Twitter Updates for 2009-05-26

  • Morristown mayoral candidate Tim Dougherty fights back — claims the mayor is harassing him #

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About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

17 Responses to Twitter Updates for 2009-05-26

  1. smellarat says:

    tim sends vera white out into the 2nd ward to tell the citizens that cresitello is prejudice…this after the mayor gave her a job…she happens to be african-american…who is harassing who? maybe if he’d pull his head out of his arse and show up for debates – and do something other than a moan and groan- at vera’s house – we’d hear more than his whining and crying to the press…and didn’t tim, in fact, bully one of the reporters for printing the story about his zoning violations…poor, poor, tim…no one understands him…he just wants to wear the crown and kick dirt around in the sandbox if he doesn’t get his way…and by the way vera…that bigscreen tv you show off to everybody was supposed to go to the church…didn’t you get it at walmart and tell them it was for the church so they gave it to you for almost nothing?

  2. Joan Sampi says:

    We need a tough mayor in these tough times, not someone trying to play the victim. If the economy was in a better place, I would consider Dougherty – an all flash, no cash candidate who’s biggest accomplishment is his latest waffle. I’ll stick with Mayor Cresitello.

  3. oh please says:

    has the mayor ever gotten in your face – red and angry – yelling and screaming? i’ve seen it many times, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to me if he was harassing tim – he should just know better than to tell Fred, because Fred is clearly supportive of Cresitello. Why? Opinion columns get more miles out of a lively, hot-headed, blow-hard like Cresitello than they will a calm guy who listens to people.

  4. Hogwash says:

    That Laura Leach, I mean Smellarat sure knows her stuff. She has been Donald’s hatchet person for three and a half years. When the new mayor comes into office she has to be given the ax herself. Smellarat’s post is as dirty as they come in Morristown politics and you can place blame on Cresitello and only Cresitello. He is pulling out all the stops and it will be one of the dirtiest campaigns in history of Morristown. In the end Donald will be out, good reddens. By the way is the Donald’s campaigh paying Laura’s salary because her whole day is spent working to get him re-elected. He has used the Zoning official and other employees to work on his campaign.

  5. nowayuwin says:

    Glad Vera white is working with Tim Doughtery could never figure out why such a nice woman could get her self involved with Donald Cresitell or Helen Arnold, Barbara White and Jamie Kersey these are cruel and evil people. For someone to be jealous of what Vera has in her house is pitiful. Walmart sold that TV to Vera White…I work at walmart. I can only hope that on June 2nd this town is rid of Donald Cresitello and the big fat roaches that support him

  6. nowayuwin says:

    By the way you people keep mentioning the fact that Donald gave Vera a job. Frist of all is it legal to promise jobs while running for an office hmmmm, second of all because he gave her a job is she supposed to do everything and anything for him, Helen, and Laura? I know Donald gave Helen Arnold one and demaned that they increase her salary with no experience or education she is now about 60,000 a year he also did the same thing for Laura leach.
    I also saw the negative letter put on a Vera ( which turned a lot of votes Tim’s way) I guess we can thank you all for that! The letter mentioned that Donald supposinly paid her rent and Vera bragged about it. I never heard her brag about it no more than I have heard Helen Arnold brag about the 10,000 he paid to save her home about seven years ago. Vera is not a slave to anyone but her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and if Donald did anything for her with slavery in mind oh well I guess now he knows!

  7. smellarat says:

    Maybe because he gave Vera White a job…otherwise she would have had to stay in Paterson scrubbing floors…or collecting off of the state…or stealing tv’s off trucks instead of from Walmart hiding behind her church.

  8. nowayuwin says:

    Donald may be your Savior Laura, Helen and Jamie but he is not hers. Anything she gets it comes from the Lord. Maybe you guys should try it. Oh by the way the Church does not pay taxes…Vera’s reciept on taxs on it…why don’t you stop outright lying and ask to see the reciept? You guys are so full aof the devil! You hatethe God in her but people are praying for her and no weapon formed against her shall prosper! Everytime you dig a ditch for her you all will fall in it!

  9. smellarat says:

    Looks like one of Timmy’s people is ready to snap…especially one with the most to lose. Don’t give up your opportunity with Walmart. The Lord gave you fine skills…use them wisely.

  10. nowayuwin says:

    no weapon laura!

  11. nowayuwin says:

    aren’t you supposed to be working Helen and Laura

  12. smellarat says:

    no miss vera…just a concerned citizen who smells a rat that made its way to morristown from t he mean streets… who else would say “beat him like he stole something Timmy”. You still got a record for assault with the baseball bat.

  13. Joan Sampi says:

    This election is about my pocketbook, and I’ll stick with experience.

    Dougherty sure is good at playing the victim. If this was an acting competition, he’d have my vote. The smile, the coaching from the Willow Hall Developer & the nightclub owners. I’ll take the sitting mayor who has delivered low taxes year after year over a chief garbage man in Newark.

  14. Lyle Waggoner says:

    I am repulsed at the hypocricy that Vera White and Tim Dougherty and Michele Harris King are exhibiting during this campaign.

    Vera White: She claims to be a woman of God, but she almost killed a resident with a Louisville Slugger Baseball bat. Maybe this happened before she was redeemed. Rumor has it that she went out to Walmart under the guise of acquiring a FLAT SCREENED TV for her church, The Church of God In Christ. Rumor is that this TV is in her living room on George Street. The mass mailing that went out regarding Donald’s generosity has gone unappreciated by Vera White. She has a big For Sale on her back. The highest bidder gets her support. She needs to keep her mouth shut and fight fairly.

    Tim Dougherty has used his position on the Zoning Board to circumvent town ordinances with regard to his property on Wetmore. He never registered his rental property with Rent Leveling, and never obtain the proper permits for work that was done on his property. He is also has an illegal apartment in his basement that the town knew nothing about, which means he paying less taxes. Someone needs to ask Mr. Dougherty about the DOMESTIC ABUSE charges that were leveled against him for BEATING his two wives. The first time, it happened when he was married to his first wife while living in West Orange. She ended up in the hospital and he landed in JAIL. His current wife Mary reportedly told co-workers that he has beaten her up, but was pursuaded not to press charges because of his position on the Town Council at that time. Tim has no experience. Maybe he was drunk when all this happened. Who knows?

    Michelle Harris King is nothing more than a wanna be with no roots to her second ward neighbors. She’s also a liar as well.

  15. nowayuwin says:

    Vera is more of a lady than anything Donald has following him. Her pass is her pass and she has never denied it,,,She has moved on and no one had anything to say about her when she supported Donald so we know who you demons are. Because she decided to keep her word unlike Donald who would sell out his mamma and everyone of you suckers oops I mean followers you attack her. But Helen and Jamie And Raline Smith Reid God says ” you will reap what you sowed”. Barbara White is sick in the body and in the head so she is excused. But you mark my word the way you all have continued to devide the second ward, you will reap! Remember Norman Lattimore! Donald’s money is not long enough to buy Vera’s mind or soul and more importantly her will! She will not bow down to no other God. I think thats why you guys are so jealous of her after all like hundreds a people town wide has said SHE IS NOT RUNNING FOR ANYTHING! What a threat this woman must be to you all to put out an expensive mailing. She should be patting her self on the back! What favor God has given Vera! You played your hand too soon and you have bought the people together that may not have spoken in years even the teenagers are angry about the letter and when they read it the frist name that comes to thier mind is Helen Arnold or as some put it that tall lady. we will see!

  16. nowayuwin says:

    Oh by the way Laura the big screen TV must be really bothering you with all the money Donald pays you why don’t you buy one in your name and not worry about Vera’s. I know you asked her to call you if she saw another one on sale…is this why you are so upset that you would make up such a horrible lie? Well I tell you what if I see one I will let you know. You poor miserble baby!

  17. nowayuwin says:

    Oh I forgot to mention Tommy Alexzander who Donald told the Adminstrator on saying that he was taking bribes and took a trip to Italy as a result. He was demoted on his job. If it wasn’t for Tim, Tommy would not have a job and Vera certainly stood up for him. Now he can stay in a camp that has done an injustice to an African American family ..and not say a word because he is afraid….SHAME ON YOU TOMMY, SHAME ON YOU! How can you sleep at night and than to talk negative about Tim and Vera ..SHAME ON YOU! You were in the room! Remember Norman Lattimore

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