Sweet and sour

No, it’s not a Chinese restaurant.

Bought an Iced Coffee (the bars weren’t open yet 🙂  in Moristown today and the sugar pack distributed by a Park Place shop  was a political ad fort Mayor Tim Dougherty and his council slate.  The man at the counter said it was not his doing and referred questions to the owner who was not around.

Clever? Yes.  And sweet? Sort of.

The sugar packs are without the required disclaimer detailing who paid for them.  That’s pretty sour.

About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

8 Responses to Sweet and sour

  1. Sue Gsellsh says:

    Fred i cant imagine you find this surprising? Isn’t this the candidate who promises “open and transparent government” from his slate? Where is all this $$ coming from??? Doughertys ELEC reports show nothing yet he has obviously been spending like a drunken sailor…what is he going to do when the tax payers ask where there $$ went and he says “i don’t know” …what money? what are you talking about??? The Walshes, Gsells, Wirths and Cavanaugh run this town…I just do what they tell me too and if Matt O’Donnell oks it Mary wil say yes…Dougherty has far out-spent Cresitello yet no one knows where a this money comes from…is he Boomberg? Corzine? Financing his own campaign? as a guy who makes sure ice doesn’t met for a living i don’t think he is…Where is the $$ coming from Tim???? So much for “open and transparent government” Tim…

  2. Willy Balsh says:

    Fred, Dougherty has a run an illegal and secretive campign from the start…his ELEC reports show nothing yet he seems to spend like a millionare…all the “meet and greets at Sona 13 and the DarkHorse for the high school kids” mailers slandering John Cryan, and now sugar packets? The full page daily record ads for 4 days in the Daily Rrecord??? 24 grand tota fact…. the numbers dont add up Fred? whats going in his pocket? its simple arithmatic…where is this $$ coming from? I thought Dougherty was running primarily on a ticket of *open and transparent governmernt* is this approach just after he wins the election? What are we in for then?…If you want to be a real journalist, find out where the Dougherty dollars are coming from…thats a story the people will want to read…i know the voters will want to know if he is elected, and runs his administration on debts and favors owed to the night club owners in town…Fred we all can’t be this stupid…roll your sleeves up and do a real piece on this please…you’ve hinted at it…now is the time to do what your profession calls for…unless you just want to be the friendly chatty cathy of Morris County…

  3. Primary Purpose says:

    If Dougherty can’t run an open and transparent campaign, how can we expect him to run a open and transparent government? Who paid for the sugar packets? Who paid for the anonymous mailer? Is it the same person who paid for his backyard?

    Taking a gift from the Willow Hall developer as a zoning official and Mrs. Dougherty a planning official is at the very least inappropriate. Trouncing on campaign finance laws and accepting under the table contributions, is highly illegal! Sending anonymous campaign letter with out a “paid for by” stamp or sugar packets with out a “paid for by” stamp is highly illegal and highly offensive to the Morristown voters. Does he think we are that stupid?

  4. Is anyone really that surprised? Head over to Sona 13, The Dark Horse and Tashmoo. Let’s see if all of their donations are noted as in-kind on Dougherty’s elec filing… oh wait there weren’t any the first round so I suppose there won’t be this time.

  5. jimmycat says:

    The Dougherty campaign is not responsible for anonymous campaign letters; all mailings from the campaign include the necessary “paid for” information.

    The opponent could learn a few lessons about positive, issue-related campaigning from the Dougherty team.

    Might be better if these people spent their time reaching out to the people of Morristown, as Tim is doing, rather than filling this blog with the same repetitive comments every day. All these snarky comments sound like they are coming from a desperate campaign!

  6. Hogwash says:

    I like the sugar packets idea, especially if it helps to get rid of DC

  7. Joan Sampi says:

    The Dougherty campaign is responsible for the illegal, anonymous letters. Passing the blame to others will not work. First Team Dougherty blamed the Republicans, then they blamed Councilwoman Feldman, who is it now a rogue campaign worker?

    Mr. Ramirez and the Republicans are running unopposed in their primary, and Ed is more intelligent than to waste money and effort where he cannot gain. I find it hard to believe Mrs. Feldman would have a desire to act so illegally. Team Dougherty is responsible for this, and should own up to it, or denounce it.

    Time and time again it is proven that under handed and dirty politics turns voters off. It has already had a negative effect on your campaign.

    As Primary Purpose said, “If Dougherty can’t run an open and transparent campaign, how can we expect him to run a open and transparent government?”

  8. Lyle Waggoner says:

    how about about the sugar packets all over morristown with no “paid for” on them…check out morristowngreen.com and go to morris for further details…do your homework jimmycat…

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