Debate in Morristown

Donald Cresitello and Tim Dougherty face off tonight at a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters.

This is the only face to face meeting of the campaign and one can only hope for spirited exchanges …  The League’s format can be stifling at times, or too confining. Hope that’s not the case tonight.

The debate is at 7:30 pm at the Alexander Hamilton School.


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

8 Responses to Debate in Morristown

  1. jimmycat says:

    “Too confining” — what would you prefer a free-for-all where DC could be the bully that he is with the Council and residents when they try to have their ideas and opinions heard?

    Go Tim; we’ll be cheering for you!!!!

  2. oh please says:

    Tim was great – a real person.

    Donald was gulping again. He does that when he’s trying to tell a lie like it’s the truth.

  3. Joan Sampi says:

    I was expecting more sparks, and it’s unfortunate that Dougherty ducked the first debate. Maybe he would have been more prepared on the immigration question. How could he not know that was the subject?

    In the council race, I thought Cryan did very well, but I was very surprised at King’s performance. What happenned?

  4. Joan Sampi says:

    The structure of the debate was a joke. The council debate was too crowded, and the mayoral debate was too subdued. Fred – it’s too late now, but the Record should hold a debate.

  5. Willy Balsh says:

    Fred I agree with Joan…the format was too constricting…the council debate was clearly won by cryan who brought the only real facts and substance to the debate rather than the canned “ill just ask the peope what they want to do” answers from the other candidates on the Dougherty ticket…the republicans were throwing lobs in the dougherty teams favor since they know they easily defeat them in the general…dougherty proved why he didnt participate in the first debate…he has nothing to say but luckily he can read prepared statements that are clearly not written by him…his whoe campaign is based on “if you hate donnie enough you will vote for anyone”…and it showed tonight

  6. Willy Balsh says:

    it makes sense now why the Dougherty team is relying on absentee ballots and smear campaigns to try and steal this election…anyone who saw them live tonight was cringing with embarassment for all of them. No wonder the Dougherty team was buying votes with free invite only meet and greets at Gsells families night club. Anyone who saw them tonight realized that this was nothing but a glorified jr. high school student council campaign on their part without the cup cakes…Gsell was cearly lost and appeared not to know why he was even there…he relied on his coached canned answer to every question of “ill just ask everybody what they want to do?” when he wasn’t agreeing with Council President Cryans answers, who is supposed to be his opponent? You would think that this was Harris Kings first time not ony running for anything, but public speaking in general? It was shocking to see her act scared, avoid questions and read 2 prepared statements without even looking at the audience…then there was Dougherty…thank god they taught him to read before this debate…he couldn’t even grasp the questions that were served up to him by his wife scarmbling to have their supporters write them for him on note cards prior to the debate…Dougherty and the 5 year od girl sitting in front of me were the only 2 in the room that didnt know that the federal law question served up to him was regarding immigration and 287g…and that poor Gsell boy…his response to what his green plan was “i hope i dont see tall buildings when i’m jogging and turn a corner”…bahahaha…i actually did feel bad for them…thank goodeness the voters know better

  7. ChubbyPaul says:

    Joan Sampi and Willy Balsh is really Cryan’s best friend, PMcL. Cryan was the worst of democrats easily! He and his three friends left in a very sad state afterwards. Cresitello deserves better from a council president to be fair! Cryan looked lost and probably had his mind on his youtube thing!
    Also PMcL looks very unhealthy. It was funny watching Cryan!

  8. GetSerious says:

    No matter who Joan Sampi and Willy Balsh is, what he says is all true. Any person with a brain and eyes who was at that debate saw what went on. Cryan at least speaks from experience, with knowledge… …I’m beginning to wonder – does Gsell even know he’s running for a seat on the council??

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