Meat on the bones?

Republican gubernatorial candidates Chris Christie and Steve Lonegan are trying to put some “meat on the bones” in regard to economic policy. Both had press conferences in recent days.

Christie wants an independent auditor; a two-thirds majority for tax increases and what he calls a unitary system approach to collective bargaining. 

The centerpiece of Lonegan’s plan is a flat tax, which is a more radical idea than anything Christie has come up. Lonegan would set the rate at 2.9 percent and reduce it in three years to 2.1 percent.

The men “go at it” tomorrow at the Union County convention.


About fsnowflack
Fred Snowflack was editorial page editor and a political columnist for the Daily Record of Morristown for almost 12 years. He has won numerous awards for editorial and column writing from the New Jersey Press Association and has written a blog on county and state politics for the last three years. He lives in Ledgewood in Morris County.

12 Responses to Meat on the bones?

  1. I like what both of them are saying.
    If we do not watch out here in NJ,we will turn into California without the wonderful climate they have.
    All NJ voters should be paying close attention to what is going on out there.The lesson i, you can’t spend more money then you take in.Simple math.
    Nanci Polosi and her other rich buddies love to spend the taxpayers money. We here in NJ need to stop becoming just like them!
    There has never been any FREE lunch,not yet! It all has to be paid back! The middle class pays for everybody.When will they wake up?


    Whether Christie or Lonegan were to get the GOP nomination, it would be beneficial to have them do so with a mind of going forward with the best of all ideas being presented. More importantly, it is essential that, whatever plans the nominee adopts, they need to be in the best interest of all the people of NJ. Our state has some of the highest business, income, and property taxes in the country, resulting in chasing away businesses and people to other states where a more favorable (economic) climate awaits. It must be the goal of our state leaders to reverse these trends. They must adopt a more fiscally conservative approach that includes lower taxes for all New Jersians as well as tax policies that will keep businesses from leaving our state, as well as attracting new businesses here. Only in this way will we grow and prosper, only in this way will new jobs be created, and current jobs not be lost.

  3. Pravelon says:

    I agree with Mr. Babcock’s basic principles of being responsible with taxpayer’s money and limiting that income. I’m not sure where Mr. France is coming from. Whenever I hear republicans rant, it reminds me of the Incredible Hulk going into a rage. California has nothing to do with the upcoming NJ gubernatorial election, neither does Nancy Pelosi. My main concern is: How will either Christie or Lonegan address those issues? Which programs will get the axe? What kind of disciplines will be put in place? How will either of these two be different from Christine Whitman? It’s clear to me that NJ needs a better governor and the single standout to me has been Richard Codey. Thoughts?

  4. To Mr.Pravelon,

    Where am I coming from? As a taxpayer,I find the property tax issue very frustrating. How about you?
    The state of NJ needs to cut spending.That is the only way to get out of this hole.
    NJ like California, spends more then it takes in. People like Nanci Polosi have a resume that tells us she likes to spend the taxpayers money. Please see that for what it is.Her family is very wealthy,most taxpayers are not.Most of us want to keep more of what we earn.What is wrong with that?
    How high would you like to see the sales tax go to here in NJ? 8%? 9%? 10%? Where is the ceiling?
    The GOP is not ranting.Many are just trying to stop to the insanity.
    Rule # 1 in any endever,is if you want survive you cant spend more then you take in! How can one do that,and survive?
    Forget the politics,and all of the emotion that comes with them.Look at how much we produce and pay out.

  5. Pravelon says:

    Mr. France:

    I totally agree that spending no more than you take in is a sound fiscal principle. In your recent bullet points re: Morristown, I thought you had presented more focused ideas that any of the other would-be candiates combined–and that is what local politics sould be about. When you tee-off on Pelosi and company, you open youself up to explaining the outrageous fiscal mis-management of your party’s prior presidential administration which always degenerates into ideological rants.

  6. Mr. Pravelon,

    Thank you for the thoughts about my thinking. I try to be as objective as I can.Not always easy in the climate we are in today.
    The economic mess can be blamed on both parties.
    What do we do next is the big question.
    The bank failures and the job loses are real.
    At times it seems like we are in a nightmare,just waiting to wake up.
    At this time we need some hope.Being too negative will not help any of us.It will not allow us to see a better picture.
    I hope the President gives us some positive plans in his address tonight.
    I do have a question,would ever vote for any member of the GOP, for any office? Thank you.

  7. Pravelon says:

    Mr. France,
    To answer you last question, yes, In the past I’ve voted for GOPers Scott Gregg, Rodney Frelinghuysen, and Thomas Kane because they were the best candidates at the time and represented interests that were close to home. I’ve never voted for a GOP president. On a national level, the GOP seems stuck somehow and detached from every-day Americans.

    As an Independent voter, I try to keep an objective eye and believe where we go from here is critical to the future health of our country.

  8. Mr Pravelon,
    Thank you. I do understand your posture and feelings. There are others who share the same thoughts.
    In these times, we need to pull together and to find solutions for the job loss problems,the bank failures, and the mortgage situation.
    There have to be new ways to solve old problems.The problems are real.
    If some new actions are not taken this year, there is a risk that interest rates could go very high.If that were to happen,fewer folks would buy houses and business people would be fearful of expansion.That would hurt most of us.
    Mr.Obama is our president,I pray for him.I hope things get done that will help our country.I listened to his address last night. Much of it sounds good.But I have some concerns.
    This President has no experience in running a business ,or having ever met a payroll. He seems to be depending too much on his so called “advisors” rather then his own GUT knowledge. Did he ever read the 1400 page bailout package? How many of those who voted on it really read the bill? Who knows?
    When times are tough,a business has to cut back,or else they will be out of business.
    The powers that be in Washington DC raise money three ways,taxation,spending, or simply printing more money.All of those things in the past have caused inflation.That is the last thing we need right now.
    As I said, I wish the man well.But he needs to allow small business to expand and to get them more capital.The banks..they should be on trial right now.Both parties allowed them to be reckless.Lots of blame to go around on both sides there.Some of the bankers should be headed to jail,not able to get a bailout.I do not agree with this at all.My tax money is going back to many of the same people who hurt our country. They are being rewarded for failure.
    If working people get real help (not just a few tax credits) more good jobs could be created, and we could see some real hope! To me it is all about;jobs,jobs,jobs,and jobs!!!!!!
    We can both agree to disagee, in a civil manner.We can work together and respect each other.
    In the future I dream of people getting elected who tell us the truth,and work to lower the taxes,and to allow those who work hard to keep more of what they earn.Also all of the crooks should go to jail period! What is to stop them from doing the same bad actions in the future?
    Just my thoughts.Sorry if others do not agree.I love America,and it is wonderful that there are other points of view out there.

  9. Pravelon says:

    Mr. France,
    I concur with you about the questionable wisdom of pumping money back to the same individuals and institutions that just about destroyed the American free-market. I also cringe at the mantra ”jobs, jobs, jobs!” Like the slogan “drill, baby, drill!”, it evokes visions of stagnation and desperation. I run a very small business and subscribe to an old belief that individuals should strive to attain eventual independence from employers and government by learning a skill, trade, or art and going out on their own. I wish our government and corporation would do more to promote that and not just through furloughs and layoffs.
    Insofar as working together, I’d like to see more of it. Instead of “which side are you on?” I’d rather hear “where can we work together?” I really don’t understand people who become so blinded by political tenets that they can lose sight of what need to be done.
    Having said all that, I have to trust and believe in this president. I voted for him. He may not have the insider savvy that Washington expects, but he does have his fingers on the pulse of every-day Americans. The dollar figures are scary but so are the alternatives on inaction.

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