More Morristown whirl

Dougherty campaign complaining about mailings not being delivered ….


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Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

23 Responses to More Morristown whirl

  1. Maybe they forgot to mail them because they were drinking too much at Sona 13….

  2. ImFrankensteinImeanGsell says:

    Can you believe this??? All Dougherty has done is whine like the 7th grade school school kid his campaign represents…and Feldman just realizing she is a democrat??? Bahahahaha…it’s like they think everyone is a total moron, or sadder, they are just that stupid…Dougherty and Gsell-Walsh and Wirths sure arent complaining that the anonymous libelous and fact distorting flyers that they have mailed out to the town abot Cryan havent been sent….These 4 families are the epitome of white trash and sleazxy gutter politics…this is the shining example of what you do when you dont have the credentials or ittellect to hold public office…as Donnie said…if you don’t undertand this you shoudn’t be running for mayor!

  3. Sue Gsellsh says:

    Wow…Dougherty complaining again??? Is this even news anymore…other than that he has spent $6000 a day for the last 4 days to take out full page ads in the Daily Record Fred…who is paying for that? Sue Gsell Gsell-Walshes, Wirths, Cavanugh??? Where is the $$$ coming from$$$ it’s not on his ELEC reports and based on what was published around his most recent file, these ads more than double his liquid cash amount….is this pay to play??? who is paying for all the free hor’s dourves and drinks at Sona 13 for the past 6 weeks per their invitations, and Dougherty’s campaign coach (who should be fired by the way after last night) Is this team that arrogant?…do they think they will just raise more $$$ to pay the fines if elected from Bily Walsh’s father and Matt Wirth’s wife’s trust fund? What favors are being promised in exchange for that??? Isn’t Dougherty running on transparent and open government??? well where is that before he even has a chance to get into office??? what a sham and what a joke…who is creating and sending all these anonymous and libelous letters to residents ilegally slandering John Cryan??? Who is paying for that???? Dougherty, Gsell and Harris King are all just sleazy gutter wanna be politicians who make 1970s Chicago politics look tame compared to this…Show the numbers Tim and who you are endebtted too…just the bar owners paying for your campaign under the table and your power hungry wife who really calls the shots…so much for transparency and openess…you should be as emarassed as we all were watching your 3rd string team last night…Fred if you really want a story, find out where Dougherty’s $$$ are coming from because what’s on paper sure doesn’t match what he’s been spending…


    Great News!!!! Rebecca Feldman just realized she was a democrat today!!!! Thank god! Whooo!!! What a relief….and here we all were thinking she was an independent whose vote couldn’t be bought…hooray for these epihanies…what woud a council memeber be without forgetting what party they represent until after they endorse someone…the “I just realized I was a democrat this week” is a cassic and a first in politics…I commend Rebecca Feldman, she is obviously a pioneer…she has gone where no other poitician has gone before…the “ohhh i forgot I was a democrat” wil be used by politicians all over the word thanks to Rebecca Feldman…I think I speak for voters all over the planet when I say thank you Rebecca, you go girl! Dont let anyone tel you what political party you belong too…you just go wit whoever promises you something and that you think if ekected is weak enough to over power…good for you…it takes a bod candidate to say I’l e what ever you want me to be I’ll be if the press and price is right…Thank you Rebecca, changing your party 4 days before an election and backing the night club owners in town, who you openly despised, as well as publicly endorsing a candidate who doesnt ive in Morristown is unprecedented!!! We al appaud your vision and courage…You are clearly the Rosa Parks/Jane Fonda/Amelia Earhart of Morristown…thank you Rebecca!

  5. Joan Sampi says:

    Dougherty’s complaining again!!! Mr. Generality’s true colors are showing. It’s all blame, blame, blame. Distract, distract, distract. Anything to deflect from talking about the real issues. Maybe this is his way of answering the federal law question last night! Maybe all that time running his campaign out of a bar is getting to him. Dougherty was at his best when he was ducking debates and avoiding the media.

    The voters are smarter than you think, Mr. Dougherty. Dirty politics won’t distract us from seeing that you don’t know the issues and you’re trying to sell Morristown to the highest bidder.

  6. Joan Sampi says:

    Dougherty should have gotten his night club owner bosses and the his developer friends to illegally hand deliver his mail. Or maybe he should have sent it anonymously like his doing with other mailers. He should know that’s illegal, but I guy with his arrest record wouldn’t care about something as trivial as the law.

  7. Willy Balsh says:

    Dougherty probably forgot that you have to pay for postage since Sue Gsell-Walsh, Billy Walsh, Matt Wirths and Jimmy Cavanaugh didnt slip him cash under the table for this one since we all know they have lost…they couldn’t even get that ambulance chasing hack Matt O’Donnell to pay for it since he has seperated himself from team “DoughertyILoseeventhoughmywifecallstheshots”… O’Donnell is the next to be fired and when it is published that Rebecca Feldman is behind the slanderous mailers (as Billy Walsh has stated publicy) against Cryan her short lived student council career is over as well….

  8. Joan Sampi says:

    Complaining about the mail service will not deflect from the fact that your team is illegally sending anonymous mailers, Mr. Dougherty. First you say it was the Republicans, now you say it was a sitting council woman? I believe you’ll be facing more legal troubles for this one.

    The only area of your campaign that has been consistent is your reliance on blamimg others and deflecting from the issues.

    Gutter politics loses election. I believe your internal polls are now showing that. If you can’t lead your campaign staff, you can’t lead Morristown. If you take illegal contributions, chances are those people are going to resort to illegal campaign tactics. You should have known better.

    I’ll stick with Mayor Cresitello and his team.

  9. Amanda Johnson says:

    I guess the gloves are off inside Team Dougherty already…I was told tonight that Rebecca Feldman is responsible for the libelous and slanderous mailings agianst Council President John Cryan, no coincidence that these mailings started right after Feldmans public endorsement of Team Dougherty…I was also told that Feldman is sending one last mailer on Monday in a last ditch effort to gain the council presidency as Mary and Tim have promised her if elected. This is dissention in the ranks at its best as the finger pointing gets nasty as the Walshes, Gsells, Wirths, O’Donnell and Cavanugh watch the Titanic go down….I’d like to know what song Feldman is going to play as the ship finally goes under Tuesday night…

  10. To Great News everyone – I laughed out loud at your post but I think it is wrong. Rebecca Feldman is not a bad councilwoman, she just backed the wrong horse. I would imagine win or lose on Tuesday that it will not take her very long to realize that, if she has not already.

    Joan Sampi – Right On Girlfriend

    Fred Snowflack – At some point do you tame down the craziness on the blog and try and push people back to the issues.

    I still think a political campaign should not be tied so strongly to any special interest in town and I am sure Dougherty has a reason to align himself with these people (I am pretty sure his reasons are purely self serving and not in the best interests of Morristown but oh well, this is Jersey) For those of us that live in Morristown because of the great restaurants, ok shopping, and convenience the bars in town create a bad taste. I am not so naive to think though that the money brought in by these bars is not helping keep our taxes down. I am sure that the Owners of Sona 13, Tashmoo and the Dark Horse have contributed greatly to the community via monetary donations, volunteerism projects and being part of local business groups. Wait a second I don’t think they have… why Dougherty has aligned himself so strongly with these people?

  11. Ed Ramirez says:

    You can make believe that this dumping of mail is just a practical joke but it really is a crime, a Federal crime. Aside from being illegal it undermines the whole political process. In Morris County it has happened several times and to three different political parties. The Postmaster General should investigate and the responsible person or persons should go to jail. I am personally going to ask Congressman Frelinghuysen to request an investigation.

  12. I agree Ed, there should be an investigation. I think unfortunately though the Dougherty Camp lacks credibility and they have cried wold so many times that people really don’t want to listen anymore.

  13. Platitudes says:

    Dougherty and his four DWIs and his illegal, inaproppriate gift from the Willow Hall developer in his backyard and his illegal funding from sleazy night club owners (see his ELEC financial disclosure report), and his lack of substance and character, and his want to drag Morristown down with gutter politics, would be better off shifting his campaigns focus on the issues.

    Only a few days left. Where does he stand?

  14. oh please says:

    Ed is actually right on –
    dumping mail is a federal crime.

    I am truly shocked that Fred would take such a soft position on this.

    Shame on you Fred.
    While it is your right to endorse Cresitello, I think you still should want a fair election.

  15. Hogwash says:

    Platitudes you write a post like that and you criticize Tim’s campaign for gutter politics talk about the Kettle calling the pot black.

  16. Maybe the bear stole the mail!

  17. soothsayer says:

    The mail was located by the postal service and is being delivered. They had it all along.

  18. Whoosh! If they didn’t have this piece of mail what else would be on the elec filing, since they have neglected to indicate most of their illegal contributions. Nothing in kind from local bar owners or developers….. very interesting!

  19. oh please says:

    Yes – they had it all along.

    Which means that someone was smart enough to hold it back from delivery, but not out right throw it out.

    Cresitello’s stuff gets delivered on time, Tim’s is late and comes all at once. Hmmm… think the Mayor has pals in the postal system?

    He likes to talk about how he is such a powerful player in the NJ political world… clearly he has some extra influence too…LOL

    I’m so tired of him. Please, elect any one BUT Cresitello!!!

  20. soothsayer says:

    Read the paper today (local section) about the post office’s procedure and stop your crying. Enough with the publicity stunt by the Dougherty team and a waste of taxpayer money and post office employee’s time. Get the facts before you continue on your childish tirade. Mayor Cresitello has run a clean, open, and honest campaign.

  21. soothsayer says:

    And I am sure that a minute before the sun is scheduled to come up tomorrow team Dougherty will hold a press conference questioning its whereabouts. And looking to place blame.

  22. Joan Sampi says:

    Dougherty dropped his mailers at the Kearney post office? The illegal, anonymous mailers all have a Kearney postal stamp! That is no coincidence.

    “Doughtery had said that his campaign fliers were dropped off on Thursday at the regional postal center in Kearney.” from today’s Daily Record.

  23. I think that the statements being made by the Dougherty Camp are awful. You are saying that everyone who works in the Post Office is corrupt?

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