Campaign politics caused Bucco heart attack

That’s the essence of what Anthony Bucco,  the son of state Sen. Anthony R. Bucco, said in an e-mail to supporters. The younger Bucco is a candidate for the state Assembly in the 25th District.

The e-mail included this line:

His coronary event was triggered just following a phone conversation with a member of the press (That was me, I think) who related to my father the details of the sleazy and untrue accusations against him that were being circulated by another challenger’s campaign”  The e-mail also said that the senator’s heart problem was because of  “accumulated stress due to the personal and negative attacks that have been launched against my father and I in this campaign.”

I chatted with the senator on Friday about complaints I had heard about the senator trying to ” pressure” Republicans  into supporting and/or giving money to his son’s campaigns. The senator angrily denied that was the case. His heart attack occurred on Saturday.

Two seats are up and Bucco is running against incumbent Michael Patrick Carroll and Freeholder Doug Cabana.  Bucco’s e-mail was  aimed at Cabana, not Carroll.


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

9 Responses to Campaign politics caused Bucco heart attack

  1. P says:

    I guess the pen really is mightier than the sword.

    Sounds like Bucco Jr. is trying to score some political points over his father’s heart attack. Rather than just bury this in a little read blog, you should have a front page story. Let the readers/voters decide.

  2. guesswho says:

    Also where is the story about the sleeping policeman from Parsippany Police dept??? Why wasn’t the policemans name ever mentioned in the paper? Wasn’t that considered dereliction of duty (a policeman falling asleep on duty)??? Did the Parsippany Police threaten the newspaper or a reporter? We all know Bucco and Bucco Jr. are both crooks and part of what is wrong with Parsippany i.e. the township leaders all know each other, are crooked, wont cut you a break and are all out to make money off the citizens of Parsippany while using the policemen themselves as a tool of their corruption. The township of Parsippany is the worst most corrupt and inept in the state of NJ not even just Morris County. Even internal affairs seems to be protecting this corrupt sleeping policeman not to mention the crooked Bucco family. Please voters of Parsippany do not vote for Bucco, please vote for his competitor. Mr. Bucco probably had a heart attack when he realized the very true allegations against him were made public and he could not only lose the race he could lose his job and the power that comes with it.

  3. Hat says:

    For a political veteran like Senator Bucco, to blame this incident on anything other than heredity, and his own personal health choices, is ludicrous. This is purely a political play on our sympathies, and the fact that its being publicized like it is, is proof their plan is working.

    I have a headache today. Maybe I should blame the Bucco’s for that, too!

  4. Stupid comments should be dealt with ASAP … I am sorry, guesswho, but you should not call anyone a “crook” without evidence.
    Beyond that, your advice is for people of Parsippany not to vote for Bucco. Well, guess what, guesswho. the people of Parsippany can’t vote for Bucco, or vote against him for that matter.
    Parsippany is not part of his district.

  5. CrankyCitizen says:

    With all deference to Senator Bucco’s position, could his health, weight, blood pressure, and other life-style issues contributed more towards his cardio-vascular event than his reaction to a phone conversation about his son from a brie-loving, Obama-worshiping, loony liberal, etc., etc, DR editor?

  6. jimmycat says:

    You forgot to say that Fred probably puts Dijon mustard on his hamburgers…

  7. Actually, I’d rather eat Sushi than a hamburger

  8. Intelligent Viewpoint says:

    People should VOTE YES FOR CABANA AND NO for jr. bucco running for Assembly, as he also has serious health problems, is inexperienced and will need to devote his time to assisting his family. Remember that we, the taxpayer, pay for all legislator health and insurance benefits.

    Bucco and his son should not serve as legislators at all as sr. bucco’s recovery time will impede the already slow progress that is being made in obtaining any type of assistance for Morris County.

    Family priorities should always come before politics and though the Bucco family has destroyed many lives, now is the time for the Bucco family to live the type of behavior they have always preached and put politics on the back burner.

    Take a break, Buccos, and stay home for awhile. Don’t come around here no more…..

  9. Pravelon says:

    Sushi? What’s next, Cabernet and tapas during football? Actually, that sounds pretty good…

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