Good ole boys at work

The most recent example of old-style politics comes to us courtesy of Rockaway Township.

The council Tuesday night appointed Max Rogers to fill an unexpired term. Rogers, Mayor Lou Sceusci says, contributes much to the town. Fine.

But he was on the council once and lost reelection. Then he was appointed and sued the Republican party because he was not put on the election ballot. He also is involved in a dispute with the board of adjustmebnt over his failure to hook into the town sewer system as his neighbors had to do. 

Let’s see … a guy loses, gets ticked off and goes to court, and ignores town orders. That’s a great resume for leadership, don’t you think?


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

30 Responses to Good ole boys at work

  1. Tucker Kelley says:

    Actions like this are the reason why the economy is in dire straights. Max Rogers took the seat for immediate health benefits and dodge the potential loss in the primary. It sickens me how blatant our politicians reward each other at the tax payers expense. The new quote is “There is the right way, the wrong way, and there is the Rockaway”!



  3. Morris County Native says:

    It’s never a good idea to base your political fame on licking someone else’s face. Who can take Kelley seriously? I sure can’t.

  4. rockaway twp native says:

    stay tuned everyone, i.m going to tell you all about the sicko face licker, and it will all be true,

  5. rockaway twp native says:

    ok i”m back for a few minutes, lets start with the face licking. FACT : tucker kelly was charged and convicted of head butting and licking of now council president mike dachiesen, my OPINION : i dont think that it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that kelly has a serious problem. why would a man take h is tounge and lick another MAN from his chin , across his LIPS to his nose??? had he done this to me he would be picking himself up off thr floor and spitting out a few teeth, well common sense prevailed and mike did the right thing by pressing criminal charges, thus saving rockaway twp from a law suit, , one for THE GOOD OL BOYS , to all of the voters in the 5th ward, is this the person you want to represent you and rockaway twp? i:ll be back later with more FACTS and MY OPINIONS stay tuned it will get better.

  6. rockaway twp native says:

    NEWS FLASH_ Kelly seen running out of the woods by sanders rd, wait SANDERS RD i think councilman rogers lives on sanders rd , wonder why kelly would be in the woods , could he be visiting councilman rogers and got lost????? one would wonder. stay tuned

  7. rockaway twp native says:

    NEWS FLASH 2… ok i had some time to think about kelly running thru the woods to see councilman rogers, maybe instead he was out knocking on doors campaigning, oh wait those woods back up to peoples back yards ! is it leagle to be in peoples backyards? without their permission, FACT he has done it before. thats scary, someone running thru your back yard, i hope he is not going to campaign at nite????? thats even scarier, a wannabee politician running around at nite in ward 5 , well i:m going to close my shades and put out some rat traps. you have got to ask yourself is this the guy you want to vote for and have him represent you and rockaway twp. think and get the facts beforyou vote, your vote is important, gotta go , more facts and opinions later.

  8. rockaway twp native says:

    ok here we go again, iwas going to take the nite off and relax,then i remembered that the amazing race is over, so isat down and started reading the neighbor news( sorry snowflake this paper is free) anyway i got to page 23 guess whose name is in bold print , you guessed it the( face lickers) well this mr tahan must be a smart man ,he has kelly pegged to a T, as i was reading i got to kellys comments where the reporter asked him to respond to mr tahans remarks, kelly stated he wouldn”t waste his time , FACT every statement mr tahan made was true and backed up by police reports or township paperwork, including when kelly was CHARGED AND CONVICTED OF STEALING OFFICIAL TOWNSHIP DOCUMENTS, i dont know about the rest of you , but i cant vote for a convicted thief to represent ward 5 and rockaway township! now for you VETS out there another one of kellys comments was about a dial a ride employee,stating this man was inexperienced and unlicensed to operate the senior dial a ride.. This man is a combat vet he came out #1 on the civil service test, the only minor and i repeat Minor ,glitch was his lic. class b or c this combat vet. had that corrected befor being hired by the town, my opinion is that kelly had a friend in line for that job. so any vets like myself out there beware of the face licker, he”s watching. well gotta go, tomorrow we will discuss kellys EGO election signs, goodnite and remember father knows best

  9. rockaway twp native says:

    ok, the topic is election signs, now we all know that when a NORMAL person runs for an elected position he or she goes out and buys a normal person sign, puts his or her name on it and they put them in front of friends or relatives homes. i guess kelly is worried he gonna lose again like he”s lost every thing else he tried to do in this town. rumor has it even christ church told him to get his trailer sign off their property, thats sad when a church throws you out. then 2nd rumor has it that he chained one of his trailer signs to a power pole and that power & lite employees came out and cut his chain. chalk one up for the GOOD OL BOYS from the power co., kelly will probably opra all the power co records to make sure they own the poles. i guess he likes to see his name in larger print , speaking of kelly signs ,the guy up by the golf course on green pond rd that has 2 kelly signes must think he lives in ward 5, sombody should stop and tell him that he lives in ward 6, he only missed it by a couple of miles. well gotta go ,i think tomorrows topic will be , ah i”ll suprize you. remember,, father knows best.

  10. rockaway twp native says:

    guess what i found out, ok dont guess i”ll tell you, ya know the guy i told you about the one with 2 of kellys signs in his front yard up by the golf course on green pond rd, WELL come to find out he”s the guy who wrote all the motor vehicle tickets against Mr Tahan, If you remember mr tahan is the guy kelly tried to have his dealers lic. revoked becouse kelly lost his dealer plate,, so the way his LIttle mind works is that if he cant do it No one can. well right after kelly got into a verbale confrontation with mr tahan,,, mr tahan was pulled over and issued mv tickets. now lets put this into some type of order,1 st kelly and tahan get into an argument, 2nd tahan issued mv tickets 3rd the guy who issued tickets has 2 of kellys election signs in his front yard????? come on people whats wrong with THAT picture, i ask again is this the guy you want to vote for and represent you and rockaway twp.,, oh by the way MR> TAHAN went to court and was found NOT GUILTY on all tickets,, another atta boy for THE GOOD OL BOYS, ps, if we did not have one sided reporting in our locale news paper you would have read all this when it happened. well gotta go , its gonna get better tuesday, for now good nite and remember father knows best.

  11. Ray Tahan says:

    I think Max Rogers is the right person to fill the vacant seat on the council for the short time remaining. He has the experience, dedication, and the interest of Rockaway Township at heart. Let the voters decide in November if he should stay. As for Tucker Kelley’s comments on being so concerned about the economy of the Township, he can do his part by stop filing his frivolous lawsuits against the Township and stop going to the Municipal building several times a week requesting (sometimes stealing) information and taking up valuable time of the employees. These alone could save Rockaway Township Tens of Thousands of dollars a year.

  12. Ted says:

    3711 words. One wonders if Max knows that many. Max was the first politician to ever knock on my front door 21 years ago. I didn’t like him then and I still don’t. His wife and kids a great though.

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  21. carmen frank says:

    Why does everybody hate Tucker, i knew him in school as always being a leader,and worried about signs:? What about the 11 g tax bill we recieved so kindly last year,and hello:: do we need another 50 thousand dollar hemi muscle car to catch all the crazy speeders in rockaway,400 hp
    + common let’s talk about our police buying 50k expedition suv’s.Are we in Beverley Hills i’m a long time twsp resident i love rockaway ,but it’s going down the drain,do we need another development,where will the bears go??Give Tucker a chance i think he will do good,and do not believe the rumurs. Carmen H Frank R.T. resident for over 30 years……

  22. carmen frank says:

    Tucker Kelley’s got my vote ,this town needs a big change it’s getting like Hoboken around here…I do not have any kids but a great majority of my 11 grand tax bills towards the schools,how much are these teachers making?//

  23. RB says:

    All you people are crazy that talk bad about tucker kelly he is a great man and would help any one out and he will do a great helping out this town i do not have one bad thing to say about that man GOODNIGHT FATHER KNOWS BEST

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