A time for Tea

The Morristown version of the National Tea Party is scheduled for Wednesday at noon on The Green.

I understand that the organizers consider this a non-partisan movement opposed to government spending. But anyone reading the national group’s Website sees all sorts of pro-Republican goals. There is talk, for instance, about opposing health care reform, illegal immigration and even commentary on union elections.

Steve Lonegan is scheduled to speak in Morristown. It doesn’t get more partisan than that.


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

12 Responses to A time for Tea

  1. Steven Daniels says:

    Well Fred, non partisan? You could do better then that. Considering I was banned from the group also being a conservative republican, I can say this group is nothing more then raving nutcases who hand picked and chose who they had invited, who they let participate and who they accused of being an “Acorn Infiltrator” They claim they are selling shirts and water. Wonder who holds the vendor licenses for this? They will be on the lookout for the “Acorn Infiltrators” and I am sure also for chupacabras also.

  2. King George III says:

    You bet I’ll be there! Watching upstart colonials turning on each other is always a refreshing sight!

  3. Mr. Vacation says:

    I hope the teabaggers don’t get too wet.

  4. Nice idea.
    But why can’t more of these protestors get involved with how our taxes are spend on a day to day,and year to year, basis?
    If more people would question how contracts, pensions, overtime, etc,
    are being handed out, rates could be cut. and taxes could stabilize.
    So few residents know what is being handed out,and who is getting what.
    This is one of the big reasons why the taxes are so high!
    A tea party is ok, but voters have to get to where the beef is! They need to put the brakes on all of the perks, and overspending.
    Many small towns could also start to merge services.
    “HOME RULE” is the other real reason why the taxes are so high.
    Why do all of the small towns need a seperate police,fire,and garbage dept,etc?
    Towns keep doing business “the old way” and it has grown,out of control!
    Just my thoughts. Please ask your town leaders to listen to you!

  5. Would you please stop campaigning here? Oh, and your inability to spell or write a grammatically correct sentence is embarrassingly painful.

  6. Ed Ramirez says:


    If you want written perfection read a english grammer book, this is a blog so lighten up.

  7. S&W says:

    Written perfection? Oh please. If you’re running for public office, it doesn’t matter if it’s a blog or the back of a paper bag–you make the effort. His abysmal writing/spelling skills make him appear simple-minded…or worse.

    If you believe that writing at a 3rd grade level is a surerfire way to garner support from the electorate, welll, good,luuk. with thaht.

  8. Over taxed in NJ says:

    This is a blog.No an online English Comp 1 class.
    S&W needs to get a life.
    He also seems to have some anger issues.Chill out dude.I feel bad for his kids and pets.

  9. Not too transparent says:

    HI ED FRANCE!! Duh.

  10. Edward France says:

    Dear S&W or whoever you are,

    When I post here, I use my name.Unlike you who hides.
    Why are you afraid to give your name? What do you have to fear? This is America.We don’t have to live in fear like you do.You must be nuts.
    Please get some help.Call Family Service on Elm St in Morristown NJ. They are kind and caring.Or you could call Graystone Park in Morris Plains.That is the State run progam for guys like you.
    Both numbers are listed. Get the help you need. Try getting out of the house more and away from the internet.
    Sping is here, time to get out and be with people. Make some friends. See some good in life. Help others instead of trying to bring them down to your level. You can change,but you have to work on yourself.
    Not sure why you hate me. But you inpsire me to keep going.
    I do thank you for that.

  11. CrankyCitizen says:

    It doesn’t matter to me what name you use in a blog—it’s what you have to say that’s important. The internet, being the wide-open frontier that it is, contains its share of wackos, wanna-bes, scammers, spammers, mis-spellers, grammatical mis-users, and not to overlook them, people running for office. Based on what I’ve seen on the internet over the years, it’s probably wise to keep your personal stuff to a minimum. This is America, but the internet is global and not everyone plays by the rules.

  12. Not too smart says:

    Whatever goodness Ed France thinks he is generating for his candidacy is instantly vanquished by his inability to express himself at anything beyond a 3rd grade level. And he keeps doing it. Get a clue (and a dictionary) pal.

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