Dems remain confident


Gov. Jon Corzine is behind in the polls, but Morris County Democrats  were still upbeat about his chances at a picnic today in Parsippany.

About 100 people ate burgers, hot dogs and salads as two well-known Dems  from outside Morris tried to rouse the crowd. 

Rep. Bill Pascrell of Passaic County said the fact the governor is trailing Republican Chris Christie by double digits in August means nothing. He recalled how Brendan Byrne was far behind in 1977, but still won reelection. Yes, but that was a long time ago. 

‘The other speaker was Senate Majority Leader Stephen Sweeney who predicted that when all is said and done,  the core Democratic constituencies will come through. He said he expected Corzine to win 90 percent of the minority and labor vote.

Added Pascrell,  “Things can happen; we have a shot here.”

Lew Candura, the chair of the county Democratic Committee, said party  headquarters in Morristown is open every say and humming with activity. He said that when he walks by Republican headquarters a block or so away, he often finds it closed.

“Maybe, we’ll catch them sleeping here in Morris County,” Candura said.

A surprise attendee was Ed Rochford, the Republican Morris County sherif. He said he was there to see Sweeney, who is backed by the state sheriff’s association. He described Sweeney as a “good friend of law enforcement.


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

26 Responses to Dems remain confident

  1. Ted says:

    Candura hopes to catch the Republicans sleeping. But talk is cheap, he’ll have to actually do something to coax Democrat voters to the polls.

    He relies on the same old faces that have failed the party for the past few decades and the popularity of national or statewide Ds to turn the county around. Do SOMETHING Lou. Heck even if it’s wrong you will have learned

  2. P says:

    I think it’s what you used to call “whistling past the grave yard.” Or in the alternative – HUBRIS.

  3. jimmycat says:

    Ted: Lew has built the Morris Dems into a viable grassroots organization during the last several years. I challenge you to work as hard and put in as much time as he and his team have, instead of just bloviating.

  4. Ted says:

    jimmy, It’s not grassroots if it’s by design. I fact, a designed grassroot effort ooks phoney. For example in Rockaway Township’s third ward, the old guard insisted on nominating a democrat candidate through write in. I suppose they think it gives theappearence of a ground swell of support. It looks lame.

    If the party was proactive, they wouldn’t need to put effort into winning back the third ward council seat from a popular incumbent. They could have focused attention on another ward. So now the Ds have an uphill battle in the third and they let the Republicans sneak in a popular White Meadow Lake resident as a candidate in the fifth ward

    The RT Dems have no direction and only 3 1/2 months to make something happen

  5. P says:

    Somehow, everything on Fred’s blog ends up being a discussion about life in Rockaway (and now it’s the Third Ward to boot). Last time I checked, it wasn’t the center of any political universe.

    But speaking of phony Grass Roots, check out this article about “Organizing for America”, Obama’s “Grass Roots” group (fully funded by the DNC).

    New definition of Chutzpah – Obama/Pelosi/Reid complaining about phony GOP grass roots groups while they are funding their own grass roots effort – OFA!

  6. P says:

    Oops, link is –,0,3292929.story

    Other link is funny story about how the union that runs the Teamsters building in DC may be going on strike against the Teamsters.

  7. jimmycat says:

    The difference is that these fringe, far-right organizations are funded by shady, unreported sources and are instructed to disrupt town hall meetings. Nothing wrong with asking Congressmen tough questions about policy. Shouting Congressmen down so they can’t be heard is another story.

  8. Ted says:

    This blog was about Morris Democrats, RT is a part of Morris. In fact Helen O’Connor, an RT Democrat was Candura’s Vice Chair no too long ago. It seems tough guy P is the one who wants to change subjects

  9. P says:

    JC – AstroTurf is AstroTurf, doesn’t matter if it is being funded by George Soros, some right-wing nut jobs from the hills of Idaho, or a little old lady from Pasadena. And even if it is fake grassroots, who cares. Everyone should have a chance to have their say. The people who get up at these meetings aren’t doing it because they’re paid to, they have real passion, just like the anit-war protesters did during the Iraq War (and Vietnam for that matter). The people letting them know when and where to go may be getting paid to keep a focus on the issue, but the left and their “Organizing for America” are an equally fake grassroots effort.

    Ted – Insert another Rockaway Twsp rant here (because it is in Morris Cty, you know) – ____________________________

    And thanks for reminding everyone that I’m a “tough guy” LOL 😉 Peace

  10. Ted says:

    P why are you trying to change the subject? Unfortunately jimmycat responded to your off topic comment and now you’re hijacking the discussion.

  11. Ted says:

    So P do you have any thoughts about the optimism of Morris Democrats or Lew Candura…Youknow, anything on topic.

  12. P says:

    See post #2 (above). Next time read the whole listing before calling me out.

  13. Ted says:

    Post 2 is cryptic BS. If you have an opinion, state it and don’t change subjects to suit your adgenda.

  14. P says:

    Ted – somewhere else on this site you lecture me for being too verbose. But when I post a short, pithy comment you say I’m “cryptic”. I just can’t win.

    P.S. In case your dictionary is broken –

    Hubris – excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance.

  15. Ted says:

    P, It takes as much time to write 3 meaningfull paragraphs as it does to compose your rambling missives. Keep working at it. I struggle myself

  16. P says:

    Ted – I think you need to go to remedial counting also. All of my posts above are 1 – 3 paragraphs. What are you talking about?

    And you’ve yet to write anything meaningful of any length. You just snipe about the trivial and banal.

  17. Ted says:

    What color is the sky on your planet? Again, my suggestion to you is stop telling everyone how to build a clock when they ask for the time.

    For example I’ve used less words to directly refute your foolishness AND make light of your writing style than you use in a single post

  18. P says:

    More crypto-babble from Ted.

    And speaking of BS, check out the latest “poll” results for Jersey. They show Corzine gaining rapidly –

    from PolitickerNJ –

    Dem poll has Christie lead down to 5; shows Daggett at 10%
    By Editor

    Republican Christopher Christie has a five point lead, 40%-35%, over Gov. Jon Corzine, according to a poll conducted for Democracy Corps by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, a Democratic firm. Independent Christopher Daggett is at 10%.

    Democracy Corps is run by longtime Democratic strategists James Carville and Stanley Greenberg.

    Without Daggett, Christie leads Corzine 43%-37%.

    The poll was conducted August 11-12 among 620 likely voters and has a margin of error of +/- 4.1%.


    Note that the people who commissioned and publicized this “poll” include James Carville, infamous Clinton/Dem operative. I think I’ll wait for something from a less partisan source before I start believing in the Corzine Momentum that Ted was touting.

  19. P says:

    Governor Corzine – Please remind us how you’ve lightened the tax load in NJ. Mission NOT Accomplished –


    As taxpayers across the country marked dates throughout the year on which Cost of Government Day takes place in their respective state, New Jerseyans finally “celebrated” their date on September 6, beating only Connecticut which observed the occasion one day later.

    Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande and Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon, both R-Monmouth and Mercer, said the date which determines when residents pay off the cost of state, local and federal spending is another infamous ranking that speaks to how bloated government has become, particularly in New Jersey. The national average date was August 12.

    “When people consider that New Jersey has the highest in property taxes in the country and is near the top in personal income tax rates, along with a budget deficit that will be astronomical next year, it is no wonder that our burden in paying for the cost of government is nearly the highest in the country,” said O’Scanlon, who is a member of the Assembly Budget Committee. “While Governor Corzine tells the taxpayers how New Jersey is poised to be a leader in the economic recovery, the fact that residents support government to this extent tells me otherwise.

    “Year after year people are saddled with more spending that is sustained through tax increases, leaving less money in their pockets,” continued O’Scanlon. “One can only imagine when the date will be next year.”

    Cost of Government Day is produced by the Center for Fiscal Responsibility and the Americans for Tax Reform Foundation. Factors that determine how expensive government is include federal, state and local spending, as well as the cost to comply with regulations at all three levels of government.

    “While all states are saddled with the federal spending component, the state and local spending is what places New Jersey at the bottom of the list,” remarked Casagrande. “New Jersey residents spend an additional 23 days at work to pay Trenton than their Pennsylvania neighbors. With a move over the river that 23 days salary goes into their pocket. We need to fix this situation before we split more New Jersey families apart.”

    “Simply put, Pennsylvania is a more affordable place to live,” said Casagrande. “It is hard to argue with the fact that we have the worst tax climate in the country. No one should take any pride in that distinction.”

    Both legislators pointed out that Tax Freedom Day, which marks the number of days of the average worker puts in to pay a variety of taxes was April 13 in the United States, while New Jerseyans achieved their day of freedom on April 29, also placing the state second latest in the country.

  20. P says:

    Full report here –

    State data comparison on page 7. Read it and weep NJ.

  21. P says:

    More “good” news from South Jersey – Boss Norcross has decided it’s time to take over the whole state.

    First, he got Joe Roberts to announce that he’s stepping down as Assemblyman (and Speaker) so he can push Steve Sweeney for Senate President and eventually, as governor (Roberts needed to leave so the norht-south balance could be maintained if Sweeney took the top senate spot from Codey). Then, he gets the local party to nominate his brother to take Robert’s spot. And now comes word that he may even put himself up for a senate spot that could open up at the start of the year (I wouldn’t bet on that however, too many ethics filings that GeorgeyBoy wouldn’t want to have made public).

    Great job of routing out cronyism and corruption Governor Corzine. Your own party considers you to be a joke and an empty suit.

  22. P says:

    Forgot to post the real kicker – read the piece from and note the hysterical quote from Norcross. You’d think his party has been out of power for the past eight years –

    Southern Jersey AFL-CIO President Donald Norcross, the brother of one of the state’s most powerful political insiders, won the Democratic nomination for State Assembly in the fifth district today. He ran unopposed at a special convention of Camden County Democrats to replace Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts (D-Camden), who announced last month that he would not seek re-election.

    “I believe we must change the way business is done in Trenton,” Norcross told Democrats today. “We must put our partisan differences and the special interests aside to do what is best for the ordinary, hard-working taxpayers of this state. The status quo is not working. The state government is wasting too much of our money.”

    Norcross, the Camden County Democratic Co-Chairman and the brother of George Norcross III, called for a state-government spending freeze and a moratorium on tax increases.

    Oh yeah, and like Sweeney, he’s another Union Boss too. Great news for NJ!

  23. P says:

    Or maybe they really aren’t that confident –

    Dem firm polling Booker and Pallone for governor
    by Wally Edge

    A North Carolina-based Democratic polling is asking Democratic voters if they would prefer Newark Mayor Cory Booker or U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-Long Branch) as their candidate for Governor. The Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey is expected to be released on Thursday.

    A PPP poll has Gov. Jon Corzine trailing Republican Christopher Christie, 44%-35%.

    Five weeks before the 2002 general election, Democrats switched their candidate after Republican Douglas Forrester took a commanding lead in the race for United States Senator against the incumbent, Robert Torricelli. Corzine said in July that he will not get out of the race.

    Maybe it’s time for someone to make Jon an offer he can’t refuse!

    Otherwise, the Dems may lose Drumthwacket and half the state house in seven weeks.

    Paging George Norcross.

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