This rubs me the wrong way

The New York Jets,  my favorite football team, announced today that players will wear an Atlantic Health corporate patch on their practice jerseys in training camp this summer.

Yep, teams need to seek revenue anyway they can, but as a fan, I don’t want to root for players who are walking advertisements. I realize this is a very, very small patch, but the principle is important …

Along those lines, although I do not root for the Yankees, I applaud them for not selling naming rights to Yankee Stadium.


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

7 Responses to This rubs me the wrong way

  1. P says:

    You should check out soccer (I mean football) players’ uniforms. You have no idea what team they are playing for – Manchester United has a big AIG on theirs, Chelsea touts Samsung. Even the LA team the had Beckham shilled for Herbalife (ugh). How can you root for a company?! Unfortunately, I think that’s the future of the other American sports, and I’ll be hockey is the first to go.

  2. Edward France says:

    Is that the same Atlantic Health Care organization,located on Rt 24 in Morristown?
    If so, how are they able to get away with not paying property taxes to the town of Morristown?
    How are they tax exempt,yet work with your favorite team?
    If they are your favorite team,you are a very patient fellow.
    Is there a connection? Thanks.

  3. Atlantic Health says:

    That is inaccurate. Just to clarify, here is what ran on this blog on May 29:

    “Atlantic Health paid more than $2.5 million in taxes on its revenue generating, for profit businesses in 2007, such as our parking garages and some real estate holdings. Atlantic Health is the largest employer in Morris County and the largest taxpayer in Morristown. In addition, in keeping with our mission to serve our community as a non-profit health care provider, Morristown Memorial provided $20 million dollars in charity care in 2008.”

    Thank you.

  4. CrankyCitizen says:

    As the largest employer in Morris County, I’m sure Atlantic Health realizes the temerity they wield in these matters and that being the case, can probably put anything they want onto the NY (?) Jets’ practice jerseys. My beef is that the Jets were supposed to practice at the old Exxon site and now want to play “let’s make a deal.” Does A.H. spend too much time partnering with their stakeholders and not enough time in the weight room?

  5. Edward France says:

    As a Morrstown taxpayer I am aware of who pays and who has not paid property taxes.
    For the record (in 2008,2009) The town of Morristown ( not Morristownship) has done an assessment on all of the property that Atlantic health (Memorial Hospital) owns in the Town of Morristown.
    Atlantic health holds title to properties here that have a total assessment value of $37 million dollars!
    “NO” property taxes have been paid to the Town of Morristown! You can look it up! .
    Right now Morristown is in tax court with Atlantic Health . Morristown is waiting the outcome of this case.A judge will rule if, and how much Atlantic Health will have to pay the Town of Morristown NJ.
    Atlantic Health is a wonderful health care operation.But the taxpayers are left with a large shortfall in the Town’s budget every year, because the homeowners in town have to foot the bill that provides more police,fire, and other services to the organization.How many times a year does our fire dept respond to false alarms at Atlantic Health? Who pays for that? One guess(the Morristown taxpayers)!
    If Atlantic Health is a “for profit” business,they should do the right thing and pay the town a part of, all of this $37 million dollar assessent.This would help stabilize the tax rates for everybody in town.That would be fair!
    One of the reasons why Morristown has the highest property taxes in Morris County is due to all of the non-profits who DO NOT PAY any property taxes.Services today are very costly.
    The homeowners in Morristown need some help. The non profits that are making a profit should now pay!
    These are the facts! Look them up at 200 South St Morristown.
    All part of the public tax record.

  6. CrankyCitizen says:

    “Atlantic Health is a wonderful health care operation. But the taxpayers are left with a large shortfall in the Town’s budget every year, because the homeowners in town have to foot the bill that provides more police, fire, and other services to the organization.”

    Ed: Atlantic Health is far from a “wonderful health care operation.” It typifies everything that is wrong with the “healthcare industry.” The fact that they operate a very real for-profit business while enjoying the benefits, both economically and perceptually, of Morristown taxpayers and the people who pay into the insurers who support them, is exactly what is wrong with this system. “Healthcare” shouldn’t be a business. Health care should be available to every citizen.

  7. Barney99 says:

    Are your property taxes paid???

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