For what it is worth …

The latest poll in the gubernatorial race shows Chris Christie with a lead of only six points — 43 to 37.

That sounds encouraging for Corzine, but let’s keep in mind that this poll was done by a Democratic-leaning pollster .. It must be a bit suspect until and unless we get more objective information …


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

9 Responses to For what it is worth …

  1. P says:

    It also shows Daggett at 10%. I’d be surprised if 2% of people in NJ could tell you who he is.

  2. The percentage may be even less than that

  3. michael says:

    But this race WILL

  4. michael says:

    … as I was saying … be close. Christie W only beat the hated Jim Florio by the skin of her teeth, because she couldn’t articulate a reason to vote for her until the last week of the campaign. Democrats may not be enthusiastic about him, but they want power — and the ability to shower themselves with goodies that it brings — that they will grit their teeth and vote the “right” way.

    And, then, there’s always the possibility that Corzine will fold his tent and let Codey run…

  5. P says:

    Corzine will not drop out because he believes he will win. And he isn’t financially tied to the Democratic Party machine the way McGreevey was, so they can’t force him out.

    The election will be close for two reasons – First, Democrats outnumber Republicans by a good margin, and their GOTV machine is way better. Second, there are way too many households in this state that are supported in whole or part by a government check – payroll, welfare, etc. Overcoming that group always makes it an uphill battle for a non-Democrat. But Corzine is soooo bad that in the end he will lose.

  6. P says:

    This story is too funny to be true –

    Corzine heading to Pittsburgh to speak on ‘building a 21st century economy’
    By Wally Edge

    Gov. Jon Corzine will be in Pittsburgh tomorrow to speak at the Netroots Nation ’09 conference.

    The topic of his speech, “Building a 21st Century Economy,” caught the attention of Bill Stepien, the campaign manager for Corzine’s GOP opponent, Christopher Christie: “I heard event organizers sent Corzine a rush invitation after receiving his campaign’s twitter message this week in which he boasted of his financial wizardry PREVENTING our economic downturn (their caps, not mine). I was actually able to track down an advance copy of his speech. Topics included ‘How to Lose 200,000 Jobs in Four Years’ and ‘How to Increase Home Foreclosures 32% in the Last Year.'”

    Tickets to Corzine’s speech are $275 each.


    Here’s my advice Pennsylvania – Whatever Corzine says to do, do the opposite. aka – The George Costanza Plan

  7. Ted says:

    I have to agree that more data is required before drawing any conclusions. But P’s suggestion that Democrats want to force Corzine out and are prevented from diong so due to finances is cockamamie at best.

    If Democrats outnumber Republicans, it stands to reason there are more Democrats in state supported jobs. But it’s the D to R ratio that matters. The subset of goverment to non-government workers is of no consequence.

    P is just trying to expand the argument by suggesting Democrats single handedly expanded goverment payrol.s Statistical comparison between Republican and Democrat administrations would be required for that. It’s another example of telling us how to build a clock when we merely asked for the time

  8. P says:

    The only data that means anything is the vote count on November 3rd.

    And will the person who told Ted about the clock analogy explain to him what it really means, and that repeating it over and over again doesn’t make him look witty or smart.

  9. Ted says:

    I assume the title of this blog is homage to the rock anthem of the Woodstock generation. If not, thanks anyway Fred. It brought back memories of Buffalo Springfield, Stephen Stills, Jimmy Messina and Neil Young

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