Obama and Europe

Some are upset with President Obama for allegedly “apologizing” for American misdeeds during his recent overseas trip.

The feeling here is that not everything the United States has done recently in the world is right. A good leader recognizes that and acknowledges a nation’s shortcomings. That’s far superior than arrogantly asserting that the country is always right.

By the way, I saw a poll today that had Obama’s approval rating at 66 percent and that of the Republican party at 31.


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

7 Responses to Obama and Europe

  1. Edward France says:

    Fred ,
    Obama felt he had to do some “apologizing” because he may have no clue on just so what so many brave men, and women have done for this country. Also who, did he say sorry to, and why? And for what?
    He is a “world” guy. Others seem to come first to him.
    My dad,Steven R France Jr, was a WW II Vet.He served on the USS Fiske, in the US Navy. His ship was sunk by a German U-boat in August 1943.He was one of the few survivers.He was also a decorated firefighter in the town of Morristown.On two occasions he recieved the mayor’s metal for bravery. Many folks from his generation did things like that all of the time.They did not boast or look for thanks.It was part of being “American”! They just did these things!
    My dad passed away in June 2001.He did not live to see the World Trade Center brought down by hijacked airplanes,and he did not hear of the 343 NYC firefighters,and the 1000’s of innocent victims who went to work that day, only to be murdered by real enemies of this country.
    Thanks to people like my father ,and so many others, we have had many freedoms.In the future we may lose some of this freedom.
    The “mistake” in the White House and some of his staff,have no clue on who wants to wipe out the USA ,as we know it.
    Also, all I can say about that “poll” is that if it was taken here in Morris County, the numbers may have been different. I was not polled. If I was, I would submit some truth to the poll takers.
    Polls will not matter if this country gets pushed around by those who want get rid of our way of life.
    I do not see what this country did to be sorry for. I see a Nation that freed Europe, and so many other places.People sure have short memories around her.
    Mr.Obama needs to think of our brave residents,past and present, more often.Not just his buddies in the Middle East,and elsewhere.
    I was blessed to have a father who showed me that being an American is someting to ALWAYS be proud of. Many here have answered the call to help others on this planet.More so, then any other Nation I know of.
    As time goes on his poll numbers may go up, or down.Who cares? I care about being safe in the best counrty on earth.
    If he lets us get pushed, around he will be back working as a Community organizer, quicker then then he ever thought.
    Gob bless America! Wake up Obama!

  2. Mr. Vacation says:

    Shorter Edward France: “My country, always right never wrong.”

  3. Edward France says:

    Dear Mr.Vacation,
    Not sure what you mean but I assume you are not interested in my point of view,which is what this country is all about.We can always agree to disagree.
    God bless America! “More right ,then wrong!”
    People like the great Pastor Wright can talk about how bad the USA is, and others can also be heard. This is called freedom. We still have it,for now. people like Keith Oberman, and CNBC want all of us to agree with them. The left often tends to be meaner, and less tolerant then the right. Just my observation.

  4. CrankyCitizen says:

    The Bush administration left a lot of repair work to be done in the international arena. Obama made a good start in that direction. The world leader now listening to and taking measure of Obama, never took Bush seriously.

  5. Ron says:

    What leader arrogantly asserted that his country was always right?

    All countries have made mistakes. But no country has ever done more good than the United States of America.

    Obama did our country no good.

  6. King George III says:

    As long as I’m here, let it be known that the British Empire was NEVER wrong! Those nations that thought otherwise delt with our cannons and the inevitability of Manifest Destiny. This Obama is a threat not only to that doctrine, but to the very core onf the American empire.

  7. Ed Ramirez says:


    To paraphrase Colin Powell, The only land that America has ever taken on foreign soil, is that which the used to bury those that died in the pursuit of freedom.

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