking for a white male in his late 40s or 50s who was last seen wearing black shorts and a black shirt.

  7. P says:

    And more wacky news from the left coast. Looks like Van Jones isn’t the only famous “Truther”.


    Breaking: Charlie Sheen demands Obama meeting on 9/11 cover-up
    September 9, 2009

    Normally, when an A-/B+ celebrity issues some political pronouncement at the start of a new television season or just before a movie release, people might suspect it has something to do with publicity.

    A lot of rich, pretty people speak out on causes they support at times like that and the world goes, So what?

    But when someone with the gravitas of Charlie Sheen issues a statement, anyone is forced to listen.

    In an exclusive contact with the PrisonPlanet.com website, Sheen reveals 1) that he voted for Barack Obama in November and 2) that he [Sheen] has become convinced that the 9/11 attacks were an inside government job perpetrated by people inside government for inside and no doubt nefarious reasons.

    The idea being that Osama bin Laden and his posse were (maybe still are?) really working for the U.S. government to help justify faraway wars. (This might also explain why the U.S. government has “so far” been “unable” to capture or kill ObL.)

    Sheen apparently figures that if Obama can waste all that time talking to American schoolchildren who can’t even vote or pay $2,500 for a Democratic fundraiser yet, the president who garnered so many millions from Hollywood people ought to make time to talk with one of them. Or at least read their letter.

    Just in case he doesn’t get the Oval Office confab, Sheen has published the fictional transcript of a hypothetical 20-minute conversation with Obama in which the actor instructs the president on the ins and outs of the conspiracy and presents irrefutable evidence on “that bottomless warren of unanswered questions surrounding that day and its aftermath.”

    As the self-professed agent of change to believe in, Obama, Sheen reasons, should be burrowing into this obvious conspiracy to uncover the truth, unlike previous administrations.

    Raising such questions about a 9/11 coverup recently cost green aide Van Jones his White House job. Or the other way around.

    Oh and coincidentally, Charlie will appear today on the Alex Jones radio show to discuss his charges.

  8. Ted says:

    366 words of meaningless crap

  9. P says:

    More of the same . . pearls of wisdom for some . . . not so much for others . . .

    Too late for Obama to turn it around?
    Plus: The left’s visionaries lost their bearings on drugs — but the GOP is led by losers
    By Camille Paglia

    Sep. 09, 2009 |

    What a difference a month makes! When my last controversial column posted on Salon in the second week of August, most Democrats seemed frozen in suspended animation, not daring to criticize the Obama administration’s bungling of healthcare reform lest it give aid and comfort to the GOP. Well, that ice dam sure broke with a roar. Dissident Democrats found their voices, and by late August even the liberal lemmings of the mainstream media, from CBS to CNN, had dramatically altered their tone of reportage, from priggish disdain of the town hall insurgency to frank admission of serious problems in the healthcare bills as well as of Obama’s declining national support.

    But this tonic dose of truth-telling may be too little too late. As an Obama supporter and contributor, I am outraged at the slowness with which the standing army of Democratic consultants and commentators publicly expressed discontent with the administration’s strategic missteps this year. I suspect there had been private grumbling all along, but the media warhorses failed to speak out when they should have — from week one after the inauguration, when Obama went flat as a rug in letting Congress pass that obscenely bloated stimulus package. Had more Democrats protested, the administration would have felt less arrogantly emboldened to jam through a cap-and-trade bill whose costs have made it virtually impossible for an alarmed public to accept the gargantuan expenses of national healthcare reform. (Who is naive enough to believe that Obama’s plan would be deficit-neutral? Or that major cuts could be achieved without drastic rationing?)

    By foolishly trying to reduce all objections to healthcare reform to the malevolence of obstructionist Republicans, Democrats have managed to destroy the national coalition that elected Obama and that is unlikely to be repaired. If Obama fails to win reelection, let the blame be first laid at the door of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who at a pivotal point threw gasoline on the flames by comparing angry American citizens to Nazis. It is theoretically possible that Obama could turn the situation around with a strong speech on healthcare to Congress this week, but after a summer of grisly hemorrhaging, too much damage has been done. At this point, Democrats’ main hope for the 2012 presidential election is that Republicans nominate another hopelessly feeble candidate. Given the GOP’s facility for shooting itself in the foot, that may well happen.

    This column has been calling for heads to roll at the White House from the get-go. Thankfully, they do seem to be falling faster — as witness the middle-of-the-night bum’s rush given to “green jobs” czar Van Jones last week — but there’s a long way to go. An example of the provincial amateurism of current White House operations was the way the president’s innocuous back-to-school pep talk got sandbagged by imbecilic support materials soliciting students to write fantasy letters to “help” the president (a coercive directive quickly withdrawn under pressure). Even worse, the entire project was stupidly scheduled to conflict with the busy opening days of class this week, when harried teachers already have their hands full. Comically, some major school districts, including New York City, were not even open yet. And this is the gang who wants to revamp national healthcare?

    Why did it take so long for Democrats to realize that this year’s tea party and town hall uprisings were a genuine barometer of widespread public discontent and not simply a staged scenario by kooks and conspirators? First of all, too many political analysts still think that network and cable TV chat shows are the central forums of national debate. But the truly transformative political energy is coming from talk radio and the Web — both of which Democrat-sponsored proposals have threatened to stifle, in defiance of freedom of speech guarantees in the Bill of Rights. I rarely watch TV anymore except for cooking shows, history and science documentaries, old movies and football. Hence I was blissfully free from the retching overkill that followed the deaths of Michael Jackson and Ted Kennedy — I never saw a single minute of any of it. It was on talk radio, which I have resumed monitoring around the clock because of the healthcare fiasco, that I heard the passionate voices of callers coming directly from the town hall meetings. Hence I was alerted to the depth and intensity of national sentiment long before others who were simply watching staged, manipulated TV shows.

    Why has the Democratic Party become so arrogantly detached from ordinary Americans? Though they claim to speak for the poor and dispossessed, Democrats have increasingly become the party of an upper-middle-class professional elite, top-heavy with journalists, academics and lawyers (one reason for the hypocritical absence of tort reform in the healthcare bills). Weirdly, given their worship of highly individualistic, secularized self-actualization, such professionals are as a whole amazingly credulous these days about big-government solutions to every social problem. They see no danger in expanding government authority and intrusive, wasteful bureaucracy. This is, I submit, a stunning turn away from the anti-authority and anti-establishment principles of authentic 1960s leftism.

    How has “liberty” become the inspirational code word of conservatives rather than liberals? (A prominent example is radio host Mark Levin’s book “Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto,” which was No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list for nearly three months without receiving major reviews, including in the Times.) I always thought that the Democratic Party is the freedom party — but I must be living in the nostalgic past. Remember Bob Dylan’s 1964 song “Chimes of Freedom,” made famous by the Byrds? And here’s Richie Havens electrifying the audience at Woodstock with “Freedom! Freedom!” Even Linda Ronstadt, in the 1967 song “A Different Drum,” with the Stone Ponys, provided a soaring motto for that decade: “All I’m saying is I’m not ready/ For any person, place or thing/ To try and pull the reins in on me.”

    But affluent middle-class Democrats now seem to be complacently servile toward authority and automatically believe everything party leaders tell them. Why? Is it because the new professional class is a glossy product of generically institutionalized learning? Independent thought and logical analysis of argument are no longer taught. Elite education in the U.S. has become a frenetic assembly line of competitive college application to schools where ideological brainwashing is so pandemic that it’s invisible. The top schools, from the Ivy League on down, promote “critical thinking,” which sounds good but is in fact just a style of rote regurgitation of hackneyed approved terms (“racism, sexism, homophobia”) when confronted with any social issue. The Democratic brain has been marinating so long in those clich├ęs that it’s positively pickled.

    Throughout this fractious summer, I was dismayed not just at the self-defeating silence of Democrats at the gaping holes or evasions in the healthcare bills but also at the fogginess or insipidity of articles and Op-Eds about the controversy emanating from liberal mainstream media and Web sources. By a proportion of something like 10-to-1, negative articles by conservatives were vastly more detailed, specific and practical about the proposals than were supportive articles by Democrats, which often made gestures rather than arguments and brimmed with emotion and sneers. There was a glaring inability in most Democratic commentary to think ahead and forecast what would or could be the actual snarled consequences — in terms of delays, denial of services, errors, miscommunications and gross invasions of privacy — of a massive single-payer overhaul of the healthcare system in a nation as large and populous as ours. It was as if Democrats live in a utopian dream world, divorced from the daily demands and realities of organization and management.

    But dreaming in the 1960s and ’70s had a spiritual dimension that is long gone in our crassly materialistic and status-driven time. Here’s a gorgeous example: Bob Welch’s song “Hypnotized.” which appears on Fleetwood Mac’s 1973 album “Mystery to Me.” (The contemplative young man in this recent video is not Welch.) It’s a peyote dream inspired by Carlos Castaneda’s fictionalized books: “They say there’s a place down in Mexico/ Where a man can fly over mountains and hills/ And he don’t need an airplane or some kind of engine/ And he never will.” This exhilarating shamanistic vision (wonderfully enhanced by Christine McVie’s hymnlike backing vocal) captures the truth-seeking pilgrimages of my generation but also demonstrates the dangerous veering away from mundane social responsibilities. If the left is an incoherent shambles in the U.S., it’s partly because the visionaries lost their bearings on drugs, and only the myopic apparatchiks and feather-preening bourgeois liberals are left. (I addressed the drugs cataclysm in “Cults and Cosmic Consciousness: Religious Vision in the American 1960s” in the Winter 2003 issue of Arion.)

    . . . . . rest of the article is the typical liberal rant against the Republicans . . dog bites man! Go to Salon.com if you want to read it.

  10. P says:

    1540 words, might be a new record . . . !

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